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Algorithms for solving of special knapsack problems and their computational complexity
Sem, Štěpán ; Ivánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Kalčevová, Jana (referee)
The thesis deals with knapsack problems variants and possibility of their solving, furthermore with the impact of particular task (instance) special structure on the effciency of tested approach. The thesis also proposes conversion possibility between described tasks and their continuous extension (continuous relaxation). It describes L3 algorithm and superdecreasing knapsack problem solving from the common sort of algorithms and Monte Carlo Method, simulated annealing and genetic algorithms from the sort of probability ones. Other possibilities are also discussed. Integral part of this thesis is the accompanying application, which was used to create groundwork used in the text and which can be also used to solve other instances.
The possibility of direct ODF/OOXML format processing in XSLT
Sem, Štěpán ; Kosek, Jiří (advisor) ; Nálevka, Petr (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to allow to work with XML document archives and related data directly by the help of XML tools, e.g. XSLT processors. It is particularly about ODF and OOXML format processing. The whole archive will be represented by only one XML document, which will directly include XML documents from the inside of the archive and base64 encoded binary data eventually. The representation will be created by the parser implemented in Java programming language. The first chapter describes an example of how the data can be stored inside the archive. It is necessary to realize, that after the archive decompression, we will get mainly XML documents, in which the prevailing part of the document's content is stored and that we can therefore directly process. First of all in the second chapter, we will describe various parser interfaces, which allow to work with the XML documents more easily. This information is closely related to the main scope of the thesis - parser implementation. After the brief identification with the existing possibilities of document processing, we will demonstrate the solution in the application using a concrete interface implementing parser on an accompanying example and we will give reasons for the solution chosen in this thesis. The third chapter analyses possibilities of an ZIP archive representation as an XML file and selection of the most suitable one for this application. We will also mention the possible solutions of situations, when the document contains links to another documents. The aim of the fourth chapter is to briefly construe the Java provided facilities, which relate to the solution itself, and to describe the concrete solution to the problem. The fifth chapter aims to demonstrate the usage of the created application.

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