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Calibration of contact and non-contact thermometers
Skalický, David ; Kazelle, Jiří (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
This work deals with the calibration of contact and contactless thermometers. The theoretical part describes physical laws, which are important for contact and contactless measuring of temperature, requirements for thermometers, suitability of use different types of thermometers and materials used for construction of temperature sensors. The following part describes metrology with the focus on metrology system of the Czech Republic. This thesis also describes errors and uncertainties of measurments, especially on their division, sources of uncertainties and methodology of type A and type B uncertainty determination. The practical part is focused on the calibration of thermometers within the Czech Metrological Institute and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication in Brno.
Methodology for contactless measurement of temperature
Skalický, David ; Rozsívalová, Zdenka (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issues of contactless measuring of temperatures and calibration of chosen temperature meter. The beginning of this thesis concerns physical laws and basic terms which are crucial for contactless measuring of temperatures. The following part gives the division of detectors and pyrometres for contactless measuring of temperatures. The conclusion of the theoretical part describes the advantages of these ways of measuring and practical use of them. The practical part deals with instruments that are accessible at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, their comparing and choice of the most advantageous meter for calibration. The following part is the implementation of the experiment related to contactless meassuring of temperatures. The conclusion of the practical part contains composition of optimized workplace for calibration of contactless temperature meters and the calibration of chosen temperature meters itself.
Metodika dokumentace lidové architektury
Podroužek, Kamil ; Kuprová, Renata ; Skalický, David ; Horák, Jan ; Trněný, Michal
Cílem metodiky dokumentace venkovských staveb je vybrat, utřídit a prezentovat takové dokumentační techniky a postupy, které by umožňovaly získat maximum informací pro stanovení památkových hodnot venkovských staveb. Ty se odvíjejí od jejího historického, architektonického a urbanistického kontextu, stavebního vývoje a dochovaných autentických prvků. Metodika umožňuje cíleně sledovat všechny znaky stavby významné pro získání informací, které jsou potřebné k následnému stanovení památkových hodnot stavby.
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The Possibilities of Application of "Semantic Gesture" in Interpretation of Literary Texts
The submitted thesis focuses on Jan Mukařovský´s concept of semantic gesture. The first chapter attempts to grasp it in the context of Prague School Structuralism, which constitutes the aesthetics and semantics basis of the concept. Further chapters consider semantic gesture in the dialogue with the studies of Paul Ricoeur regarding the relation between structuralism and hermeneutics (or analysis and interpretation), and in the context of Umberto Eco´s interpretation theory. The problems of interpretation represent the scope of our consideration {--} semantic gesture is understood not only as a theoretical term, but primarily as the concept that could lead us to deeper inquiring about the sense of particular literary works of art. Thus the work is devoted also to theoretical issues of interpretation of literary texts and the possibilities of application of the concept of semantic gesture in the interpretations of particular texts. Specific attempts to elaborate and apply the semantic gesture are reflected, especially the work of Milan Jankovič. The last chapter attempts to consider semantic gesture and possibilities of its application for the interpretation of literary texts in the poststructural context.

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