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RNA tertiary structure prediction using multiple templates
Galvánek, Rastislav ; Hoksza, David (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jan (referee)
In this thesis we will further develop the algorithm of homologous prediction of tertiary RNA structure. The algorithm was originally created and implemented in my bachelor thesis. We will focus on further automatization of algorithm implementation and we are going to make it easier to use. The user will be able to predict tertiary structure of RNA based only on target structure sequence. The algorithm will be also extended to use multiple template structures for prediction and it will be able to firstly predict the secondary structure of the target molecule. Both of these modifications should lead to more precise prediction by restricting the search space and reducing the size of unconserved regions of the predicted structure.
Legal regulation of air quality protection
Jelínek, Jan ; Derlich, Stanislav (advisor) ; Pokorný, Jiří (referee)
Legal Regulation of Air Quality Protection Abstract This diploma thesis provides an overview of the legislation on air quality in the Czech Republic with a focus on the regulation in the Act No. 201/2012 Coll., on air protection including a detailed analysis of some problematic aspects and current issues. Air pollution is the actual global issue that is discussed not only in the Czech Republic but also all over the world, mainly because of the harmful effects on human health and the environment. This paper is organized as follows. The introductory chapter defines the necessary terms, which are essential to the following text of the paper. This chapter also describes the distribution of air pollutant sources and the importance of this distribution for subsequent obligations. The next chapter provides an overview of the historical development of Czech, international and European air quality legislation following by chapters, where the individual types of regulatory instruments to reduce air pollution are analyzed. The chapter on conceptual instruments mainly focuses on the National Emission Reduction Programme of the Czech Republic and an Air Quality Improvement Programs, including an analysis of the changes brought by the amendment to the Air Protection Act implemented by Act No. 172/2018 Coll. Moreover...
Mathematics textbooks for secondary schools from the point of view of beginning teachers
The aim of this thesis is to identify differences among Mathematics textbooks and to find out how they work in real education process. This research will provide information whether such textbooks are actually used by Maths teachers, and if so, then in what manner and how effectively. This will be viewed from the perspective of a teacher-beginner who searches for the most appropriate textbook for Mathematics lessons. Another goal is to introduce the offer of various Maths textbooks for the 2nd stage of basic schools. Also, there is a research performed that could compare these books, especially books published by Prometheus, Fraus and H-mat. Results of the research will be then used for lesson plans of a beginning teacher.
Jelínek, Jan ; Blažková, Vendula (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to create a design documentation for a kindergarten. This building is situated in the city called Brtnice – more specifically in its newly established location Nová Čtvrť. The kindergarten has two floors. Walls of the first one are partly sunken under the surface level. Each floor is divided into an operating section and part for a preschool education. The building has a foundation made of plain concrete bands, built from an aerated concrete and has a flat roof. Following building project puts an emphasis on a spatial and architectonical layout, energy savings and overall safety.
The Congress of Berlin in the austrian Press
Jelínek, Jan ; Županič, Jan (advisor) ; Skřivan, Aleš (referee)
The Great Eastern Crisis was started by a peasant uprising in Bosnia and Herzegovina, further on the following months and years riots spread to other parts of the Ottoman empire and in the spring 1877 the crisis escalated into the Russo- Ottoman war. Russian army celebrated victory but the treaty of San Stefano has strenghtened power of St. Petersburg so significantly, that it aroused the resistence of other powers, especially United Kingdom and Austria-Hungary. Then these two powers represented Russia's main enemies at the Berlin congress where such a revision of a new arrangement should have been made that would be acceptable for all the powers. The public of the Habsburg monarchy paid considerable attention to the crisis. Reports of the Bulgarian and other "horrors" spreading across Europe naturally hit Austria-Hungary as well. Fears of the war between the powers resonated especially in the Danube monarchy because of its geographical location. A crucial factor for perceiving the crisis from the point of view of the public in the monarchy was also the Slavophile and pro-Russian orientation of the Slavs in the country, which was further strengthened by the reports from the "East". However, among many groups of non-Slav population of the monarchy, these tendencies raised resentment and concern. The...
The use of project management methods in festival organization
Jelínek, Jan ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Mudd, Dana (referee)
The work deals with the possibilities of using project management in organizing festivals. The text is supposed to provide a tool for the field to be able to start implementing the methods of project management. The first, theoretical part of the work introduces the discipline of project management. The introduction is followed by topically structured blocks which present particular methods of project management and the possibilities of their implementation in the field of organizing festivals. The first part includes a survey evaluating the current state of using project management methods in the field of festivals in the Czech Republic. The second part of the work consists of a concept project of music festival which demonstrates an application of project management in this field. The author depicts the key methods of project management, as well as the possibilities and limits of their use in organizing festivals. A low level of utilization of project management tools is obvious from the survey among almost 30 Czech festival organizers. The project itself deals with the specifics that organizing a festival brings about and presents a sample use of some key project management tools in a particular music festival. Key words: project management, project, festival, event management, planning,...
A diffusion-based model of signal transduction in the vertebrate olfactory sensory neuron, and its sensitivity analysis
Beneš, Martin ; Zápotocký, Martin (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jan (referee)
The goal of this model is to create and to implement qualitative model of the signal track of olfactory sensory neuron, including the feedback with a focus on diffusion of substances that allows to conduct more simulations for the better understanding of dynamics of the signal track. This model is expected to be used for the simulation of influencing during the activation of two receptors in firstly defined distance. Model was created and therefore implemented in a programming language Python with the use of library STEPS. Then I have conducted sensitivity analysis by a method Morris OAT on the model, together with an optimization with the usage of change of individual parameters with a great importance on the output of the model. Model is conducting good and biologically comparable results when there are from 10 to 100 active receptors at the beginning of the track. Unfortunately with a lower numbers, the results are not valid and therefore not to be used for the simulation of influencing of two activated receptors. Despite this is a main benefit of the work the model of signal transduction for the whole signal track with an included feedback and emphasis on diffusion. Another benefit is a set of scripts for the sensitivity analysis by a method Morris OAT and optimization.
Family house with an establishment
Jelínek, Jan ; Rebrova, Tatiana (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
This bachelor thesis presents a project documentation of a family house with en establishment - café. The building is situated in the city called Brtnice in a newly developed location „Na Nivě“. The house has two floors and is partly basemented. The coffee bar is only in part 1NP. Residential area includes all three floors, which are connected through a direct stairscase. The house has plain concrete bands foundation. All masonry work is done by HELUZ and BEST. The roofs are flat on reinforced concrete ceilings. The project also includes a garage for two vehicles.
RNA secondary structure visualization using existing structures
Eliáš, Richard ; Hoksza, David (advisor) ; Jelínek, Jan (referee)
Many research aim to RNA molecules and demand for tools enabling their analysis increased. First step is visual inspection of their secondary structure. In order to correctly lay out structure, the notion of optimal layout is required. However, this has never been formalized and is largely habitual. To tackle this problem we propose an algorithm capable of visualizing RNA structure using related one with known layout. Algorithm first converts both RNAs into a tree representation and using tree-edit-distance algorithm finds out the minimum number of operations to convert one structure into the other. All common motives are retained and the regions which differ are taken care of. Results show, that our algorithm is able to give good layouts even for relatively distant structures. It is well suited for visualization of homologous structures. Powered by TCPDF (

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