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New aproaches to myocardial atrophy attenuation after mechanical unloading - Experimental study of heterotopic heart transplantation in rats
Pokorný, Martin ; Malý, Jiří (advisor) ; Ošťádal, Petr (referee) ; Rohn, Vilém (referee)
Cardiac atrophy, as a result of a long term mechanical unloading observed in patients treated with mechanical circulatory supports, represents a substantial obstacle in cardiac recovery. The first aim of this thesis was to evaluate the course of unloading-induced cardiac atrophy in healthy and failing heart. Mechanical unloading was studied in an experimental model of heterotopic heart transplantation in rats. Heart failure was experimentally induced by chronic volume overload achieved by creation of aorto-caval fistula. The second aim of this thesis was to discover if dietary induced increase in fatty acids concentration in heart tissue, specifically myristic, palmitic and palmitooleic, that are believed to promote physiological heart growth, could attenuate the course of cardiac atrophy. The third aim of this thesis was to examine if increased isovolumic loading obtained by intraventricular implantation of newly designed spring expander would attenuate the development of cardiac atrophy. The level of cardiac atrophy was evaluated as the weight loss of the heterotopically tranplanted heart compared to the control heart on days 7, 14, 21 and 28 after heterotopic transplantation. The cardiomyocyte width and the level of cardiac fibrosis was studied simultaneously. Mechanical unloading following heterotopic...
Possibilities of organ protection after global ischemia during cardiac arrest.
Mudrochová, Hana ; Ošťádal, Petr (advisor) ; Rokyta, Richard (referee) ; Malý, Jiří (referee)
Successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the first step to rescue life during cardiac arrest. High mortality even after successful restoration of spontaneous circulation is substantially caused by patophysiological process associated with ischemia-reperfusion injury and it is widely called post-cardiac arrest syndrome (PCAS). There are many patophysiological mechanisms involved in the development and progress of this syndrom; the key role seems to play oxidative stress, triggering the activation cascade of systemic inflammatory reaction. In our study we have tested different possibilities of influencing the post-cardiac arrest syndrom. In the first experimental study we have compared the effect of mild therapeutic hypothermia with controlled normothermia on PCAS in a porcine model of cardiac arrest. In the second study we have compared in the same model the protective effects of mild therapeutic hypothermia, administration of nitric oxide and ischemic postconditioning. Results of the first experiment have revealed that mild therapeutic hypotermia is superior in the resuscitability, maintenance of blood pressure, oxidative stress suppression and organ damage protection than controlled normothermia. In the second experiment we have shown that neither nitric oxide administration, nor ischemic...
Approaches to study of recycling urban space in the Czech Republic: Development and perspective
Osman, Robert ; Malý, Jiří ; Klusáček, Petr
This paper deals with the issue of recycling urban spaces, specifically abandoned and unused areas (brownfields) in the Czech Republic. Regeneration of these areas is important especially because of their economic, social and environmental burden. Previous researches on recycling urban space, however, neglected the study of the revitalization process to some extent. Thus, a recycling space may be seen through the concept of a network, explicitly through the Actor-network theory (A-NT).
Dynamization of spatial data using location-based services: Tourist potential of industrial heritage
Malý, Jiří ; Krejčí, Tomáš ; Trojan, Jakub ; Chudáček, Stanislav ; Nováková, Eva
The paper deals with industrial heritage and its potential in tourism. Although the post-industrial landscape is an integral part of all the countries that went through a period of de-industrialization and economic transformation, presentation and publicity of valuable industrial monuments that are linked with post-industrial landscape in many cases are not fully utilized. This paper aims to acquaint readers with a possibility of transformation of data on industrial objects into augmented reality, while using location-based services. The final result is the web-based platform allowing easy data transformation. The paper has thus largely methodological-application character. The outcomes of the testing phase indicate that information about the objects do have their limits, but respecting them brings their effective performance in augmented reality.
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Analysis of strenght training of rock climbers - campusing
Malý, Jiří ; Kračmar, Bronislav (advisor) ; Novotný, Petr (referee)
Title: Analysis of strenght training of rock climbers - campusing Objectives: The main objective of this work is to determine time and space characteristic of working muscle chains of upper body during training on campus board and climbing on vertical wall. Comparing basic exercise by measuring EMG signal in combination with cinematographic analysis synchronized with video record, to analyse coordination markers of muscle work in selected area of movement system. Methods: In our thesis we used a method of analysis and a method of comparison. We apllied the method of analysis in research of campusing movement and the method of comparison in comparing the basic climbing movement and basic campusing. Results: It is possible to define campusing as movement in vertical axis, which is executed by three times faster muscle chains activation compared to basic climbing on vertical wall. Movement is realized by upper limbs, by changing positions of one point holding position and two point holding position. In both activities measured muscles are wireing in similar mode, during campusing the musculus pectoralis major and the musculus triceps brachii are faster in start of their activity compared to climbing on vertical wall. Keywords: sport climbing, muscle chains, electromyography, campusing
Digital media and the administration of copyright
Malý, Jiří ; Žikovská, Petra (referee) ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (advisor)
English summary Digital media and the protection of authors' rights Law is not a panacea. Although it lays down rules of human conduct, it cannot guarantee they will be observed also in practice. The decision whether we will conform to these rules depends only upon our choice. For example, the law stipulates the speed limit for motor vehicles. However, this measure it-self does not hinder driving faster and it is obvious this is happening frequently on our roads. In the situation when the law alone is not able to prevent the interference with the protected interest, it is appropriate to employ additional non-legal instruments to supplement this protection. In the mentioned example, it can be a media campaign notifying of the possible consequences of fast driving. Another eligible solution is the exercise of technical measures which would exclude the breach of legal norms or at least make it substantially difficult. The car would, for example, receive a signal designating the speed limit at a particular place which could not exceed. Such measures are not limited only to the protection of public law rules but can be used by private persons to protect their own property. Similarly, we lock doors from our house every day, although the inviolability of entry into dwelling is protected also by law. It is...
Late effect of perinatal hypoxia and pleiotropic effect of statins on acute ischemia-reperfusion myocardial injury
Malý, Jiří ; Pirk, Jan (advisor) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee) ; Pudil, Radek (referee)
Background: In last decades there were many experimental interventions protecting myocardium against ischemia but aside from early reperfusion none of them was successfully adopted in clinical practice. In our experimental work we try to apply clinical situations into an experimental condition to find out feasible solution how to influence tolerance of myocardium to ischemia. We choose two actual clinical settings: 1. congenital cyanotic heart defects and 2. hypercholesterolemia chronically treated with statins Aim: To examine: 1. the effect of of perinatal hypoxia to the tolerance of the adult myocardium to acute ischaemia/reperfusion injury with regard to sex; 2. the effect of the acute and chronic statin treatment on the tolerance of the adult rat myocardium to ischemia. (...) The effect of perinatal hypoxia on myocardial infarct size in adult males and females was not demonstrated. 2. Acute administration of statin to rats in vivo significantly decreased infarct size expressed as IS/LV, in comparison to infarct size expressed as IS/AR the protective effect of statin administration was suggested, but did not reach statistical significance. Acute administration of statin during reperfusion significantly reduced the contractile dysfunction. However, this protective effect of statins was not present after...
Impact of Renewable Sources on Power System Operation
Malý, Jiří ; Rusek, Stanislav (referee) ; Modlitba, Petr (referee) ; Matoušek, Antonín (advisor)
Doctoral thesis deals about primary and secondary energy legislation of the Czech Republic and proposes supplement to the legislation for renewable sources of energy. The thesis contents proposal of methodology of determination of available network capacity for connecting of new renewable sources. It analyzes current state of Czech electric power system and its possibilities for integrating new sources. It also determined available network capacity for connecting of new renewable sources in various regions of Czech Republic according to actual trend of renewable sources development. Next part of the thesis simulates impact of volatile large production of wind power plants in northern Germany in near future (year 2015). The thesis also contents proposal to the Czech power system reinforcements to eliminate negative impacts of loops flows.
Head Office building company
Malý, Jiří ; Kučera, František (referee) ; Daněk, Lukáš (advisor)
This thesis processes project documentation for headquarters of construction company. Main purpose of building is to facilitate administrative nd manufacturing needs of the company. Building contains of reception, offices, meeting room, restrooms and lock rooms for employees, elevator and workshops. There is underground garage in the basement. Building is going to be situated in Stritez u Policky. Building takes up 1088m2 of land. Vertical structures are mainlymade of concrete and brick blocks. Horizontal structures are made of reinforced concrete panels, roof structure is made of wooden trusses.
Tax Havens and their Utilization
Malý, Jiří ; Krejčí, Stanislav (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
Master thesis deals with tax havens and their utilization. In the teoretical part are defined fundaments of the tax havens and their utilization. Next part of thesis is analysis of tax havens in the Middle East. In this part focus is on coutries like Bahrain, Qatar or United Arab Emirates. Based of founded facts are concluded recommendations for concrete company with aim to reduce taxation.

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