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Analysis of the declared strategy of selected breweries from the point of view of its realization
Musilová, Iveta ; Dvořák, Jiří (advisor) ; Tripes, Stanislav (referee)
Thesis of qualitative character deals with the strategy at the business level. The aim of the thesis was to compare two breweries from the point of view of the declared business strategy, the declared strategies to be ranked among the business strategies according to literary research, and to verify the actual fulfillment of the declared strategies of the selected breweries. The verification took place in terms of price level, method and level of distribution. Two breweries operating in the territory of the Czech Republic, in the Pardubice region, were selected for the survey. It was the Municipal Brewery in Polička, a.s. and the Brewery Rychtář, a.s., Hlinsko v Čechách. It was targeted at the management of breweries. Qualitative methods were used to collect data, including qualitative interviewing with the above-mentioned research sample, texts and documents, and field research supplemented by web pages. Subsequently, obtained data was analyzed, interpreted and evaluated. On the basis of the stated goal, the declared strategy of selected breweries was established. According to the literary research, Porter's generic strategies have been used as a type of strategy used in all the selected literature to incorporate the strategy of breweries. The declared strategy of breweries was tended to a differentiation strategy aimed at a wide range of customers. Subsequently, the real fulfillment of the declared business strategy of each brewery was verified. It was found that the declared strategy was largely in agreement with its fulfillment, for both selected breweries. There were no significant differences for each brewery. The benefit of this work was mainly focused on the management of selected breweries, who did not think about their strategies in this way.
Strategy of input of Centropen Company on Chinese market
Březinová, Petra ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
The company Centropen should consider expansion into foreign markets due to domestic market saturation. Successful foreign market penetration is not possible without deep analysis of target country. The goal of this thesis is to formulate entry strategy based on 4C analysis that includes Competition, Country, Cost and Customers perspectives at the Chinese market. This analysis help answering two research questions. The first one is focused on entry requirements to the Chinese market, the second one is the identification of proper entry strategy to this market for Centropen. The analysis was done using public secondary data sources (databases of CzechTrade, Ministry of Foreign affairs Czech Rep., BusinessInfo, Sinovia or Sovereign) at first. Secondly, Chinese market experts (from CzechTrade and Mr. Hrdina from Zdas company) were interviewed. The results of analysis showed that the proper entry strategy seem to be an export with establishing a representative office in Shanghai. The product should be global with some specification for the Chinese market. The differentiation strategy based on quality production of blowing felt-tip pens can be the way for competitiveness.
Legal Responsibility in Sports
Alferova, Valeriya ; Hejda, Jan (advisor) ; Tripes, Stanislav (referee)
The aim of this study is to determine how law is connected to sport and how it affects the sport. The main section of the study is understanding involvement of the law in sport when an injury occurs. Examples from czech professional literature were used for that. In the study I describe real injuries from various sports. I mention rules, regulations and then I also describe sanctions and penalties for violating the rules. I discuss it from the sport legislation view and I explain why the law had to be applied.
Competence of sports managers in Czech floorball
Rygl, Martin ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on analysis of possition, competencies, skills and activities of sport managers in floorball clubs which participate in one of the four highest divisions in Czech Republic. In teoretical part I will define the possition of sport manager, his tasks and activities. In practical part I will do an analysis and comparation of possitions, competencies, skills and activities of sport managers who represent their club in one of the four highest divisions.
Sponsorship in the Sports Industry
Konečný, Daniel ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with sponsorship in the sports industry, focusing on the process of sponsoring and the interaction between the sponsor and the sponsored subject. The main aim of the thesis is to analyze the approaches of the studied sports clubs to the sponsorship and to identify the current situation in this field. The method for obtaining the information necessary for the successful elaboration of this bachelor thesis was semi-structured interviews with the competent representatives of the studied clubs. As a result of this thesis, besides the analysis of the current situation, is also propose the procedures that should lead to an improvement of the current situation in the sphere of sponsorship.
Making of a strategy Microbrewery in connection with customers' preferences
Findejsová, Denisa ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor)
With the very turbulent evolution of the brewery market, caused in few past years mostly by the fact that there was and still is a huge growth of microbreweries in The Czech Republic, the whole industry is changing and specifically the segment of microbreweries is becoming more and more competitive. That is why the minibreweries should focus on their strategy, it´s formulation and analysis. At the same time, they should be well aware of the evolution of customer preferences that are undergoing a huge change as well as the brewery industry, and adjust their strategy to these changes. Nowadays, when the beer market disposes of big; supply and the consumers demand and make beer-buying or beer-drinking decisions based on different criteria than they used to in past, it is crucial for the microbreweries to realise the actual trends in beer consumer behavior. For these reasons, this thesis focuses on strategy analysis of the segment of microbreweries in The Czech Republic, by means of qualitative research, and learning the changes in customer preferences, by means of a quantitative research.For reaching the main goal of this thesis two research questions were formulated, one dealing with the microbreweries´ strategy analysis and second dealing with the customer preferences changes. For answering these questions, both secondary (Ministry of Agriculture, Ceskomoravsky svaz minipivovaru, etc.) and primary (gained from the quantitative and qualitative research) data were used. Based on the research results from the literature research in the theoretical part of this thesis, and the conducted research in analytical part of this thesis it is obvious, that tiday customers of microbreweries are not focused on the price criteria as well as they used to in past, but more importantly they demand a high-quality product for which they are willing to pay higher prices. This trend was noticed by microbreweries that set their strategy on producing a queality product and selling it for higher price. That means their strategy is the strategy of diferentiation, in some cases even focal diferentiation. This strategy, taking into account the current customer preferences and needs, seems to be very effective. Microbreweries, even though not conducting any researches of customer preferences, know the changes in this area and take them into account while choosing and formulating their strategy, which means they kind of include the customer into setting their strategy.
Analysis of Marketing Communication of Clubs in Fortuna League
Hambalek, Michal ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor) ; Hajdíková, Taťána (referee)
This bachelor thesis is concerned about marketing communication of chosen Slovak football clubs in Fortuna league. In theoretical part the basic marketing communication elements and their use in real situations are described. The second, practical part is concerned about application of marketing communication tools on clubs, mainly the content analysis. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to detect and analyze type of content, which is creating the main part of marketing communication towards fans, partners and public and to detect what kind of tools of marketing communication are used and what is feedback about.
Development and transformation of advertising messages of selected company
Šachová, Veronika ; Šimůnek, Michal (advisor) ; Tripes, Stanislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis is aimed to analyze the development of advertising of the company Pilsner Urquell. It describes the changes in ads in relations with current times a events which could have possibly influenced the advertisement. The thesis is looking for the reason of choosing such colors for the brand or how was the logotype changed. The metodology used in the practical part is qualitative research, more specifically the case study. All data were collected by the document analysis which were provided by the archives of Pilsner Urquell.
Olympic Park Lipno: Economic Assessment of the Project
Binderová, Monika ; Král, Pavel (advisor) ; Tripes, Stanislav (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the economic impact of the Olympic Park Lipno. First of all, it describes the so-called mega sport events and their impacts, especially the economic ones. Furthermore, the ex-ante and ex-post studies and crowding out effect are characterised in the research. In addition, two analyzes which are described in detail in the thesis were prepared by KPMG. The research method is a questionnaire survey with all information gained at the Olympic Park Lipno. The questionnaires and the collection of secondary data allowed us to proceed to comparison of the researched studies and, in particular, to the calculation of the economic impact.
A Qualitative Study of Strategy Creation in a Sports Organization
Máchová, Marcela ; Tripes, Stanislav (advisor) ; Král, Pavel (referee)
The success of each organization is based on a good strategy. In my master´s thesis I deal with the topic of what is needed to create a good strategy and whether this theory is valid even in the sports environment. In particular, I deal with the creation of the strategy in the Won-hyo Třeboň sports club and how it's management works throughout the strategic planning cycle. The aim of the thesis is to find out how is the management of the club approaching the strategy. If they consider the strategy important. Eventually how do they approach each stage of the strategic planning cycle and how does this reflect the club's outputs? The research has a qualitative essence and is mainly based on interviews with the members of the club who are involved in the strategy creation. I have participated in this research. The result of the thesis is that the management considers the strategy to be important but does not proceed in accordance with the theoretical bases resulting from the research and synthesis of the strategy and strategic planning cycle literature. This fact at the end opens the space for possible recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the strategy in a given sports club.

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