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Philosophy inspiration in selected works by Ladislav Fuks
Plašil, Šimon ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
The aim of this diploma theses is to find philosophical, religious and ideological motifs in the work of Ladislav Fuks and subsequently interpret their origin, intertextuality and meaning in the text. The emphasis is put on proving the semantic functionality in the story. For our research, we have selected following works: Mr. Theodore Mundstock, The Cremator, and Addressing from the Darkness. We will study philosophical and theological literature, as well as materials from the archives and from the estate of Ladislav Fuks in order to base all the findings on the biographical author, too. The thesis is divided into five chapters. In the first chapter we deal with basic literary characteristics of the selected books and their literary reception. The second chapter discusses Ladislav Fuks' relationship to philosophy, being anchored in both his friends' testimonies and the archival research of his estate. The third chapter is the most important and the most comprehensive one since it deals with the interpretation of philosophical motifs in each of the selected books. In the fourth chapter we compare individual philosophical motifs from different works with each other. We summarize the findings at the end of the theses.
Conception of budhism in Spalovač mrtvol in the novel and in the film adaptation
Plašil, Šimon ; Mocná, Dagmar (advisor) ; Peterka, Josef (referee)
The aim of the Bachelorʾs thesis is to find and to interpret the Buddhist elements in the literary work Spalovač mrtvol of the author Ladislav Fuks. I work primarily with the novel, but I confront and compare it with the film adaptation. I interpret primarily the philosophy of the main character of Karel Koprfkingl whose opinions, attitudes and behavior I am comparing with Buddhist teachings, especially the Tibetan variant. Furthermore I prove a possible motivation for the use Buddhist elements. I refer to the life perspectiv of author and to the historical context of the time. Also I put the Spalovač mrtvol into the context of Czech literary works with Buddhist themes. In my bachelorʾs thesis I present all founded relations between the novel and the Buddhism, but I work primarily with the relations, which can be demonstrated as the author's intention. I interpret the symbolic elements in the novel and I prove their functional significance in the story. Key word Ladislav Fuks, buddhism, philosophy, Kopfrkingl, Tibet, symbol of characters, salvation, order, transformation, death

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