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The neoclassical composition in modern Spanish
Navrátil, Cyril ; Čermák, Petr (advisor) ; Krinková, Zuzana (referee)
Cyril Navrátil FF UK Universita Karlova Románská studia - NMgr. Hispanistika 2013/2014 Abstract The purpose of this essay is to study neoclassical composition. The denomination of this method of word-formation already caused disagreements among the linguists. Many authors name it prefixation (affixation), while others believe that it is a special type of composition, whose components (or at least one of them) take their origins from Latin or Greek. Even though the majority of the Spanish lexicon comes from these languages (mainly from Latin), this type of composition follows some particular rules. In this essay, we do not intend to say who is right and who is wrong, but to demonstrate the current situation of the neoclassical composition in modern Spanish, using the corpus. Nevertheless, it is not possible to completely ignore the different points of view of these authors, who are acclaimed in the academic world. Therefore we decided to divide this study in a theoretic part and a practical one. In the theoretic part, we will recapitulate the terminology used and we will try and choose the most convenient definition for this method. In the practical part, we will see twenty examples of Greco-Latin elements: auto, cida/cidio, cracia/crata (arca/arquía), cripto, crono, eco, euro, filo/filia, foto, narco, neo,...
The ingressive verbal periphrasis in Spanish and their equivalents in Czech language
Navrátil, Cyril ; Čermák, Petr (advisor) ; Zavadil, Bohumil (referee)
Cyril Navrátil Abstract The ingressive verbal periphrasis in Spanish and their equivalents in Czech language This work deals the ingressive verbal periphrasis in Spanish and their equivalents in Czech language. The main difference we can see between these two languages is that in Spanish we speak about a system. It is not a lexical unit. It has its own fixed rules. The verbal periphrasis is a compound of an auxiliary verb and an indefinite verb (verbum infinitum) - that means of an infinite, participle or gerund. The auxiliary verb is totally grammaticalized (except - comenzar, empezar, principiar). In our work we study the combinations of auxiliary verbs with infinitive. It's impossible to describe all of the verbal periphrasis indeed, so we focused only on the ingressive ones. Firstly we defined the character of the verbal periphrasis. Then we tried to make a summary of the auxiliary verbs with higher frequency. We keep in mind that it is not possible to mention all of them. As follows we classified them into the groups. Nevertheless the main goal of the work is not only to classify them but also to find the existent variants of the auxiliary verbs and their combinations with infinitives. To find out the combinability of all of the auxiliary verbs is impossible, so we decided to choose twenty of them...

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