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Mining industry and regional development of the most important mining regions of Colombia
Soukupová, Karolína ; Burdych, Tomáš (advisor) ; Vágner, Jiří (referee)
The work focuses on the analysis of impacts and benefits of mining activities on a regional development of the main mining regions of Colombia. The socio-economic benefits of mining and its positive and negative impacts on individual actors, especially on the population, will be explored on a sample of selected mining regions. The work is based mainly upon the research of Academic Articles, Internet and Local Media News reports. The theoretical framing of the work is based mainly upon the hypothesis of the natural resources curse and the theory of Dutch disease. The analysis is based on available statistical data related to individual mining regions. key words: Colombia, Natural Resource Curse, Mining, Natural Resources, Regional Development
Possibilities of second home development in neighbourhood of the former Military Region Brdy
Pojerová, Kristýna ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Kopp, Jan (referee)
Possibilities of second home development in neighbourhood of the former Military Region Brdy Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the topic of second homes in the villages in the outskirts of the former Military Region Brdy in the Pilsen region. These villages got back parts of their cadastral area, which were taken away in 1949 when the military area was established. These villages are specifically Borovno, Míšov, Spálené Poříčí, Trokavec, Skořice, Mirošov, Štítov, Strašice, Dobřív and Těně. The aim of the thesis is to define the state and possible future of second home tourism in the area of interest, in connection with the potential which the area gained with the establishment of the Protected Landscape area Brdy on 1st January of 2016. The first part of the thesis contains theoretical input into the issue, attention is focused on second homes and tourism in connection with demilitarization and in relation to nature protection. In the second part the study area is characterized from the socio and physical - geographic point of view, the potential for tourism is also analysed. Next part is focused directly on the second homes in the area and on the results of field survey, which consisted of questioning the users of second homes and of structured interviews with mayors of studied villages. The...
Spatial aspects of sharing economy in tourism: case of couchsurfing
Lochman, Josef ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
5 Abstract A significance of platforms based on sharing economy principle in tourism has been continuously increasing. Currently, the most significant phenomenon is Airbnb, which allows residents to offer their homes for tourists. Even though Airbnb still works on basic peer to peer principle of sharing economy, due to uncontrolled development, it has been leading to a diversion from values of sharing economy. Unlike Airbnb, couchsurfing still retains values of sharing economy and promotes sustainable tourism. However, there is not enough data about couchsurfing. For example, this platform does not have any public database, which would outline how many people were accommodated through Couchsurfing in particular destinations. The lack of data about couchsurfing is apparent in the academic sphere as well. The vast majority of studies is focused on sociological themes like motivations of people to use couchsurfing or mutual trust among its users. In the meantime, the spatial behaviour of these tourists has been therefore underestimated. Creation of a database of these tourists on international and Czech national scale including an exploration of spatial behaviour in Czechia is the main aim of this research. A combination of quantitative and qualitative methods was adopted for this research. The quantitative...
The perception of agrotourism in the selected regions of Czechia and Slovakia
Rychnová, Jitka ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Hrabák, Jiří (referee)
The perception of agrotourism in selected region of Czechia and Slovakia Abstract This diploma thesis deals with agrotourism and its perception in the Ústecký and Košický regions. The aim of the study is to identify key perceptual indicators that influence the operation of agro-touristic activities in selected regions. For this reason, the diploma thesis focuses on the perception of tourists and owners of economic facilities that operate the given form of rural tourism. The diploma thesis consists of two main parts. At the beginning of the study there is a general entry into the subject, which purposefully serves to understand the basic terms and concepts of the selected topic. The second part is focused on the field survey aimed at questioning tourists in agro-tourism facilities through questionnaire surveys and on structured interviews with property owners. The research itself took place in the months of July and August of 2017 in selected economic facilities in the Ústecký and Košický Regions. The conclusion highlights major benefits, points to further possible work and identifies key perceptual factors and conflicts that have been shown to influence both the provision and use of agrotourism in both regions under consideration. Key words: tourism, agrotourism, rural tourism, perception, Czechia, Slovakia
Plešivčák, Peter ; Čermák, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Vágner, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with an evaluation of students' mobility through ERASMUS+ at Charles University. In the introduction, I consider the research questions related to this phenomenon and I earmark some specific areas which I am interested in this topic. In the first research section I analyze the registration forms of the students who took part in the exchange stay at Charles University and evaluate the motivation that influences their decisions. Furthermore, I assess these motivations using statistical analysis. In the second research part was done a questionnaire survey among students arriving and departing Charles University for an exchange stay and I focus mainly on three areas. The first of them is the motivation and real benefits of mobility for the students who have chosen to take part. In the second part, I am concerned with the fact if these exchanges have a real added value for students in the field of convergence in Europe and their support for next integration. The last part analyzes the possible main problem of this project and that is its financial difficulty, which affects the student mobility strategy across all Europe. Keywords: mobility, student mobility, ERASMUS+
Touristification in Terezín
Bezděková, Lucie ; Vágner, Jiří (advisor) ; Jelen, Jakub (referee)
Touristification in Terezín Abstract This bachelor thesis focuses on the mutual relationship between tourism and the city of Terezín. Its aim is to identify impacts of tourism on the locality and its residents. But also to find out which main actors are influencing local tourism the most and how. The first part of the thesis is devoted to theoretical background of these problems. In particular to urban and dark tourism and touristification. In the next part, it presents the studied locality and local tourism in detail and analyzes secondary data sources. The main output of this thesis is an analysis of a functional usage of buildings and their state. Both research results are shown be maps. The second important part are controlled interviews with main local tourist actors and brief informal interviews with residents and visitors. Final suggestions for improving the tourist infrastructure and achieving a sustainable development of Terezín are its main contributions. Keywords: touristification, tourism, urban tourism, dark tourism, Terezín Memorial

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