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Insurance fraud on Russian insurance market
Shklyarskaya, Maria ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with description of insurance fraud on Russian insurance market, describes the insurance industry of Russia, its regulation and trends. Theoretical part begins from general definition of insurance market, describes the situation on Russian insurance market and also defines insurance fraud. Then, there are the analysis of individual fraud in the life and non-life insurance, methods of fighting against fraud and ways of prevention. Further thesis describes fraud indicators and their economic assessment. The conclusion of this thesis is a practical part, which testing three selected companies in order to evaluate the extent of their vulnerability to the fraud.
Risks of using VaR models for portfolio management
Antonenko, Zhanna ; Stádník, Bohumil (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The diploma thesis Risks of using VaR models for portfolio management is focused on estimation of the portfolio VaR using basic and modified methods. The goal of this thesis is to point out some weakness of the basic methods and to demonstrate the estimation of VaR using improved methods to overcome these problems. The analysis will be perform theoretically and in practice. Only market risk will be the subject of the study. Several simulation and parametric methods will be introduced.
Investment certificates for retail investors
Trefná, Anežka ; Vacek, Vladislav (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis investigates investment certificates for retail investors. The first chapter defines investment structured certificates. The second chapter is about availability of investment certificates for retail investors in the Czech Republic. The objectives of this chapter are a description of a present offer of securities dealers in the Czech Republic, a specification of decision criterions in choosing an online broker and a comparison of selected companies from a point of view of a client. Third chapter summarizes advantages and risks which are connected with investment certificates. The fourth chapter deals with a classification of structured products from various aspects and structures of investment certificates which are the most traded on the German exchange Scoach in Frankfurt. The aim is to provide an overview of each type of the investment certificate which contains description of specific parameters, structure and possible pay-off at maturity of investment certificate considering an underlying asset. The final part illustrates in practice one of more possible methods how to choose appropriate investment certificates. There is presented a process which is subsequently more described and applied on a demonstrative example of a hypothetical retail investor. The goal of the diploma thesis is comprehensively acquainted with investment certificates the reader, and shows one of the possible ways of picking appropriate investment certificates for an investor with a risk neutral profile.
Mortgage lending
Král, Šimon ; Vacek, Vladislav (advisor) ; Coufal, Libor (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the mortgage lending in the Czech Republic. Firstly, there are characteristics of the mortgage loan and other related definitions. Next part focuses on the types of the mortgage loans available in our country. The following chapter describes the changes, which has been recently done in this field due to effects of the new civil code. Lastly, the analytical part compares and evaluates the mortgage loans granted by selected banking institutions in the Czech Republic.
Modern attitudes to DCF model in comparison with classical attitudes
Klečka, Ondřej ; Veselá, Jitka (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
Diploma thesis covers the topic about different attitudes to DCF valuation. The first part is an introduction into CAPM theory and a multifactor French-Fama model. This part also indicates different views on financial assets and analyzes an issue of setting discount rates, especially the risk-free rate and equity risk premium. The second part of this paper applies the theory into valuation of Microsoft, GAP and Telefónica O2. There are elaborated forecasts of the financial statements and free cash flows (FCFCE, FCFU), the discount rate composition and analyses of the factors HML and SMB. At the end, there are performed various valuations, which results are discussed together with a development of real market prices.
Underwriting of industrial risks
Víšková, Jana ; Ducháčková, Eva (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
Underwriting is crucial as it considers whether to take the risk to insurance or not. This thesis describes the underwriting process of industrial risks and factors that have influence on the whole process. The first part is devoted to the description of industrial risks, the assessment of current industrial risks and the development and the current state of the industrial insurance in the Czech Republic. The second part describes the different products of industrial insurance and their underwriting process, with the focus on the underwriters, their rights, duties, qualification and risk management. The final part of this thesis deals with describing the whole process to a particular business, resulting in the insurance offer and the calculation of premium.
Financial Analysis of Komerční banka
Tunkl, Petr ; Radová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is a financial analysis of the entity Komerční banka, a.s. in five business years starting in 2009 and ending with 2013. The thesis has two main parts. The first part is entitled "The Methodical Part", in this part a financial analysis itself is presented and the individual indicators and methods of the financial analysis are there described too. The second part is "The Application Part". In this section various methods and indicators are applied to the Komerční banka, a.s. Then the application part includes an evaluation of outcomes about the company's financial situation based on the results of these indicators. Furthermore, the application section contains continuous comparing the results of the financial analysis with competitive banks. At the end of this thesis the results of the financial analysis are summarized and there is an assessing of the whole company's financial situation.
Mergers and acqusitions of banks
Phamová, Le Na ; Kolman, Marek (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The bacholer thesis focuses on the topic of "Mergers and acqusitions of banks". Mergers and acquisitions are one of the factors of the changing in the banking sector. The aim of this thesis is to analyze causes, which led to the mergers and acquisitions, and to evaluate specific consequences, which merger brought. In addition, the bacherlor thesis is focused on the proces of merger and acquisition. The thesis will sum up the causes and consequences of particular merger.
Analysis, development and trends on car insurance and financing market.
Schütz, Miroslav ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
The thesis deals with some interesting trends and legal provisions and their impact, which in the Czech Republic has recently occurred. The first part concerns the insurance market. Attention is paid to the development and changes in pricing policy of liability insurance and sustainability of the whole system. It additionally influence and activities of the Czech Insurers' Bureau and laws relating to it. The second part is devoted to vehicles debt financing. Here is the main point the so-called "discount on credit". Another trend in the financing vehicles is its loss and the decline of companies that specialize in these products. To debt financing is also applied several statutory changes that do not always work as intended. Error legislators or way as a endless struggle, with those who circumvent it? All work is handled from the perspective of the car dealer that provides insurance and loan products as his additional service.
Creation of trading strategies based on technical analysis
Kosek, Jiří ; Musílek, Petr (advisor) ; Vacek, Vladislav (referee)
In my thesis I would like to explain the issues of technical analysis and her consequences for financial derivatives trading. I tried to interpret the basic techical patterns and most common technical indicators. I also explain the elementary information about futures contracts and their principles in relation to the current world trends regarding computerization of trading or establishing exchange alliances. In the next stage I will describe popular strategies, wich will be analyzed and backtested. My thesis also includes rules how to evaluate a trading concept properly. The main part of my work is in the third section, where I try to enhance a particular strategy with money management or optimization. My goal is to improve the trading concepts efficiency in the market. Last step is to show critical methods which are necessary for veriffying a strategy robustness and evaluating its potential.

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