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The Phenomenon of Life within the Aesthetic Experience of Nature
Matějková, Magdalena ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The Verity in the Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature by A. Carlson and R. W. Hepburn Abstract The thesis being presented deals with the issues of aesthetic appreciation of nature. The aim of the work is to examine the possible meanings of the concept of verity as a feature of the aesthetic appreciation of nature. Firstly, the work analyzes and compare the theories of two recent authors, champions of the cognitive approach in the aesthetics of nature, Allen Carlson and Ronald. W. Hepburn. Each of them relates the aesthetic appreciation of nature with its discovering in a different way. Their approaches are analyzed in three main points. First, the analysis focuses on the terms the authors employ, second, it focuses on the significance the authors attribute to the veracity of the aesthetic experience, and finally, it describes the concept of thought component as it figures by both authors. Subsequently, these two approaches are compared and criticized. The final part of the work develops the ideas presented in the previous analysis. The thought component of the aesthetic experience is presented in a more relativist way and the advantages of such an open approach are pointed out. This new approach is roughly compared with the theory of M. Budd and it is confronted with the concept of indexical fallacy of C....
The Concept of Implied Reader in Wolfgang Iser's theory
Berková, Pavlína ; Kaplický, Martin (advisor) ; Kubalík, Štěpán (referee)
The Bachelor thesis titled "The Concept of Implied Reader in Wolfgang's Iser Theory" aims to introduce the concept of implied reader, which played the key role in the theory of reception aesthetician Wolfgang Iser. In the beginning the thesis is focused on the context of Iser's works, i.e. the Constance School of reception aesthetics and its main ideas, then introduces the concept of implied reader itself. Iser is using this term to capture the nature of the interactions that take place in the process of reading. The thesis introduces not only the concept but also its role in the process of reading and in the constitution of a literary art work. Powered by TCPDF (
The aesthetic experience of ruins
Pechoušková, Klára ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
Bachelor project follows the basic definition of ruins, dilapidated objects as specific object of aesthetics. Visitors are attracted by such places for many reasons and one of them is traditionally the hunt for a specific aesthetic experience. The goal of the project is to identify the quality of this experience through comparison with two basic types of aesthetic objects: artworks and natural aesthetic objects. Nature and culture are often considered two divided fields. A ruin is an object which doesn't fully belong to the area of artifacts but neither is a fully natural element. Primary literature bases on contemporary environmental aesthetics and is complemented by basic titles of so-called "aesthetics of ruins" or "aesthetics of decay". The end of the project discuss the use of the achieved findings in exploration of the aesthetic specificity of modern ruins like abandoned factories, hospitals, schools, hotels etc. Powered by TCPDF (
Otakar Zich's The Aesthetics of Dramatic Art and the issue of inner-tactile perception
Bezděk, Ester ; Kaplický, Martin (advisor) ; Dykast, Roman (referee)
This bachelor thesis is primarily focused on Otakar Zich's theory of Dramatic art. The first part, which is the main part of this work, deals with Zich's approach to drama in general, localising the thought of inner-tactile perception afterwards. Inner-tactile perception is presented as a crucial part of Zich's theory. Not only it is a part of the process of creation, but also of perception of drama itself. The second part of this thesis is an addendum to Otakar Zich's theory. This part is a response to Zich's thought of inner-tactile perception in current aesthetic theories of proprioception. In context of several aesthetic theories it is shown what proprioception is and what role it plays in aesthetic situation. It also reveals a relationship to Zich's inner-tactile perception. Powered by TCPDF (
Concept of the Neo-Avant-Garde in Peter Bürger's Theory of the Avant-Garde and following critical reaction by B. Buchloh and H. Foster
Jonášová, Markéta ; Stejskal, Jakub (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with the question of the relationship between historical avant-garde movements and the repetition of its main artistic strategies in the neo-avant-garde after the Second World War. The primary resource to deal with this topic is the theory of Peter Bürger, because his book Theory of the Avant-garde represents a very influential and complex conception of the relationship between the two phenomena. Bürger's harsh critique of the neo-avant-garde, which he derives from his concept of the meaning and intentions of the historical avant-garde, is criticised in particular by Benjamin Buchloh and Hal Foster, two American critics of contemporary art. The aim of the thesis is to show, on the grounds of Buchloh's and Foster's critique, the usefulness of Bürger's conception when theorizing neo- avant-garde phenomena and its relationship with the historical avant-garde movements.
Aesthetic Experience of Natural Environment by Yi-Fu Tuan and Ronald W. Hepburn
Vostatková, Michaela ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The topic of this dissertation is the aesthetic experience as it relates to our natural environment. This concept, while first established in the mid-20 century, is explored and expanded on, by both Yi-Fu Tuan and Ronald William Hepburn. This work will show how both philosophers are concerned in their special way in substantiating the specific attributes of the aesthetic experience with nature, and to further accent the important role nature has in our life by comparing both their approaches. The text at first contours the fundamentals of environmental aesthetics at the time it was first established. Within this frame of environmental aesthetics, both Tuan and Hepburn introduced a wide range of ideas. The main task of this dissertation is to explore the ideas both philosophers have in common and show where their viewpoints differ. Yi-Fu Tuan accents the pure and frameless experience with nature, whereas Hepburn leads us to acknowledge the inherence of senses and thought components in our aesthetic appreciation of nature. According to Hepburn we did not create nature, but we have extensive knowledge about it; and therefore, we should project this into our appreciation of our natural environment. Unless we realize this, we are unable to properly appreciate and judge our natural environment and how it...
Aesthetics of Virginia Woolf
Bláhová, Šárka ; Ševčík, Miloš (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
This thesis is dealing with characteristics of Virginia Woolf's aesthetic views which progresses according to the then aesthetic teories. It introduces significant differences between the Victorian and the following Modern period which influenced all areas of human activities. The thesis discusses step by step development of human thinking and its reflexions into production and experience of art. Besides that, the thesis analyses art activities of Bloomsbury group, its philosophy and aesthetics. It includes main aesthetic thoughts of Mr. Roger Frye and Mr. Clive Bell who were part of the group and created its aesthetic views. Finaly we will focus on Virginia Woolf and her aesthetic opinions which were influenced by Mr. Roger Frye's aesthetic views. Powered by TCPDF (
The aesthetic appreciation of Nature from the point of view of contemporary environmental aesthetics
Čechová, Veronika ; Dadejík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The thesis is dealing with contemporary environmental aesthetics. The main part consists of an overview and comparison of modern theories of this relatively recently formed discipline. The starting point is the work of the founder of the contemporary aesthetic approach to evaluating nature and member of the Anglo-American aesthetic tradition, Ronald W. Hepburn. Subsequently, the theories of two major figures in contemporary Anglo-American environmental aesthetics: Allen Carlson and Malcolm Budd are presented. The main objective is to trace the basic lines of thought based on Hepburn's work dealt with in the work of other environmental aestheticians (the comparison of evaluation of works of art and natural aesthetic objects, superficial and deep evaluation of natural beauty, the possibility of aesthetic criticism of natural beauty, etc.). Even classical aesthetic theories of natural beauty are reflected in the work to the needed extent, as these are the background of current developments in environmental aesthetics. Key words Hepburn, Carlson, Budd, environmental aesthetics, comparison, cognitivism, aesthetic appreciation, environmental aesthetic model, nature
Theme of Psychical Distance in Otakar Zich's Concept of Dramatic Art
Pátek, Filip ; Kaplický, Martin (advisor) ; Zuska, Vlastimil (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the comparison of the concept of psychical distance of Edward Bullough with the concept of dramatic art of Otakar Zich. Bullough at the key points of his essay on psychical distance refers to the dramatic art, but unified concept of this art he does not present. Zich in his work, which tries to present unified concept of dramatic art, does not refer directly to Bullough's concept of distance, but it is still possible to find in the works of both authors analogical moments. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to find these moments and systematize them. The first part of this work deals with the presentation of Bullough's concept of psychical distance, the second part deals with the presentation of Zich's concept of dramatic art and the third part is devoted to the comparison of Bullough's views with selected themes of Zich's aesthetics of dramatic art. Keywords psychical distance * aesthetic attitude * dramatic art * theatre * semantic idea
Otakar Hostinsky and his contribution to the Czech contemplation on dance
Pivodová, Klarisa ; Dykast, Roman (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis "Otakar Hostinsky and his contribution to the Czech contemplation on dance" deals with aesthetics of one of the prominent Czech figure of aesthetics Otakar Hostinský - its specific part is focused on the artistic human body movement - specified as dance and pantomime. Although this professor of aesthetics at the University of Prague did not leave any work where he would have comprehensively formulated his aesthetics theories about dance yet he included dance in his reflections. This thesis aims to outline Hostinský's aesthetics views on the issue of artistic human body movement specified and defined as dance. The thesis mainly focuses on abstracting Hostinský's views on the art of human movement with a particular focus on dance and attempts to present them as a coherent system of artistic kind.

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