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The origins of sports radio broadcasting in the territory of Czechoslovakia (1923-1948)
Michna, Tomáš ; Cebe, Jan (advisor) ; Knapík, Jiří (referee)
This thesis describes the development of the sports broadcasting in Czechoslovakia in the form of the practical research and historical analysis. The examined period starts in 1923 as the beginning of the existence of Radiojournal - the first radio station in Czechoslovakia and is defined by the year 1948. The thesis is systematically divided into five periods in which I describe the first signs of the interest in the sport in a regular radio broadcasting, first major sports events broadcasted by Radiojournal, organizational, personnel and technical background, marginal sports. Selected sport events with greater or minor importance are also described, as they were gradually transmitted by Radiojournal or Czechoslovak Radio in different periods. The thesis also mentions the occupation of the Czechoslovak Republic during the World War II, when has the interest in the sports radio broadcasting decreased but not vanished completely. There are outlined the activities of Josef Laufer during this period too. Laufer was Czechoslovak icon of the sports radio broadcasting. There is described the personnel expansion and the development of the independent sports redaction in the postwar period. This thesis is based on the practical research in the archive of the Czech Radio, the most beneficial information was provided...
Eurosport as the example of the expansion of the sport television channels in the Europe
Michna, Tomáš ; Lukšů, David (advisor) ; Bednařík, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis describes and rates the beginnings of the development of the specialized sports television channels in Europe. The main center of interest is pan-european sports channel Eurosport. Shortly is described the development of the symbiotic relationship of the sports and the media. This development is traced from the rise of the first sports magazines and sports rubrics in newspapers, over the development of the sports radio broadcasting, up to the rise of the sports television broadcasting. The thesis interprets the conditions and the causes of the rise of the first European and world's sports television channels. In more detail the conditions of the setting up of the pan-european channel Eurosport and its development from 80th years of the 20th century into present are described. Eurosport is today the sports television channel, which broadcasts in the Europe and also in other continents in quite 20 world's languages. Eurosport has become the pan-european channel with the highest ratings. The thesis also describes the history and the present of the Czech mutation of Eurosport, which has been distributed in the Czech Republic since 1996. Following the cooperation with the Czech redaction of Eurosport is further described the rear of the redaction, main structures and procedures...
Contaminated Runway Operations
Michna, Tomáš ; Hammer, Jaromír (referee) ; Šošovička, Róbert (advisor)
This bachelor thesis solves problem of operation from contaminated runway. It lists individual kind of contaminant and describes measuring, which is doing on contaminated runway. It also deals with devices for measuring friction coefficient runway surfaces. There are also the methods, which publishing informations about state of runway. At the conclusion compares the limits that are affected by contaminated runway.

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