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Allah and God of Christians: Do we have the same God with Muslims?
Zedníček, Jiří ; Balabán, Milan (advisor) ; Hošek, Pavel (referee)
My thesis "Allah and God of Christians" deals with the relation between Christianity and Islam. As the essay subtitle "Do we have the same God with Muslims?" suggests, I am asking to what extent Allah and God of Christians are similar, close or different. Both traditions profess the faith in one and unique, compassionate and merciful God who is the Creater and Lord of this world. However, the God himself cannot be a subject of our investigation. Investigation or comparison can only be submitted to the testimony and witness of the God. These are preserved for us and get to us by the tradition being passed down. Investigation of this tradition, especially Islamic, is, therefore, a method of my work. In the introductory part I deal with the pre-Islamic Arabia. Further on I focus on the life and work of the prophet Muhammad as the founder or revelator of Islam. In the second part I deal with the Koran and the tradition of its interpretation. The conclusion concerns the theological testimonies about the common topics which seem to diverge or converge the both religions. My intention was to seek the relations or links where the both traditions coincide and where it is possible to find common topics, values and ideas. Powered by TCPDF (
Requirements of Sports Venues for the Summer Olympic Games
Benešová, Zuzana ; Zedníček, Jiří (advisor) ; Oponent B, (referee)
Title: Requirements of sports venues for The Summer Olympic Games. Work goal: Description of requirements of selected sports venues for The Summer Olympic Games. Requirements analysis of IOC, successful and unsuccessful bidding cities and according to acquired data express recommendation for future candidate cities. Methods: Descriptive analysis of the documents related to organising The Olympic Games. Document analysis and interview Czech sports federation representatives. Results: Conclusion and recommendation for future candidate cities. Key words: The Olympic Games, Intemational Olympic Committee, bidding cities, venue requirements, minimal venue seating, descriptive analysis, documents analysis, recommendations.
Proposal of the water divider on the river Romže
Blaha, Josef ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of the water divider near Prostějov on the Romže River. Divider flows will be transferred into the Hloučela River. Within the thesis, hydraulic calculations of the side spillway were solved according to Bürgel, Pavlosky, Engels, Musterle, Kunštátský, Hager and energy solution methods in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and by using the HEC-RAS program as well. The calculations were compared to each other. Geometry of the relief water divider on the Romže River and the related buildings was designed based on the performed calculations. The required function of the relief object is guaranteed by manipulation of designed sluice gate. The study includes the text part with the calculations and the drawing part documenting the implementation of the designed measures.
Assessment of the Točenka small reservoir
Ďurďa, Eduard ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
The main priority thesis is to evaluate the current status and future follow- variant solution functions and the resulting operating small water reservoir Točenka in Babice u Kelč. Thanks smyvům of the field lines in the upper part of the basin has been a complete clogging the tank up to the spillway . Task is to assess the current status of the tank and identify measures for future use.
Design of bypass within the flood protection the city Prostějov
Juráňová, Barbora ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The target of diploma thesis is to design and review flood protection in Prostejov, especially for district Vrahovice. Flow capacity of river Romze will be determined too, because the river flows through the area of interest.
Design of the control profile to retain flood debris at the Bečva river
Lokajová, Hana ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
The work deals with a theoretical description of mathematical model and practical aspects of model simulation. Subsequently, it solves the current flow and the two design versions of the flowing debris trap profile. For the original channel and for the two designed versions two simulations were done for the flows of Q2 and Q5. As part of the work the theoeretical calculation of velocity in two cross sections of the existing channel was realized for the existing channel, which were due to calibration of the model. Results were compared at the same cross sections in the existing channel simulation solutions. Simulations are created in FLOW-3D. The purpose of this thesis is to determine whether the construction of trap profile is feasible.
Hydraulic assessment and river trainning of a small stream channel
Ďurďa, Eduard ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee) ; Julínek, Tomáš (advisor)
The main task of this work is to evaluate the current state of flux Babického creek, in terms of capacity and settling. From this evaluation will be subsequently developed a series of variant solutions.
Design of Flood Protection City Prostejov
Juráňová, Barbora ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The target of the bachelor’s thesis is appraisal of existing flood protection in Prostějov and design of new measures for environmental protection. The thesis applies one’s mind of appraisal and design flood protection on river Hloučela.
Analýza nákladů a přínosů pro zamýšlené olympijské hry v Praze v roce 2016
Valenta, Vít ; Novotný, Jiří (advisor) ; Zedníček, Jiří (referee)
Aplikace standardní metody CBA na zamýšlené olympijské hry v Praze v roce 2016. Ocenění socioekonomických nákladů a přínosů, externalit a významných ekonomických toků projektu. Provedení citlivostní analýzy a analýzy rizik. Sestavení závěrečného rozpočtu her a jeho posouzení dle kriteriálních ukazatelů pro hodnocení investic.

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