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Vývoj finanční a nemovitostní krize ve Španělsku a vybraných makroekonomických veličin
Žabka, Petr ; Špániková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Galuška, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis debates the causes, evolution and consequences of the Spanish financial and real estate crisis that came not only to Spain in 2007 and 2008. As the crisis's development was influenced by the country's history, there is a chapter summarizing what had occurred before the crisis actually started. To prove how the economy was damaged and what the evolution of the problem looked like in the real world, I followed with analysing some of the economic variables. At the end, there are several solutions the Spanish government proposed and made. Consequently, I mentioned some ways that, I suppose, would prevent such problems in the future and I also included my explanation of why preventing similar crisis is such a complicated issue.
BASEL III - leveraga ratio
Fořtová, Nikola ; Špániková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Fleischmann, Luboš (referee)
The purpose of this bachelor thesis Basel III Leverage Ratio is to describe the development of regulatory concepts published by Basil authorities especially the Basel III Leverage Ratio concept. This concept was realized in reaction to the financial crisis in 2008, when many defects of the previous concept were discovered. Innovation were made, including adjustments to capital adequacy, capital buffers, leverage ratio, liquidity and others. This thesis focuses on the leverage ratio indicator. The main goal of the paper is to describe this component, its implementation and evaluate expected fallouts or outcomes. The last part of this thesis sums up the situation in Czech Republic and the opinion of Czech National Bank on the Basil III implementation.
Consumer protection in financial services
Novák, Daniel ; Rajl, Jiří (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
The theme of the bachelor thesis is consumer protection in financial services. At first, the thesis focuses on the history of the consumer law. The thesis also deals with a distinction of the terms public and private consumer law regulations and with an application of their provisions to the environment of Czech Republic. The key issue of this thesis is the consumer protection within a consumer credit, development of consumer protection in relation to European Union. A part of the thesis also deals with consumer protection within an arbitration and an insolvency procedure. Individual parts are confronted with findings, judgments and judicial decisions.
Investment certificates for retail investors
Trefná, Anežka ; Vacek, Vladislav (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
This diploma thesis investigates investment certificates for retail investors. The first chapter defines investment structured certificates. The second chapter is about availability of investment certificates for retail investors in the Czech Republic. The objectives of this chapter are a description of a present offer of securities dealers in the Czech Republic, a specification of decision criterions in choosing an online broker and a comparison of selected companies from a point of view of a client. Third chapter summarizes advantages and risks which are connected with investment certificates. The fourth chapter deals with a classification of structured products from various aspects and structures of investment certificates which are the most traded on the German exchange Scoach in Frankfurt. The aim is to provide an overview of each type of the investment certificate which contains description of specific parameters, structure and possible pay-off at maturity of investment certificate considering an underlying asset. The final part illustrates in practice one of more possible methods how to choose appropriate investment certificates. There is presented a process which is subsequently more described and applied on a demonstrative example of a hypothetical retail investor. The goal of the diploma thesis is comprehensively acquainted with investment certificates the reader, and shows one of the possible ways of picking appropriate investment certificates for an investor with a risk neutral profile.
Development of the financial products for the home financing and the analysis in the czech market
Žák, Vojtěch ; Coufal, Libor (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
The topic of my thesis is Development of the financial products for the home financing and the analysis in the Czech market. My thesis is primary occupied with mortgages loans. First part is focused on the explanation of basic terms conectedted with mortgages and credits from the building society account. Then I describe the hole credit procedure from the client's point of view, conditions of credit assignment and costs connected with the credit. Next teoretical part concerns about the development of the mortgage market in the Czech republice and possible changes in the market in the future. Practical part of my thesis consists of the analysis of three banks in the czech market-KB, ČSOB and mBank. I tried to compare offeres of mortgages loans, mortgages loans with insurance in case of incapability and the combinaton mortgage loan with regular credit from the building society account thanks to RPSN and chose the best solution.
The importance of foreign investment for the development of the banking sector of Ukraine
Andrianova, Anna ; Zetek, Pavel (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
In my thesis I analyze the development of foreign direct investment in the banking system of Ukraine and the ukrainian market assessments of attractiveness for foreign investors. The theoretical part is devoted to the description of the banking system of Ukraine, the basic features of foreign direct investment and consequences of the inflow of such investment. The practical part is focused on the analysis of the basic economic indicators of the Ukrainian banking sector and the level of concentration of the banking market. The conclusion demonstrates that the banking sector of Ukraine has shown a significant improvement in recent years due to the entry of foreign investors (banks). At the same time, there are still some barriers, which government authorities should continue to deal with.
Real assets market
Vavrušková, Lucie ; Zetek, Pavel (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis aims to illuminate the basic real active investment options of the art market. The current state of the art market and its implications for investments oportunities will be the first part examined (including the contemporary trending), followed by pros and cons of such investment endeavours. The empirical part of the thesis comprises of the examination of foundation of the art trade and its progress in the Czech Republic and a close look on the global market of the last few years. The thesis concludes with findings of the art market labeled as an alternative to more standard investments (good choice for a portfolio diversification) nevertheless the specific intrigues of the said market call for experienced investment personnel.
Options for Appreciation of Available Cash for Individuals in the Czech Republic
Kalousová, Gabriela ; Špániková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Coufal, Libor (referee)
This bachelor's thesis entitled "Options for Appreciation of Available Cash for Individuals in the Czech Republic" describes deposit products and collective investments. In the first part it gives basic information about deposit products, their interest calculations and legislation. It is followed by the list of each type of product, its general characteristics, introduction of advantages and disadvantages, and formula for practical calculation. The second chapter deals with collective investments, their characteristics with emphasis on changes in legislation and a description of individual subjects who operate in this area. Next, it gives calculation methods of funds efficiency and examples of contemporary options for investments on the Czech market. The third part is dedicated to analyses, in which it evaluates objectivity, usefulness, and trustworthiness of internet comparisons and calculations of financial products.
The Impacts of Basel II and Basel III Capital Requirements on the Banking Sector in the Czech Republic
Čechura, Jakub ; Matejašák, Milan (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
The goal of this bachelor thesis is the analysis of regulatory framework Basel II and Basel III with the focus on their impact on the Czech banking sector. Firstly it is focused on the development of the capital adequacy rules till the emergence of Basel II. Basel II and its three-pillar structure, which consists of minimum capital requirements, supervisory and market discipline are analysed then. When shortcomings of Basel II are mentioned, it is proceeded to introducing the new regulatory framework Basel III. The innovations of Basel III lie in the enhanced quality of regulatory capital and the setting up of new capital requirements. The last part of the thesis focuses on the compliance with the capital requirements of the Czech banking sector in the past and the evaluation of its readiness to implement Basel III.
The corporate financing by issuing bonds Czech republic and Russian federation
Zubakhina, Yulia ; Kolman, Marek (advisor) ; Špániková, Kateřina (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to describe the process of issuing corporate bonds in the Czech Republic and the Russian Federation from the point of view of the issuing company with the comparison of two real and successful emissions of the each state. The first chapter analyzes different forms of financing and the problem of liabilities in the process of the corporate financing. The second chapter describes advantages of financing companies by corporate bonds and the process of primary issue according to the legislative norms of both states. The last chapter is devoted to the detailed dealing of the current situation on the primary markets with corporate bonds in Czech and Russia and comparing of two corporate bonds emissions with the following summary of the identified differences.

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