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LIVE - music, image, emotions
Elšík, Adam ; ŠPELDA, Josef (advisor) ; MYSLÍK, Jiří (referee)
I personally love to watch LIVE concerts. The goal of LIVE watching is to be in place and at times outside space and time. To feel to be present. As a spectator I try to experience the story of music. As a creator I look for possibilities I have and can use. The goal is to point out the possibility to change the view on the genre with which every one of us meets as a spectator or as creator. I will always be influenced by my personal opinions, experience and preferences. The thesis points out the different possibilities how to understand term LIVE. Different rules and methods of processing formal as well as artistic. The audience will be recommended where and how LIVE should be meaningfully watched, thus determining the end viewer himself. Specific ways and possibilities of production allow a wide variety of processing of the resulting work. However, the creators should follow the principles and rules of filming without compromise, otherwise the quality of the result can be negatively affected. Thesis was written thank to consultations with specialists in the field, who very positively formed the result. From my musical taste and preferences in musical genres I've chosen the examples which could be pointed as average. Therefore this thesis should be understandable for the widest circle of readers.
Image structure as an expressive element of motion pictures
Ticháček, David ; JÍCHA, Marek (advisor) ; MYSLÍK, Jiří (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the structure of the film image and its effect on the viewer of the audiovisual work. It attempts to present an overall view of the image structure phenomenon. The first part briefly describes the historical milestones that led to the phenomenon of film grain. It further clarifies the essence of the concept of image structure and explores physicochemical grain of film materials. It examines the aesthetic essence of film grain and points out the ways in which human vision perceives grain. It describes methods employing the structure of the picture in cinematographic practice. Through empirical research, it determines the real influence of the grain in the image on the viewer’s perception of the emotional impact of the film and the image itself.
The change of the lighting approach in filmmaking with the arrival of LED technology
Nedvěd, Ondřej ; ŠEC, Martin (advisor) ; MYSLÍK, Jiří (referee)
LED lightning technology is relatively new element in the field of filmmaking. The aim of this thesis is to clarify how did the cinematographers‘ approach towards lighting change with the arrival of LED technology with regard to usability of LED sources in practice. The theoretical part of this thesis is going to analyze what are the technical benefits of LED lights in comparison to traditional light sources. The practical study describes the experience of the cinematographers who are using LED sources in practice. This thesis concludes that LED lights are able to compete with traditional light sources and are even able to exceed them in many ways.

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