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Public Opinion on Post-War Transfer of Sudeten Germans and Beneš Decrees - October 2019
Spurný, Martin
Currently, 52% respondents share the opinion that Beneš decrees should continue to be in force, 13% stood up for their cancellation, and 35% had no opinion on this issue. Another question focused on the post-war transfer of Sudeten Germans from Czech borderland in 1945-6. 41% of respondents considered this historical act to be just. On the contrary 38% marked the transfer as unjust (simultaneously majority of them claimed necessity to make a thick line behind the past) and 21 % had no opinion on this.
Czech citizens relationship to the public holidays – october 2019
Spurný, Martin
In october survey of CVVM citizens expressed their opinion on how important it is to remind the importance of Czech public and other holidays.
Citizens on Economic Situation of Their Households – October 2019
Spurný, Martin
The Public Opinion Research Centre in its October survey examined how Czech citizens perceive the financial situation of their households. They evaluated whether it is difficult to make ends meet with their earnings, but also talked about attitudinal feeling of poverty. 9% of citizens indicated their household to be rich, whilst 24% considered it to be poor. 66% of respondents regard their household as neither rich nor poor. Problems with current budget of their household were stated by 44% of respondents, on the other hand 54% said they have no problems with budget of the household.
Attitudes towards political parties in Czech society – September 2019
Spurný, Martin
In September, the Public Opinion Research Centre asked a set of questions related to attitudes of the Czech citizens towards Czech political parties. The results suggest that attitudes have improved over the last two years.
Parties and Voters - September 2019
Spurný, Martin
Those polled who preferred a particular political party were asked a repeated question examining the intensity of the relation with this political party.
Importance of different kinds of elections in public view - April 2019
Spurný, Martin
As a part of April survey, CVVM examined views of Czechs on importance of different kind of elections. Citizens in the survey attributed the most importance to municipal elections, presidential elections and elections to the Chamber od Deputies. As the least important was seen Senate election and European Parliament election.
Relations, Attitudes Contentment with Life - March 2019
Spurný, Martin
In the March survey the Public Opinion Research Centre of the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic posed to all respondents a question: "How satisfied are you with your life? Are you very satisfied, rather satisfied, neither satisfied nor dissatisfied, rather dissatisfied, very dissatisfied?" 68% of Czech citizens are satisfied with their life, 9% are dissatisfied, and 23% are neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.
Unbalanced loading of small waste water treatment plants
Spurný, Martin ; Macsek, Tomáš (referee) ; Hluštík, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the evaluation of the operation of a small wastewater treatment plant. In the research section the basic design parameters of WWTP and selected indicators of waste water pollution are defined as well as their limits according to the valid legislation. In the practical part the first years of operation of the newly built wastewater treatment plant in the town of Svitávka in the South Moravian Region are evaluated. The design parameters of the treatment plant are assessed according to the real measured flow rates spread throughout the year and the values of the basic water quality indicators.
Citizen's Views on Drugs - May 2019
Spurný, Martin
The survey of May touched briefly the issue of drugs in the Czech Republic. People were asked whether and how much they perceive the current situation regarding drug use to be a problem in the Czech Republic as a country, and specifically in their place of residence. Furthermore, the survey investigated whether institutions in the Czech Republic deal with the drug problem adequately, and some issues regarding addicted persons and their treatment.
Attitude of Czech Public to consumption of addictive narcotics – May 2019
Spurný, Martin
In May 2019 Public Opinion Research Centre included a block of questions connected to consumption of addictive narcotics and drugs. Respondents evaluated moral acceptability of consumption of tobacco, alcohol, pain pills, sleeping pills or tranquilizers, hemp drugs and drugs such as ecstasy, heroin and pervitin.

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