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Monitoring antidepressants consumption in pharmacy in 2003-2005
Borská, Anna ; Vopršalová, Marie (advisor) ; Trejtnar, František (referee)
7. SUMMARY 87 The subject of this thesis is the research of medicine consumption in the selected pharmacy. We focused on the quantification of medication consumption between years 2003 - 2005 in Pharmcentrum Budějovická, Prague 4. In theoretical part of our thesis we summarized the recent knowledge and the best recommendation for the curing of depression. Key attributes of the active principles used at pharmacotherapy of depressions are mentioned as well. In the following part we worked with the figures of single medicine annual consumptions gained from the pharmacy software. Using the DDD/ATC system we have computed the total consumption of each individual medicine. We also tried to learn whether there are any differences in prescriptions of various doctors according to their expertise or age. The consumption of antidepressants in Pharmcentrum Budějovická in the years 2003 - 2005 had been permanently increasing. It corresponds with the numbers published by the VZP (General Medical Insurance Company). There is the significantly growing consumption of so called 3rd generation antidepressants (SSRI) with the most preferred substance Citalopram. With only minor exceptions the consumption of substances of the other new generations has been also increasing. Such trend complies with the recommendations of...

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