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Impact of leptin and ghrelin on food intake and metabolic parameters in obese ovariectomized female mice
Matyšková, Resha ; Maletínská, Lenka (advisor) ; Jurčovičová, Jana (referee) ; Kuneš, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis is focused on the effect of leptin and ghrelin receptor antagonists on food intake and metabolic parameters in ovariectomized (OVX) female mice on a high fat (HF) diet. In the first part of the thesis, diet-induced obesity was introduced in two strains of mice (NMRI and C57BL/6). Diet-induced obesity resulted from overconsumption of a HF diet containing 60 % of fat; a standard (St) diet contained only 9 % of fat. The strain C57BL/6 was more susceptible to a HF diet than the NMRI strain and was chosen for further experiments on food intake. In the second part of the thesis, OVX C57BL/6 female mice on a HF diet were introduced as a model of common obesity in women after menopause and overconsumption of high caloric food. OVX mice on a HF diet accumulated more than 4 times higher amount of the white adipose tissue compared to those on a St diet, had significantly elevated glucose, insulin and leptin levels and attenuated sensitivity to effect of centrally administered leptin, an adipokine that decreases food intake. Central leptin sensitivity and metabolic syndrome parameters were improved after 4 weeks of estradiol treatment. Because both ovariectomy and HF diet result in enhanced sensitivity to ghrelin, the hormone produced predominantly by the stomach that stimulates appetite, in the...
Specific binding of prolactin-releasing peptide analogues in pituitary cells
Maixnerová, Jana ; Špolcová, Andrea ; Matyšková, Resha ; Blechová, Miroslava ; Veselá, Iva ; Železná, Blanka ; Maletínská, Lenka
We report specific binding of 125I-PrRP31 to the following cell lines: GH3 cells (rat – somatotrophs), AtT20 cells (mouse – adenocorticotrophs) and RC-4B/C cells (rat- somatotrophs, lactrophs, adenocortitrophs and gonadotrophs). These results will serve as a basic knowledge for future structure-activity studie sof PrRP.
Buňky PC12 obsahují vazebná místa pro CART
Maixnerová, Jana ; Blokešová, Darja ; Matyšková, Resha ; Haugvicová, Renata ; Šloncová, Eva ; Elbert, Tomáš ; Železná, Blanka ; Maletínská, Lenka
Specific binding of 125I-CART(61-102) to the rat adrenal pheochromocytoma PC12 cell line, both intact cells and cell membranes is reported.

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