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Using the FMS method for injury prevention in older school-age athletes
Wagner, Štěpán ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title: Using the FMS method for injury prevention in older school-age athletes Objectives: The objective of this diploma thesis is to show new methods and approaches used nowadays for preventing injuries in athletics. In order to fulfil the objective, it was necessary to gather as much information as possible about the characteristics of older school-age children, the issue of injuries at this age, in general and in athletics specifically. Understanding the connections, two methods were then selected and described in detail which focus on preventing injury and which are used in athletics as well as other sports. One of these methods is the ComplexCore+ method which was invented and described by Austrian physical therapist and coach Roman Jahoda. This method is widely used in athletics and its main focus is the local and global stabilization of the body. In this thesis, however, I have more focused more on describing and analysing the principles and options for using the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) method. FMS is founded in physical therapy and was created by American physical therapist and coach Gray Cook. The purpose of the method is to identify and assess the quality of basic movement patterns through 7 mobility tests. In order to fulfil the objective of the thesis, two FMS tests were...
Wagner, Štěpán ; Fridrichová, Marcela (advisor)
FBC-ashes, as a waste product of a relatively new technology of combustion, so-called fluidized bed combustion, cannot be used for building materials production in contrast to fly-ashes. Problem rests in their chemical as well as their mineralogical composition. Thought it can be admitted that FBC-ash may be used for preparation of the hydraulic binder with a similar chemical and mineralogical composition, but only in a certain limit of concentration. The first part of this thesis was focused on the potentialities of fluid fly ashes utilization as hydraulic bonding material in preparation of dry mortar mixtures and the second part of works was engaged in research development of burned hydraulic binder of FBC ash. The thesis explores the conjunction between parameters of burning mode and hydraulic binder characteristics.
Methodology of the measurement speed approach at jumping events
Wagner, Štěpán ; Feher, Jan (advisor) ; Hojka, Vladimír (referee)
Title: Methodology of the measurement of the speed approach at jumping events Objectives: The objective of this thesis is to provide the methodology of measuring the approach speed using a radar, a camera and a photocell. It also aims to compare the individual devices for measuring the approach speed (the camera, the photocell, the radar) and to state their advantages and disadvantages. Last but not least, the thesis will define usage of data from measuring for the purposes of coaching practice. Methods: In my thesis I used the document analysis method. I used foreign publication as well as Czech literature as my sources. The foreign sources consisted mainly of specialized magazine articles or online publications focused on the topic of measuring the approach speed and the athletic event of jumping. As for the Czech literature, it comprised mainly of books about the athletic event of jumping. Gathered information was used during the experiment itself and during data assessment. Results: The difference among the individual devices can be clearly seen from the results, the recorded times differed by 0,01-0,02 s. The difference is noticeable even in the methodology of measuring and in data assessment. At the end, it was determined according to the coaching criteria, which device is the most suitable...

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