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The Holy See and the fascist Italy on the way to solving Roman question in the 20s of the 20th century
Dvořáčková, Petra ; Šmíd, Marek (advisor) ; Petráček, Tomáš (referee)
In her diploma thesis "The Holy See and the fascist Italy on the way to solving Roman question in the 20s of the 20th Century", the author shall address the relation between the Holy See and the fascist Italy within the period of 1922-1929. She shall undertake an analysis of the development and transformation of this relation from Benito Mussolini's rise to power until the adoption of the Lateran Treaties. Simultaneously, the author shall focus on political- religious circumstances affecting this relationship, such as the assassination of a socialist parliamentarian Giacomo Matteotti in 1924 contextualized within the then development of Italy. The thesis shall primarily draw on the studies of selected sources (editions, press) as well as foreign scholarly literature.
Parish chronicles as a source of religious and social history using the example of commemorative books of parishes in the Velke Mezirici deanery.
Mrňa, Jaroslav ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kašparová, Jaroslava (referee) ; Martínková, Lenka (referee)
PhDr. Jaroslav Mrňa Církevní a obecné dějiny 19. a 20. století Název disertační práce v anglickém jazyce: Parish chronicles as a source of religious and social history using the example of commemorative books of parishes in the deanery of Velke Mezirici. Anotace v anglickém jazyce: The parish chronicles in themself conceal an indelible link of parish administrators and they are often the only surviving trace of their thoughts and actions. Individual records in themself preserve not only the mentality of their writers, but also the valuable data from the life story of parishes. The dissertation thesis Parish chronicles as a source of religious and social history using the example of commemorative books of parishes in the deanery of Velke Mezirici brings the first complete view of the issue of the existence of parish chronicles and their use of the modern historical work in the field of religious and social history. It tries to highlight the important role of ego-documents to reconstruct the history of the life in the parish. In addition to the evaluation of the positive effects of the chronicle as a work of art, commemorative or official books, the thesis includes closer look at different types of documents and the structure of their scripts. For the analysis and the comparison there was made a...
Cistercians and Osek monastery in the 20th century
Konopík, Petr ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Kubín, Petr (referee)
Title of the thesis: Cistercians and Osek monastery in the 20th century. Abstract: The thesis aims to describe the Cistercian order and reflect upon it - upon its origins, its mission and its influence on society. It also recounts the events that happened in of the Czech Cistercian monasteries. The arrival of this order, which originated in France, is depicted. The main focus is put on the Czech Cistercian monastery in Osek within the Teplice region in the north of Bohemia, close to the border with Germany. The attention is especially given to the events, which happened in the 20th century, particularly those connected to the end of the Second World War, when the German monks were expelled after a period of imprisonment. Second important era came in the 1950's, when the monastery was turned into an internment camp for religious. The thesis is predominantly based on personal testimonies, which are put into the context of the Czech history - with special focus to the relation between the state and the Church. The conclusion proposes a vision for the future of the monastery as an important site and a place of spiritual life. Key Words: Osek, The Cistercians, The Salesians, monasteries, interrogation Po et znak (v etn mezer): 135 545
The History of Osek Monastery in the Years 1938 - 1950
Konopík, Petr ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Stříbrný, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis aims to describe and interpret the events that happened in the Cistercian monastery in Osek near Duchcov close to the Czech state border with Germany. The focus will be put on the events that occurred in the years 1938 - 1950. The key period is especially connected with the end of the Second World War and with the expulsion of Germans and of the German religious that had been interned in the monastery. The second key period is associated with the foundation of the Salesian "studentát" (a training institution). Another theme is related to the nationwide "Akce K", a raid on monasteries and a centralization of religious in internment camps. The thesis is mainly based on personal testimonies, which are presented in a relevant historical context with use of archive materials and of relevant literature about the relations between church and state in Czechoslovakia. The goal of the thesis is to present and describe the Cistercian order as such and the situation of this order in a Czech monastery, which is - for its vastness and splendour - called The Pearl of Ore Mountains. Key words Cistercians, monastery, expulsion, Osek, Salesians, interrogations Title The History of Osek Monastery in the Years 1938 - 1950.
Georges Lemaître - mimořádná osobnost vědy 20. století
Rejman, Daniel ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šenovský, Jakub (referee)
Georges Lemaître is quite unknown in Czech society. Although he was one of the scientists who independently anticipated the expansion of the cosmos and later formulated one of the most important hypotheses of the twentieth century - the hypothesis of the Primavel Atom, generally known as the Big Bang Theory as well as he was the president of The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, there has been published almost nothing about him in the Czech Republic. What was Lemaître's life like? What does his hypothesis mean in the context of Christian astronomical discourse of last centuries? How was his mission of the priest linked with work in astrophysics and mathematics?
The Relationship between the Holy See and France at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Myslilová, Tereza ; Šmíd, Marek (advisor) ; Petráček, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis will focus on the development and transformation of diplomatic relations between France and the Holy See at the beginning of the 20th century. The author will analyze the assumptions of separation between the two mentioned countries, which occurred in December 1905, and caused the exclusion of the Church from political life in the country. The aim of the work will be analysis, description and interpretation of changes of relations between the two countries in the years 1904/1905-1921 including the restoration of diplomatic relations and the stabilization of relations after a long and dramatic rupture, which has not been processed in contemporary Czech ecclesiastical historiography up-to-day.
Bishop Antonín Podlaha: his biblical studies published in the Journal of Czech Catholic Clergy
Musilová Daňhelová, Kristýna ; Ryšková, Mireia (advisor) ; Petráček, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis Bishop Antonín Podlaha and his publishing work in ČKD (Journal for the catholic clergy) in the field of catholic biblical studies brings up the summary of the articles of the biblical theme published in ČKD and analyzes this work from the point of his attitude towards the new modern approaches of the biblical work. The end of 19th century was crucial for the birth of modern methods of biblical work. Their acceptance in the Catholic Church at that time collided with the obstructions and the restrictions. Antonín Podlaha (1865-1932) was the bishop of Czech Catholic Church engaged in the new task of the Church in the modern world uniting the faith and the science. The work is supplemented by brief contents of the articles.
The Personality of Franciscan Jan Bárta in Totalitarian Régime in Bohemia
Drobková, Michaela ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ventura, Václav (referee)
The Personality of Franciscan Jan Barta in Totalitarian Régime in Bohemia Abstract This thesis describes briefly the life of Francis of Assisi. Further, it deals with history of male Fraciscan orders in Bohemia and Moravia. Also it concisely maps important events within several centuries. Above all it focuses on modern history in the period of the totalitarian regime in Bohemia. The dissertation pays attention to the personality of Jan Barta, the leading figure of Czech Franciscanism and to holy orders in our country, in the communist supremacy time. The thesis presents important moments in the life of this famous personality. It covers years in prison, writing theological works, organizing life and study of brethren and nuns, re-establishing communion of monastic orders in family - like houses. It mentions suffering before his death linked with his health problems that were caused by questioning from state security. Keywords Franciscan, friar, clergyman or priest, driver, holy order communion, prison, study, organizer, questioning, trial or case at court.
Presidential elections in 1935
Samková, Marcela ; Šmíd, Marek (advisor) ; Petráček, Tomáš (referee)
Presidential election in 1935 This work concentrates on presidential election in 1935, when the second Czechoslovakia president was elected. There is a description of internal political relations from 1929, which precede the election, presidential candidates and their chances for success. Next part of the study describes opinions of politics relations, which decided election and opinion of the President T. G. Masaryk. Work includes the point of view of newspaper, which were published in 1935. At the end of work are election results and their impact on Czechoslovakia.
The Dalai Lama in the Czech Republic
Rejman, Daniel ; Petráček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bouma, David (referee)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama is received contradictory in the Czech Republic nowadays.Was it always like that? During his stays in the Czech Republic he enjoyed the favour of such personalities as Vaclav Havel and Tomas Halik. However, recently, the supporting of the Dalai Lama was criticized by not only the President's office but also by the Prime Minister himself. Has the view of the spiritual leader in the Czech politics and media completely changed? If so, what are the causes?

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