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Influence of Insulating a House in Brodek u Prostějova on the Expenses Related to its Operation
Soukupová, Veronika ; Hrdlička, Tomáš (referee) ; Čech, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis evaluates the influence of a thermal insulation of a structure on expenses related to its operation. It addresses the issues of a thermal insulation, energy loss, energy consumption, and evaluates the recovery of investments considering the insulation costs. It also monitors the insulation price projection on the total cost of the property.
Spline interpolation in CNC milling
Soukupová, Veronika ; Píška, Miroslav (referee) ; Ohnišťová, Petra (advisor)
Tato práce se zaměřuje na využití různých typů splinové interpolace pro obrábění na číslicově řízených strojích. Cílem této práce je teoreticky popsat využití splinových interpolací při CNC frézování a následně stanovit a zhodnotit limity využití různých typů splinových interpolací na základně daného objemu vstupních dat. Součástí práce je vytvoření programu pro generaci různého počtu uzlových bodů na analyticky známé křivce. Následuje vložení uzlových bodů do vytvořeného CNC programu pětiosého obráběcího centra a poté jeho verifikace. Pro stejné uzlové body jsou aplikovány různé druhy interpolace pro následné porovnání metod a stanovení minimálního počtu bodů na délku křivky pro dosažené vyhovující přesnosti při použití dané interpolační metody.
Countryside in the Official Prose 1970s and 1980s
Soukupová, Veronika ; Holý, Jiří (advisor) ; Merhaut, Luboš (referee)
During the normalization period, the topic of countryside life in literature started to reappear. Many prosaic works depicted character's departure from the city to the countryside and his/her beginning of their new life in unknown surroundings. This thesis focuses on such works of art, published between the 1970s and 1980s. It compares four officially published examples of countryside novels containing any mark of escapism (in novels written by Jan Otčenášek, Bohumil Říha, Jiří Medek, Jan Kostrhun) with examples of prose published in samizdat or exile (Mojmír Klánský, Milan Kundera). Through intertextual as well as thematic and compositional analysis, the thesis investigates common features contained in this "escapist" literature. The analysis is inspired by the poetics of space and by the concept of the countryside as an idyllic space.
The Composition of Three Novels by Jan Otčenášek
Soukupová, Veronika ; Špirit, Michael (advisor) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
This bachelor thesis concerns with the composition of selected novels by Jan Otčenášek. It tries to demonstrate author's homogeneous method of arranging the actions, which lead from exposition, a hero's crisis and a following act to a shift in his opinion and lastly to his final attitude. Besides the common constructing principles, the thesis also reflects features which enrich his later works. The applied interpretative and analytical method is based on a briefly described definition of the term composition.
Monitoring of Phase Transformations During Burning of Building Binders Using the HT-XRD Analysis
Soukupová, Veronika ; Fridrichová, Marcela (referee) ; Gazdič, Dominik (advisor)
Presented bachelor thesis deals with the study of phase transformations during burning of construction binders using HT - XRD diffraction analysis. As a part of the work a measurement, evaluation and subsequent verification of results with theoretical background has been carried out. The suitability of high temperature diffraction analysis for the monitoring of phase transformations in construction binders has been evaluated.
Analysis of the loyalty program Expert Electro
Soukupová, Veronika ; Tahal, Radek (advisor) ; Otcovská, Simona (referee)
This bachelor's thesis analyses a loyalty program of a retail chain of electric goods that is called Expert Electro. The introductory theoretical part is devoted to the sales promotion and one of the tools of communication discipline, the loyalty programs. Following this tool, there are explained terms loyalty, commitment and satisfaction. Another part is devoted to a marketing research and especially a questionnaire survey that was implemented in the practical part. The main contribution of this work is an own exploratory probe. The main objective of the research was to suggest recommendations that could lead to more efficient management of the loyalty program called Expert Club. The constitutive goals had to determine what kinds of benefits the company should focus on and that the loyalty program and its benefits for the customers are sufficiently transparent. In conclusion, the results are evaluated along with the recommendations on the operation of the loyalty program Expert Club.
Land consolidation process assessment in connection depending on the socio-economical factors
Land adjustment represents an important branch, which mainly deals with the arrangement of land, the separation or unification and also addresses the regulation of property relations. This is a complicated process that is a certain way influenced by socio-economic factors. This diploma thesis mainly deals with the process of chosen landscaping and also socio-economic factors that directly influence this process.
The influence of selected socio-economic factors to the process of land consolidation
Land consolidation is an important sector in agriculture. There are functionaly organized lands. Land consolidation makes separation or unification of lands and also addresses the regulation of proprietary relationships. To this topic is also apply the socio-economic factors of land consolidation in some way affect them. This work is intent on universal informations of the land consolidation and the socio-economic factors. The practical part of my work is about the reasons for begin the land consolidation in chosen communities, which are influenced the socio-economic factors. The chosen communities are in the district of České Budějovice.
The daily regime of the preschool child after returning home from kindergarten, from the teachers' point of view
The aim of this bachelor work is to map the daily regime of a child as soon as she leaves the nursery school from the teacher?s point of view. The work contains two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part follows the specifications of preschool period and the children needs at this age. Then it deals with the daily regime and its main components and possible risks. It also touches the topic of different activities and education out of the nursery school. The practical part brings results of qualitative researches where I tried to find out any nursery school teachers? opinions the about the children?s daily regime and free time activities out of school. The research was made by interviews with 28 nursery school teachers. The outcome of the research is most children according to the teachers at least partly keep the daily regime. Teachers see the weaknesses in the field of active move which is very rare while watching TV is highly above the recommended limit.

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