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Application of imaging spectroscopy in monitoring of vegetation stress caused by soil pollutants in the Sokolov lignite basin
Mišurec, Jan ; Kupková, Lucie (advisor) ; Pavelka, Karel (referee) ; Homolová, Lucie (referee)
Forests can be considered as one of the most important Earth's ecosystems not only because of oxygen production and carbon sequestration via photosynthesis, but also as a source of many natural resources (such as wood) and as a habitat of many specific plants and animals. Monitoring of forest health status is thus crucial activity for keeping all production and ecosystem functions of forests. The main aim of the thesis is development of an alternative approach for forest health status based on airborne hyperspectral data (HyMap) analysis supported by field sampling. The proposed approach tries to use similar vegetation parameters which are used in case of the current methods of forest health status assessment based on field inspections. It is believed that importance of such new methods will significantly increase in the time when the planned satellite hyperspectral missions (e.g. EnMap) will move into operational phase. The developed forest health monitoring approach is practically demonstrated on mature Norway spruce (Picea abies L. Karst) forests of the Sokolov lignite basin which were affected by long-term coal mining and heavy industry and therefore high variability of forest health status was assumed in this case. Two leaf level radiative transfer models were used for simulating spectral...
Light pollution and protection of night environment in the Czech Republic
Moudrá, Milada ; Matějíček, Luboš (advisor) ; Mišurec, Jan (referee)
Light pollution serves as a term for negative effects of artificial light at night which has increased in the last decades. Overview of those effects is summoned in this thesis along with analysis of the current state of night environment in large protected areas of the Czech Republic obtained from satellite images. The first part of thesis describes physical characteristics of light and its physiological perception, present lighting technology and its progress toward LED sources. Characterization of light pollution, its causes and sources, monitoring techniques and of present situation worldwide follows. Impacts of light pollution does not include only decreased night sky visibility but a large scale of effects on human health, animals, plants and ecosystems, safety and security or economy; as a consequence some areas implemented laws regulating light pollution. Analysis in the final part shows that average radiance values for protected areas are lower than average radiance in the Czech Republic. Night environment in...
Influence of atmospheric and topographic correction on the accuracy of canopy chlorophyll content estimation of Norway spruce stands
Mišurec, Jan ; Kupková, Lucie (advisor) ; Zagajewski, Bogdan (referee)
Removal of atmospheric effects (atmospheric correction) is an essential step in a pre-processing chain of all remotely sensed image data used for any quantitative or semi-quantitative analysis. Although there are many robust computing techniques allowing quantitative estimation of various parameters of the Earth's surface, the influence of atmospheric correction on the accuracy of such estimation is usually not taken into account at all. The main focus of this thesis is to assess the influence of the use of different atmospheric correction techniques on the Norway spruce (Picea abies) canopy chlorophyll content estimation accuracy. Canopy chlorophyll content was estimated using values of chlorophyll sensitive vegetation indices (ANCB650-720, MSR, N718, TCARI/OSAVI and D718/D704) simulated by a coupling of PROSPECT and DART radiative transfer models and validated by a ground-truth dataset. A new spectral similarity index called normalized Area Under Difference Curve (nAUDC) was developed to allow mutual comparison of two spectra originating from hyperspectral datasets corrected by different atmospheric correction methods. Potential substitutability of the standard physically-based ATCOR-4 atmospheric correction by the empirical correction based on the data acquired by the downwelling irradiance...
Mišurec, Jan ; Potůčková, Markéta (advisor) ; Halounová, Lena (referee)
5 ABSTRACT The main scope of submited master thesis is the use of quantitative methods of imaging spectroscopy data for retrieval of chlorophyll content of forrest canopies. It demonstrates the potentials of radiative transfer models in combination with exponential regression model for retrieval of chlorophyll content from imaging spectroscopy data. Estimation of Norway spruce chlorophyll content is based on two datasets acquired in August and September 2009 by airborne very high spatial resolution sensors AISA Eagle and AISA Dual over Cerna Hora and Smrcina sites. Obtained chlorophyll content data were finally used for creation of high scaled (1: 5000) map outcomes. Keywords: Norway spruce (Picea Abies), Eight-toothed spruce beetle (Ips typographus), DART, PROSPECT, artificial neural networks, chlorophyll, ANMB650-725 index
Apodized fiber Bragg grating analysis
Mišurec, Jan ; Holík, Milan (referee) ; Urban, František (advisor)
This work deals with the behavior of the apodized fiber Bragg gratings. The used individual apodized Bragg fiber gratings and mathematical functions for each apodized profiles are described. The work shows the selected apodization waveforms profiles and their step function approximations needed for further simulations.

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1 Mišurec, J.
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