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Technical aspects of aortic root sparing surgery:Structural changes occurring during different thawingprotocols of cryopreserved human aortic root allografts and thereproducibility of external aortic root annuloplasty using Coroneo ring.
Novotný, Róbert ; Hlubocký, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Vojáček, Jan (referee) ; Pirk, Jan (referee)
Aortic valve-sparing procedures treating patients with aortic root aneurysm with or without aortic insufficiency and patients with ascending aortic aneurysm and aortic insufficiency are no longer experimental and unproven procedures. A successful aortic valve-sparing or repair operation aims not only to correct the failing part of the aortic root but also to restore the intro- and the inter-component relationship of the aortic root elements to optimal dimensions and relations. The avoidance of anticoagulation therapy and prosthesis-related complications makes aortic valve repair a tempting procedure. Considering the increasing rate of cusp repair reported in scientific literature, conservative aortic valve surgery seems to be developing into aortic valve repair surgery. This Dissertation Theses are devoted to the study of some specific technical aspects of aortic root sparing surgery, namely to the study of structural changes occurring in cryopreserved human aortic root allografts and the reproducibility of Coroneo ring implantation procedure. The Introduction of these Dissertation Theses deals with the general review of aortic valve- sparing operations in the light of the historical aspects of used surgical technique, dynamic anatomy and the current situation. One part of the Introduction is...
Distant and unknown land of the Crown of Bohemia. Lower Lusatia in the Politics of Wenceslaus IV. of Bohemia.
Dufková, Tereza ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Novotný, Robert (referee)
Wenceslaus IV. is traditionally considered as a not very capable monarch, in contrast to his successful father, Emperor Charles IV. Not even modern historiography works are without a flattened negative view on this ruler. The aim of this work is to relativize Wenceslaus' alleged ruling inability in an example of his policy in Lands of the Bohemian Crown, namely in Lower Lusatia between years 1364-1419. The issue of the crown countries in this period has been so far in the background of Bohemian researchers' interest. Emphasis is placed on the socio- cultural background of Lusatian Margrave at the end of the 14th century and it is possible to also evaluate the position of Lower Lusatia throughout the whole Bohemian Crown. The focus of the thesis is an analysis of specific Wenceslaus' political steps, mainly based on charters research. The work is also focused on exploring the relationship between the sovereign and the Lower Lusatian nobility, cities and churches. The scope is also devoted to the contribution of John of Gorlitz and Jost of Moravia to the administration of Margrave. By analyzing the above- mentioned aspects, is possible to enrich the view of the government of Wenceslaus IV. and to relativize the traditional narrative of his inability to govern. Finally, it can prove the continuity of...
The Lords of Kolditz and the Lords of Bergow in service of the Bohemian Royal Court in the 15th century
Jirsík, Tobiáš ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Novotný, Robert (referee)
The Lucembourg court attracted several noble families that had a oportunity to get a good status by serving a king and also hold offices. For such a service were ideal loyal nobles of newly arrived noble families, who didn't own any property in Bohemia. Lords of Colditz and lords of Bergov also belonged to them. The king rewarded them for their loyal service by giving them fiefs (especially in north-west Bohemia: Krupka and Bílina). The Luxembourg dynasty enabled these noble families a social rise. Lords of Colditz were connected to royal court since their beginnings in Bohemia. On the other hand some of the lords of Bergov hold offices, but they didn't hesitate to leave the court at a convinient moment. More likely they participated in newly emerging estates. During the reign of Wenceslav IV. lords of Colditz remained faithful to him, on the other hand lords of Bergov belonged to the main figures of his opposition. At the same time they changed the royal fiefs (Bílina was bought by lords of Colditz) for allod (Trosky, Turnov, Chlumec upon Cidlina). During the Hussite wars lords of Colditz and lords of Bergov were the fundamental support of catholic party. The only exception was John of Bergov, who was captured after the battle of Lipany. Albrecht of Colditz, their son Thimo and nephew John were...
Reporting Features in the Microsoft SharePoint Environment
Kolmačka, Pavel ; Novotný, Robert (referee) ; Kříž, Jiří (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis refer to reporting as the main sources for decision making, from management point of view as well as company as a whole. The first part is analyzing the current situation mainly exporting data and creating reports manually in MS Excel. Second part brings improvement for the current process with using of Business Intelligence features which should make the process easier and efficient.
Prokop, Jan and the Others. The Younger Rabštejn Family in the Turbulences of the Hussite Century
Kozler, David ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Novotný, Robert (referee)
The thesis deals with the significant western Bohemian noble family of the younger Rabštejns in the turbulent "Hussite Century", known also as the short 15th century (1400-1485). The primary focus of the research is the examination of the lives and careers of individual members of the family, the most prominent of which are the Chancellor Prokop († probably 1470) and the humanist Jan (1437-1473), author of the famous Dialogus. Their critically written biographies, appropriately set in the context of the political, religious and cultural history of the given period, review the factual errors of present research and answer the question of how specific nobles of the Rabštejn family managed the dramatic events of the "Hussite Century". The explication elaborated based on a classic genealogical and biographical approach is supplemented by sections on the social and economic rise of the younger Rabštejns in the 15th century, using knowledge from a modern, dynamically developing study of social mobility, royal court issues and noble representation. This, along with extensive source and literary heuristics on which the thesis is based, enables us to look at the history of the studied noble family with multiple lenses and place it in a wider context. The sources used are critically examined, and their selection...
The problems of plunder in the first half of the 15th century
Müllerová, Monika ; Zilynská, Blanka (advisor) ; Novotný, Robert (referee)
The main subject of the bachelor thesis is the aktivity of bandit and footpad groups. The thesis is structured as a study of a specific era the first half of 15th century in Moravia. The study is carried out by analyzing the lifestyles of their dividual members and thein connections to thein leaders. The thesis describes the typology of criminal behavior based on the number of cases mentioned in the sources and researches the relations between the bandit groups and higher nobility. The author is analyzing the structure of the sources and several approache show to work with those sources. She is trying to describe the issues as a komplex social, political and legal problem of that time.
The Strakonice league. Rivals of George of Poděbrady in the struggle over power in the Kingdom of Bohemia (1449 - 1452)
Pátý, Lukáš ; Bobková, Lenka (advisor) ; Novotný, Robert (referee)
This thesis concerns the Strakonice league, an association of largely Catholic estates of 1449. It tries to conceive the topic in another way, than the older literature did, which did not pay attention to the Strakonice league not specially, but dealed with it mostly in the frame of the description of Bohemian political and military history. The thesis tries to bring new pieces of knowledge of the Strakonice league by means of analyse of correspondence of the lords of Rosenberg (Rožmberk) and of another sources. Concerning the course of the military and diplomatic struggle with the Poděbrady league itself, the emphasis is put on selected, less known aspects. League's attempts to cooperate with the lands adjoining the Czech crown are included, too. The relation of the Strakonice league to foreign countries, where the league was looking for allies, is elaborated in the next section. The last part of the thesis is a prosopographical research of the league members. This section is based on collecting of data about individual persons or towns that entered the Strakonice league. The members' political career, motivation for their entrance into the league, possesion and their relations to each other are studied. All this gives evidence about the rate of force and compactness of the league and it can...
Social, institutional and confessional aspect of development of the nobility in the late middle Ages
Novotný, Robert ; Čornej, Petr (advisor) ; Šmahel, František (referee) ; Jan, Libor (referee)
Jen těžko by se hledalo téma, které se v posledních dvou desetiletích těšilo u českých historikü tak velkému zájmu, jako jsou dějiny šlechty. Uvolnění ideologických zábran, které dosud vymezovaly výzkumu urozené složky společnosti okrajové místo, spustilo po roce 1989 vlnu zájmu o dosud zanedbávanou oblast. Systematický výzkum šlechtických archivü spolu s překotnou recepcí zahraničních metodologických podnětů záhy přinesly řadu pozoruhodných výsledků, především však na poli výzkumu šlechty raně novověké. Byť i v medievistice se nobilita těšila zvýšenému zájmu, badatelé se povětšinou přidrželi biografickogenealogické metody. Vznikly tak velmi pracné a materiálově cenné studie, nicméně zajetí v tradičních postupech často bránilo udělat krok dále a opustit zajeté koleje faktografického způsobu práce. Powered by TCPDF (
Franciscans of Turnov in the Baroque (1651-1763)
Novotný, Robert Radim ; Mikulec, Jiří (referee) ; Hojda, Zdeněk (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is presented based on several years of investigative research, resulting in the publication of partial results particularly in regional proceedings, to submit a If possible, the final report on the effect of first-century Franciscan Turnov, respectively. throughout the region.Studying the effect of religious institutions in the Czech lands during the early modern times has its importance for several reasons. The smaller percentage of the then total population of religious community, the number of its members did, the more important influence on the development and practical all segments of society only acquire its existence. Finally, the contemporary phrase noted that the monasteries are in the world and the world in monasteries. Likewise, no doubt can Elbl agree with Martin that religious communities were more or less faithful picture of the whole company and both components interacted.(Překlad vytvořen dodatečně)
Organization of the protest action against Hus's burning at the stake
Novotný, Robert
Based on a prosopographical analysis, the study attempts to capture the organizational context of the origin of the protest letter against Hus's burning at the stake from 2 September 1415. One of the main conclusions is that the majority of the signatories from the ranks of the lower nobility added their seals to the protest action rather from loyalty to their powerful neighbours than expressing their own confessional position.

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