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Design and Implementation of the Spad Filesystem
Patočka, Mikuláš ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Matyska, Luděk (referee) ; Badica, Costin (referee) ; Višňovský, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis describes design and implementation of the Spad filesystem. I present my novel method for maintaining filesystem consistency - crash counts. I describe architecture of other filesystems and present my own design decisions in directory management, file allocation information, free space management, block allocation strategy and filesystem checking algorithm. I experimentally evaluate performance of the filesystem. I evaluate performance of the same filesystem on two different operating systems, enabling the reader to make a conclusion on how much the performance of various tasks is affected by operating system and how much by physical layout of data on disk.
Recognition of trafic signs in pictures
Hrinčár, Matej ; Štanclová, Jana (referee) ; Patočka, Mikuláš (advisor)
The aim of the following document is to create a program that will be able (preferably in the real time) to recognize the traffic signs on the pictures. The program should recognize the sign on the condition that no part of it is covered by any object and the sign is turned in a reasonable angle. Any background or objects of other colors should not confuse the program. The document solves two problems. The first one is finding the sign on the input image, the second one is recognizing the sign. For solving the first problem the color segmentation is used, which means the extraction of the needed color from the image. In this new image the program finds shapes similar to the traffic signs. Artificial neural network is used to recognize the sign.
A system for measuring quality and throughput of data transmissions
Matteoni, Daniel ; Patočka, Mikuláš (referee) ; Peterka, Jiří (advisor)
Network performance measurements play a key role in the continuous development and expansion of the Internet. The first part of this work aims to identify the important parameters of data transmissions which are possible to measure. Next we try to find out which algorithms are the most suitable with respect for the accuracy and the time of the measurement and also for the load caused on the network. As a result of that research we found five important measures describing the actual state or general characteristics of network paths. Capacity is the maximum rate that can be used to transfer the packets from source to destination in the network layer. Available bandwidth is the unused capacity during some time interval. TCP throughput is the amount of data per time unit that is delivered over a single TCP connection. Round trip time is the time required for a packet to get from source to destination and back to source again. Packet loss rate is the ratio of number of packets lost during the transmission and number of all sent packets. This work includes the description of the algorithms used for the measurements of mentioned measures and also the design and the development of an application for these measurements.
Information system for schools
Kozák, Vladislav ; Zavoral, Filip (referee) ; Patočka, Mikuláš (advisor)
The task of the work is to develop information system for primary and secondary schools. The application allows to insert and store data related with school and performs mass printing of school reports. The user interface is easy to use and includes grafic interface for setting the printer output. The application comunicates with database server and supports parallel access.
Compression program
Mikuš, Tomáš ; Patočka, Mikuláš (advisor) ; Lánský, Jan (referee)
In the present work we study posibilities of data comression. We will try to describe and later implement compression algorithm with speed and efficiency comparable with algorithm that is used in bzip2 program. This algorithm will be used in program running under console of Linux operating system. This program will meet following conditions: It will have graphic user interface for easy work with archiv allowing user to create archiv file from requested files and directories, add, and delete other files from archiv.and also decompress the content of archiv. User will be able to browse directory tree stored in archiv.
Porting SPARTAN kernel to SPARC V9 architecture
Jermář, Jakub ; Patočka, Mikuláš (referee) ; Yaghob, Jakub (advisor)
Overview of the HelenOS operating system (basic kernel functionality, memory management, userspace support). Overview of the 64-bit SPARC V9 architecture (registers, traps, memory management unit, ASI, interrupts). Description of implementation of the HelenOS operating system for the SPARC V9 architecture (system boot, work with OpenFirmware, TLB and trap table take-over, context switching and FPU context, management of register windows and the preemptible trap handler, time management, handling I/O devices, interrupts, address spaces and virtual address translation using the page hash table, TSB, solution to the illegal virtual aliasing problem, system call support, pseudo threads, application processor start-up, spinlock implementation). Overview and comparison of Solaris and Linux implementations.
C language program annotator
Sušil, Petr ; Patočka, Mikuláš (referee) ; Mareš, Martin (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to create a program for browsing C source codes and facilitate searching in them. The program should cover basic search functions and provide a plugin for the Emacs editor. In contrast to other similar project cspot knows well semantics of the C language, which makes it a great assistant. The speed and effectivity of program was being considered throughout its design as well as possibility of update of an auxiliary database. The thesis contains the description of the used data structures as well.
Secure filesharing on Windows
Tykal, Jaroslav ; Patočka, Mikuláš (referee) ; Yaghob, Jakub (advisor)
Connection to the Internet becomes common in many households. Many people use connection to Internet during their ways too, so the access to remote files is required more than before. The one of aims of this thesis is an analysis of available possibilities for network file sharing including their security considerations. Available possibilities include protocols such as SMB/CIFS, AFS, NFS, … and applications that offer other functionality instead of one of previous protocol implementation. The next aim is a draft of new protocol for secure file sharing. This protocol doesn't depend on any operating system. This protocol is implemented in Windows environment and supports active access to remote files.
Fractal Viewer
Štefan, Petr ; Obdržálek, David (referee) ; Patočka, Mikuláš (advisor)
Fractal explorer is a program which enables user to explore Mandelbrot set and several other types of fractals and offers real time zooming in and out of the selected area. Program automaticaly increases the number of iterations it uses for computations to prevent detail loss with higher magnifications. Fractal explorer has several color schemes to color the calculated image. The colored image can be altered by several simple graphical filters. Resulting image can be saved to hard drive in PNG, BMP or JPG formats. Another function of the program is an ability to render current image to hard drive in specified resolution, the rendered image is antialiased to increase the visual quality.

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