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Practical training at Diploma Nursing Schools in reflection of strategical European documents.
Filipová, Taťána ; Havrdová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Rohanová, Eva (referee)
The theme of this diploma thesis is practical training of diploma nurses in relation to EU directives. It is also targeted on education of teachers of nursing - theoretical and practical education, on education of nurses who participate in teaching students and also on mentors, as a new form of giving practical training. It shows the conception of practical education as it is nowadays and the changes, that are now prepared in Diploma Nursing School in Usti nad Labem. The practical part of this paper is targeted on cooperation of students, nurses and nursing teachers during practical training in hospital. It shows the main problems that are occurring there. The paper ends with recommendations of changes that could lead to better cooperation among the participating parties.
The Ethics of the Clinical research from the perspective of a Clinical research associate
Norková, Olga ; Haškovcová, Helena (advisor) ; Rohanová, Eva (referee)
Monitoring is one of the most important methods of overseeing the pursuit of the clinical research. A monitoring person (Clinical research associate) is responsible for verifying correctness of the monitoring process in the trial site and checks that the respect for dignity and rights of individual subjects exposed to the clinical research are being abided by. The theoretical part of the MA thesis examines the issue of the clinical research of medicinal products and explains the basic terminology pertaining to the performance of the clinical research. The thesis further analyses the position of Clinical research associate and describes the monitoring process. Concurrently, the ethical problems, which Clinical research associate encounters in practice, are traced. The empirical section studies the outcomes of an investigation conducted via a questionnaire, which focused on how Clinical research associate perceive the ethical problems. As a result, the study identifies the most frequently observed ethical issues. Respondents of the questionnaire view the ethical issues as less significant. Clinical research associates are not united in tagging the most frequent occurrence of ethical problems (in the field of medicine and the catchment area). In the same section, the MA thesis rebuts a hypothesis...
The Long-Term Care Delivery in the Hospital of Pelhrimov and Its Quality
Princová, Iva ; Rohanová, Eva (referee) ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor)
A year ago a discussion with the topic of the long-term care hospital, where the most numerous group of patiens is formed by older population, took place in mass media. I do not agree with the image of health resorts for the long-term sick presented to the public by mass media. I decided to demonstrate the functioning of good practice through the example of the hospital in the town of Pelhřimov and its section of curative rehabilitating unit. In the theoretical part of my dissertation I deal with the problems of ageing, gerontology and geriatrics. I also characterize a geriatrics patient.. Then I devote myself to the structure of helath services and their finance, to the brief description of the history of the Czech institutional care aimed at the historical development of the follow-up health care and its prezent state. The conclusion of the theoretical part is devoted to the concept of quality, to the definition of this concept, to the quality of health services, to the indicators of quality, to the accreditation and certification. The empiric part of my dissertation deals with the general description of the hospital aimed at the terapeutic rehabilitating unit, farther I devote myself to the qualitative research, to the metod of obtaining data, to the finishing complex of respondents and to the data...
The Quality of Work in a Biochemical Laboratory
Bunešová, Martina ; Rohanová, Eva (referee) ; Haškovcová, Helena (advisor)
The contemporary trends in medicine which include accreditative and certification processes are concerning on continual escalation of care of patients quality. System of quality improving was introduced in many health care institutions. Growing quantity of work requirements for special medical workers in the documentation area doesn't usually fulfil the expectations. The biggest problem of the complicated health systems is that it forms too big health care risks for its patients. This reality is in fundamental disharmony with general principels of the medical ethics. The aim of my diploma work was to contribute to work quality improvement in a biochemical laboratory by impact of analysis of accreditation and certification processes in a patient security area in a health care institution in an area of biochemical laboratory work and processing of concept of some changes of rules of re-insurance security of a patient or changes of work organization which leads to the improvement. Furthermore I examine how the laboratory workers percieve the work quality at a clinical laboratory in the period of sample acceptance and its relationship to accreditation and certification. I analysed this problem by quantitative research methods, by questionnaire. From the evaluation of the questionnaire is clear that the care of...

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