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Risk factors affecting endometriosis in women of reproductive age, ALSWH Study
Olšarová, Karolína ; Dzúrová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Pikhart, Hynek (referee)
This thesis adapts a life course approach in epidemiology to endometriosis. Endometriosis is a highly prevalent chronic disease affecting women in reproductive age. Firstly, the topic of this disease is introduced, the situation and current knowledge in Australia is discussed. Positive changes in a national level are presented. Secondly, early life exposers and maternal behaviour are investigated as possible risk and protective factors. A systematic review of early life factors identified a low birthweight and formula feeding of infants as risk factors for the development of endometriosis. Lastly, the relation of birthweight, weight at childhood and endometriosis was analysed using data of Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health. Other risk and protective factors were evaluated and included into the analysis. Logistic regression was used for determination of statistical significance. High weight at 10 years old was found to be a protective factor against endometriosis.
Relation between Economic Situation and Political Stability
The political parties use the economic situation of the state as one of their arguments in their electoral strategy. The aim of the thesis is to depict the impact of the economic situation in selected European countries on voters' decision making. Selected economic indicators, such as gross domestic product, unemployment, inflation, tax on personal income, balance of trade and debt are compared with the impact on voters' decision making in these countries with the application of Logistic Regression. This method determines the degree of impact of individual economic indicators on the political stability of selected countries. The data used in this work are based on the publicly available database of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in years 2007-2017. The result of the analysis determines appropriate economic indicators for political election strategies.
Landslide susceptibility analysis of Czechia
Racek, Ondřej ; Blahůt, Jan (advisor) ; Klimeš, Jan (referee)
In geosciences modelling is rather quickly developing discipline. Statistical modelling of landslide susceptibility is relatively more traditional approach. Nevertheless, more complicated statistical methods are being developed and applied on larger areas. This development is caused especially by increasing computational capacity and software. This diploma thesis summarises existing statistical landslide susceptibility modelling approaches. In the following part, several landslide susceptibility models were created for the area of Czechia. These models were created using logistic regression, naive Bayes and artificial neural network (ANN). Additionally, two more models were created using expert driven approach. All models were made using thirteen conditioning factors, i.e.elevation, slope, engineering geological regions, climatic areas, mean annual precipitation, topographic wetness index (TWI), aspect, orogenetic class, distance from confirmed fault, distance from watercourse, internal relief, land cover and slope shape. Models driven by statistical approach were created using Orange software. Landslide inventories that were used for construction of all models are based on two databases: "Registr svahových nestabilit" and "Registr sesuvů-Geofond". Using validation by SRC, PRC and ROC curves...
Higher education analysis in the Czech Republic with a focus on graduates 2001-2017
Pištorová, Markéta ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee)
Higher education analysis in the Czech Republic with a focus on graduates 2001-2017 Abstract The aim of this thesis is the analysis of higher education graduates in the Czech Republic between 2001 and 2017, focussing on the type of study program, the field of study, the net duration of the study, the graduation age, the citizenship and the gender. As main data source served the register. Changes in the net duration of the study, depending on the above-mentioned factors, were summarized using a general linear model. The gender dependence on the field and the net duration of the study was modeled using logistic regression. In addition, demographic methods were used for net entry rates and net graduation rates. Theoretical introduction to the topic - Trow's Concept, Bologna Process and Strategic Materials of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports - is also included. The overview of higher education is complemented by the historical development of the higher education system in Czechoslovakia, information on the educational structure according to the SLDB 2011 and international comparisons within the OECD countries complements the overall view of higehr education. The main finding of this work is the fact that the amount and the structure of graduates reflect the implementation of the principles of the...
Impacts of 1990's genocide on population of Rwanda and its awareness about family planning
Jelínková, Kamila ; Hulíková Tesárková, Klára (advisor) ; Kurtinová, Olga (referee)
Impacts of 1990's genocide on population of Rwanda and its awareness about family planning Abstract This thesis pursues the demographic development and the population's attitude to family planning in the state of Rwanda. The observed time period includes the second half of the 20th century to the present time. The first aim is the basic description of the demographic development of the state in relation to historical events. It's well known that wars have a negative impact on the population and economics of a state. The civil war broke out which brought big population losses in Rwanda in the 1990's. In this period the demographic revolution proceeded as it had in many other developing countries, which was important for the socioeconomic development of the state, and it was ceased as a consequence of the genocide. The Rwandan government at that time as one of the first governments began with the support of family planning programmes, which could have had a positive impact on the acceleration of the demographic transition. The second aim of the thesis is the determination whether the genocide had an impact on these governmental initiatives and stalled broadening of the awareness of family planning among the population this way, namely by means of media. The last aim of the thesis is the determination whether...
Artificial Intelligence for a Board Game
Tureček, Dominik ; Baskar, Murali Karthick (referee) ; Beneš, Karel (advisor)
This work proposes and implements AI agents for the game Dice Wars. Dice Wars is turn-based, zero-sum game with non-deterministic move results. Several AI agents were created using rule-based approach, expectiminimax algorithm, and logistic regression. To evaluate the performance of proposed agents, an implementation of the game was created. Results of the experiments have shown that it's preferable to play aggressively in two-player games and make more optimal moves in games played with more players. The agent using expectiminimax is able to win more than 60 % of games in 8-player games against random players and wins 21.4 % of games played against a mix of seven other agents created in this work. In two-player setups, the agent using logistic regression with numbers of players' scores and number of dice as features has the best performance and wins 59.4 % of games in average.
Comparison of statistical methods for the scoring models development
Mrázková, Adéla ; Vitali, Sebastiano (advisor) ; Kopa, Miloš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to introduce and summarize the process of scoring model development in general and then basic statistical approaches used to resolve this problem, which are in particular logistic regression, neural networks and decision trees (random forests). Application of described methods on a real dataset provided by PROFI CREDIT Czech, a.s. follows, including discussion of some implementation issues and their resolution. Obtained results are discussed and compared.
Being an Older Mother: Metamorphoses of Late Motherhood from the Foundation of Czechoslovakia up to the Present
Šimečková, Michaela ; Fialová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Kocourková, Jiřina (referee) ; Hašková, Hana (referee)
Being an Older Mother: Metamorphoses of Late Motherhood from the Foundation of Czechoslovakia up to the Present Abstract The doctoral thesis gives a macro-structural view of the metamorphoses of late motherhood, here defined as motherhood of women aged over 35, as they have occurred in the Czech lands between 1920 and 2015. The study examines to which extent the reflection of late motherhood in selected professional and feminine / lifestyle periodicals converges with the findings derived from demographic data analysis. For this purpose, a mixed methods research has been conducted to link the conclusions from quantitative analysis of demographic data (demographic analysis and binary logistic regression) to those from qualitative and quantitative media analyses (discourse and content analyses). As the study shows, the development of late motherhood in the Czech lands varies across a range of possible perceptions in the media, levels and fertility rates. The thesis shows a strong coherence between the perception of late motherhood in the media and conclusions drawn from the demographic data analysis, which are consistent for most of the observed years. According to the results of the analysis, with some simplification, five different types of late motherhood are determined. The first type, the "Experienced...
Hurdle models in non-life insurance
Tian, Cheng ; Pešta, Michal (advisor) ; Branda, Martin (referee)
A number of articles only present hurdle models for count data. we are motivated to present hurdle models for semi-continuous data. Because semi- continuous data is also commonly seen in non-life insurance. The thesis deals with the parameterization of various hurdle models for semi-continuous data besides for count data in non-life insurance. Two components of a hurdle model are modeled separately. A hurdle component is modeled by a logistic regression. For a semi-continuous data, a continuous component is modeled by several various regressions. Parameters of each component are estimated through maximum likelihood estimation. Model selection is mentioned before theoretical approaches are applied on the vehicle insurance data. Finally, we get some predicted values based on the fitted models. The prediction gives insurance companies a general idea on setting premium but not accurate. 1
Regional Convergence in the European Union: Do the Business Services Make the Difference?
Pintera, Jan ; Baxa, Jaromír (advisor) ; Kopečná, Vědunka (referee)
Despite years of deepening economic integration among the states and regions of the European Union, empirical research remains inconclusive about speed of convergence across regions, if not its existence. This thesis provides novel evidence on convergence in the EU while focusing on development at regional level after the Great Recession. It uses recently developed log t convergence test by Phillips and Sul (2007). Our findings speak against the convergence in level of income per capita among the European regions and give us five clubs of regions converging in their income growth rates instead. Investigating further the geographical distribution of the convergence clubs, we confirm high inequality within the member states and find large continuous area of high convergence clubs in the urbanized part of Western Europe. Furthermore, we investigated the determinants of convergence club membership using Logistic Regression. The main explanatory variable of interest were Business Services (BS), a dynamic sector of the economy with presumably strong positive effect on regional innovative potential. We found positive effect of BS on membership in higher convergence clubs. Yet, this effect seems to diminish for the very highest club.

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