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Strengthening of a panel building
Sopúch, Martin ; Girgle, František (referee) ; Štěpánek, Petr (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the static assessment of selected parts of the panel building of the former boarding school, for which adaptation to separate housing units and extension of one floor is planned. Upon the planned change of layout, extensions of the original door openings and new openings are proposed. The work assesses the object in its original state with the included unprofessional interference in statics during its use, and the object in the final state with planned modifications of the openings and proposes solutions to secure unsatisfactory areas to suit the new state loads
Zahradníček, Pavel ; Rožnovský, J. ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Farda, Aleš ; Brzezina, J.
Climate assessment should not be limited to just statistical analysis, but also look at relationships in data and its uses in other areas of everyday life. One such area is tourism and recreation, which is also to a great extent influenced by the weather. This paper focuses on the winter season and the related possibilities for tourism. One of the key factors is snow conditions of the particular place. This analysis takes into account the amount of new snow and maximum snow depth and changes in these parameters as a result of the current global climate change. Especially in the last 15 years, years with less snow are more frequent and this is especially seen at highest altitudes of the country. The study also analyzed outputs of climate models with regards to winter season, including calculations of the number of melting days.
Punching Shear of Flat Slabs
Lyčka, Lukáš ; Jaroslav, Halvoník (referee) ; Čajka,, Radim (referee) ; Štěpánek, Petr (advisor)
The use of flat slabs in constructions due to its many functional and economic advantages is wide-spread. Behavior of flat slabs in shear and flexure is a fairly complex problem. Therefore, the punching shear failure belongs to one of the most critical aspects in the design of concrete buildings. Over the last decades several buildings have collapsed due to the failure of the punching shear strength, resulting in loss of lives and financial damages. These disasters revealed gaps in the current (or former) design codes and recommendations. As a part of theoretical framework of the dissertation a method for predicting the punching shear strength of flat slabs was developed. Several experiments on scaled down slabs were conducted in order to verify the proposed method and for optimization of its parameters. Proposed method in development predicts the punching shear for slabs without shear reinforcement according to the EC2 and replaces the area of the shear crack with a system of struts and ties.
Optimized design of reinforcement of concrete cross section
Hudyma, Nazar ; Laníková, Ivana (referee) ; Štěpánek, Petr (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the optimization of design variables of reinforced concrete cross-section, especially its reinforcement. To solve this problem, it was first necessary to elaborate a search section that discusses various methods and approaches for solving the problem. The research part also includes processing and evaluation of tasks solved by other authors in available literature. For the optimization task, in the following parts both the general formulation and the detailed formulation of the partial parts of the concrete reinforcement structure optimization process are processed. As an example of optimization, a simple beam is chosen, which is subjected to bending moment and normal force one load case, where the example will be divided according to the formulation of both the function and the vector of unknown parameters (variables) defining the exact shape and properties of the reinforced concrete section. The examples will then be tested with regard to the speed of convergence and the degree of deviation between the best solutions found for each optimization algorithm used. At the end there will be a comparison and evaluation of the solution of the given task, as well as a summary of the whole bachelor thesis with reference to another possible direction in the optimization problems focused on reinforced concrete structures. In the appendices there will be a solution of selected examples.
Zahradníček, Pavel ; Rožnovský, J. ; Brzezina, J. ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Farda, Aleš ; Chuchma, F.
Air temperature in winter months and colder half-year is an important factor for wide range of human activities, including recreation. As a result of current climate change, average air temperatures increase in winter as well. This, however, does not mean that there are no frosts. Each winter season can be assessed using several parameters. In this paper we used the sum of effective air temperatures below 0 degrees C and- 5 degrees C. Absolute minimum air temperature was used as an indicator of the extremity of a particular period. Space-time analysis has been performed for both parameters. Air temperatures in winter months are to a large extent influenced by the continentality of the climate. In general, the temperatures in Bohemia rise faster compared to Moravia and the absolute lowest minimum air temperatures are observed in the Western parts of the country. Based on a multiparametric analysis of climate characteristics, the coldest winter and colder half-year was in 1963, in contrast, the mildest winter was in 2007.
Summary report for providing meteorological forecasts for CEPS company
Farda, Aleš ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Meitner, Jan ; Zahradníček, Pavel
Global Change Research Institute CAS provides CEPS company with outputs from numerical weather prediction (NWP) models. The cooperation lasts from 2015 up to now. Selected fields of meteorological variables (namely solar radiation - global and direct, and air temperature in 2 m) are processed from grib files into suitable spatial information, like administrative districts (areal averages) or position of grid points of GFS model. NPW models used are ALADIN from Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and GFS model (from NCEP, NOAA). Outputs are provided for several days ahead, and are issued each morning.
Regional yield forecasting for improved decision making in the plant production
Trnka, Miroslav ; Hlavinka, Petr ; Kudláčková, Lucie ; Balek, Jan ; Meitner, Jan ; Možný, Martin ; Štěpánek, Petr ; Bartošová, Lenka ; Semerádová, Daniela ; Bláhová, Monika ; Lukas, Vojtěch ; Žalud, Zdeněk
The methodology describes how to predict yields of key crops, and at the same time addresses reliability of the predictions and how these can be used. The ability to predict yield levels more than 2 months prior the harvest on the level of regions (NUTS3¨) and districts (LAU1) brings also new opportunities to mitigate impacts of adverse conditions. The methodology shows that the yield forecasts and yield anomalies in particular are consistent and usable in practices. In this methodology, the results of 2018 yield forecasts are presented as an example. The yield forecasting system for the Czech Republic is fully functional and is and will be available through
Strengthening reinforced concrete column confined by FRP fabric
Kostiha, Vojtěch ; prof. Ing. Alois Materna, CSc., MBA (referee) ; Bilčík,, Juraj (referee) ; Štěpánek, Petr (advisor)
The doctoral thesis deals with the strengthening of reinforced concrete columns by FRP fabric wrapping. Its aim is to describe the principles of confinement based on the analytical study, numerical simulations and the results of the experimental program. The description of the confinement philosophy is made with respect to the type of FRP material used. It was therefore possible to present a design process of confinement, which accurately predicts the behaviour of the confined columns. At the same time, some effects limiting the effect of confinement (e.g. the method of wrapping, the number of FRP fabric layers, the slenderness of the element, etc.) are included in the design. The dissertation also presents basic information about FRP material and its properties and gives an overview of design approaches of the FRP confined columns. The dissertation also pointing out the shortcomings of the design code ČSN EN 1992-1-1. The stated example highlights the significant variation in properties of confined concrete determined by selected approaches. This variation of properties complicates the design of this strengthening method. The experimental program was used to verify the basic principles of confinement and, through high columns, allowed a description of the behaviour in almost the whole range of interaction diagram. The conclusions of the work provide information on possible future research direction.
2-Oxazoline triblock copolymers with hydrophilic, lipophilic and fluorophilic blocks: from synthesis to hierarchical self-assembly
Kaberov, Leonid ; Štěpánek, Petr (advisor) ; Černoch, Peter (referee) ; Schlaad, Helmut (referee)
DOCTORAL THESIS ABSTRACT 2-Oxazoline triblock copolymers with hydrophilic, lipophilic and fluorophilic blocks: from synthesis to hierarchical self-assembly MSc. Leonid Kaberov The focus of this research was on the study of di- and triblock poly(2-oxazoline) copolymers with fluorinated blocks. The synthesis and solution properties of novel copolymers combining hydrophilic, hydrophobic (lipophilic) and fluorophilic moieties into one segmented molecule were reported. The simple synthetic approach which provides an easy way to attach a CnF2n+1 terminal chain to a poly(2-methyl-2-oxazoline)-block-poly(2-n-octyl-2-oxazoline) copolymer was described. Small-angle neutron and x-ray scattering experiments unambiguously proved the existence of polymersomes, worm-like micelles and their aggregates in aqueous solution. It was shown that increasing content of fluorine in the poly(2-oxazoline) copolymers results in a morphological transition from bilayered or multi-layered vesicles to worm-like micelles. The synthesis of poly(2-perfluoroalkyl-2-oxazoline)s is complicated by their extremely low activity in cationic ring-opening polymerization reaction (CROP), both in the initiation and in the propagation due to strong electron-withdrawing effect of perfluoroalkyl substituent. A detailed systematic study on synthetic...

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