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The Effects of Different Malaria Prevention Measures: Panel Data Analysis
Pavelková, Adéla ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Bryndová, Lucie (referee)
The main aim of this diploma thesis was to explore the topic of malaria preventive measures. Concretely, to study which preventive measures are useful and to see how they are distributed around the world. For international organizations, this is very important as they need to know whether funds allocated for malaria aid are distributed effectively. This study is using manually compounded data from the World Health Organization for all countries threatened by malaria mostly from 2001 to 2018. For this purpose, panel data regression methods using robust standard errors, bootstrapping and cluster analysis were used. The results showed that generally, the most useful preventive measures are indoor-residual sprayings, a combination of sprayings and insecticide-treated nets and rapid diagnostic tests. Furthermore, the effect of the population living in rural areas is significant. Besides, gross domestic product is a very important factor for African countries. The stability analysis - bootstrapping - confirmed our results. However, we examined that insecticide-treated nets are still the most distributed measures. Doing the cluster analysis, we observed that countries on the same continent should not be treated similarly and we emphasized countries that should receive higher attention. Overall, the...
The impact of electric vehicles on the automobile industry
Pavelková, Adéla ; Chytilová, Julie (advisor) ; Žigraiová, Diana (referee)
The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to identify the current and future importance of the electric vehicles. Apart from global situation, it also investigates the development in China, Europe, Norway and the U.S. To see the future position of electric vehicles on the automotive market, trend analysis and Bass Diffusion Model were used. The results showed that in the year 2035, the share of sales of electric vehicles will slowly approach a threshold of 50% in all analysed regions. The exception is Norway where the market of electric vehicles is already developed. Next, the correlation analysis was applied to measure the relationship between the sales of electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles. It was shown that the correlation is relatively strong with the same direction. The sales are influenced by similar factors. Furthermore, the correlation analysis was used to detect the relationship between the sales of electric vehicles and price of gasoline. The coefficient was positive. At the end, the regression analysis was applied to measure the cross elasticity of demand between electric and internal combustion engine vehicles. It was proved that these vehicles are substitutes. That means that the price of internal combustion engine vehicle can affect the sales of electric vehicles.

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