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Hospitaller Care of Chivalric Orders
Pánek, Robin ; Suchánek, Drahomír (advisor) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the hospitaller care of three selected chivalric orders - Order of St. John (Knights Hospitaller or Maltese knights), Teutonic Order and the Order of St. Lazarus, and aims to observe its hospitaller care from the foundation of the said orders until the present time, analyse its scope and quality and above all explain, why Order of St. John has in the area of hospitaller care at present the greatest international prestige and recognition. The thesis observes the development of hospitaller care of the chivalric orders in different time periods and locations of their operation, from the foundation of the orders in the Holy land, through their care in the headquarters of the orders and their European commanderies after the fall of Acre in 1291 until the current situation and form of the orders hospitaller and medical care. The thesis is divided in several chapters according to these periods of orders operation, together with the introduction, brief history of the observed orders and conclusion. Final analysis of the orders hospitaller care emanates from the official preserved order sources (rules, statutes and hospitaller procedures of the individual orders), reports of eye-witnesses of the orders care and professional literature of recognized authors dealing with...
U.S.-Saudi Counterterrorism Cooperation after 9/11
Pánek, Robin ; Ditrych, Ondřej (advisor) ; Bureš, Oldřich (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the influence of changing nature of the terrorist threat on the foreign policy of the United States during the presidency of Barack Obama in the region of Middle East, together with the impact of changes in this foreign policy on the cooperation and relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The changing nature of the terrorist threat is analyzed primarily on the example of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and analyzed are also the circumstances of its rise, the events of the Arab Spring. The course of these events is shown in the cases of countries important for the current U.S. foreign policy in the region, therefore in the cases of Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and the U.S. foreign policy is analyzed in relation with its reaction on these events. Shown is the shift in this foreign policy, tied with the changes in the counterterrorism policy due to the changes in the nature of the terrorist threat. Resulting foreign policy is analyzed using the Foreign Policy Analysis and its models, which helps to explain the apparent rift in the Obama administration in relation to Middle East. The last chapter focuses primarily on the cooperation of the United States with Saudi Arabia and the Saudi relation with terrorism. Shown are Saudi counterterrorism...
The Influence of the Arab Spring on US-Saudi Relations
Pánek, Robin ; Raška, Francis (advisor) ; Bečka, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the influence, which the events of the Arab Spring had on the relations between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It examines the events of the Arab Spring in four countries, which are important both for the Arab Spring itself and thanks to their specific relations to both observed states. The countries are Tunisia (where the events of the Arab Spring first started and from where they began to spread to other countries of the Arab world), Egypt (long-time partner of both the United States and Saudi Arabia in the region), Libya (first country, where was undertaken a foreign military intervention with the participation of the United States regarding the Arab spring) and Saudi Arabia itself (where the protests were appeased, but from where a military intervention against neighboring Bahrain was launched). Apart from a chronological account of the events, part of the thesis is also an analysis of the stances of both observed states on these events. Comparing these stances, the thesis aims to show how big an influence the potential differences in stance had on mutual relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia. In the case of the stances of the United States, the thesis uses the freely accessible press statements and speeches of the...
Mission and goals of the Order of Malta
Pánek, Robin ; Suchánek, Drahomír (advisor) ; Drška, Václav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the mission, goals and tasks of the chivalric and hospitaller Order of Malta from its foundation until the conquest of Malta in 1798. It examines the development of the main tasks of the Order and their transformation depending on the current international situation and the location of the seat of the Order. The thesis deals with the form of these tasks in each of the seats of the Order (in the Holy Land, on Rhodes and on Malta), as well as with their transformation in the environment of the Commanderies on the European continent. The main emphasis is laid on the development of the two main branches of the order's mission, tasks of hospitaller nature and the military ones. The primary goal of the thesis is exploration of the overall development of these goals and tasks and the comparison of their development in the seats of the Order and the European Commanderies.

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