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The myth of the literary
Matysová, Daniela ; Kubalík, Štěpán (advisor) ; Kaplický, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with possible connection between literary theory of Wolfgang Iser and analytic philosophy of language. First of all I introduce analytic linguistic turn in general but the main part of thesis is dedicated to two opposite conceptions of language and interpretaton within the latter period of analytical movement. I want to explore Michael Dummett's and Donald Davidson's dispute over the role of conventions and questions about their indispensability in linguistic communication.Whereas their own opinions converge in view of the fact that influence of society on human thought is radically irreducible, there is great difference between their beliefs in the necessity of conception of rules inherent in social linguistic practice. My aim is to vindicate Davidson's theory of interpretation against Dummett's objections and then continue to discussing Iser's own theory of reading. Particularly I try to demonstrate that Iser's concept of literariness is based on Dummett's philosophical assumptions. In closing the main interest will be to reconsider if Iser's explanation of difference between literature and ordinary speech or document stands up to Davidson's challenge of Iser's entire treatment of linguistic practice. And, namely, if Davidson' philosophy of language can provide an...
Concepts of Authorship in Modern Aesthetics
This bachelor thesis focuses on problems of an author and an authorship in modern aesthetic concepts, especially on a question of relevance of the author's intention in relation to the interpretation and evaluation of works of art, as it has been estabilished by New Criticism (Wimsatt, Beardsley), developed (Blanchot, Barthes, Foucault) or opposed (Hirsch, Walton, Compagnon) to the present conception. It also pursues the intencionalist's and antiintencionalist's position in relationship of the text and speaking, and the concequences of the intention of the speaker when translating from speech to the written record (Ricoeur, Derrida). The thesis tries to determine difficulties and theoretical solutions of individual concepts and in the process it also takes into consideration an understanding of the authorship in the common reader's experience and in the point of view of the general public.

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2 MATYSOVÁ, Daniela
2 Matysová, Dorota
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