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Factors influencing early termination of the Chinese swimmers
Li, Fangying ; Jurák, Daniel (advisor) ; Kramperová, Veronika (referee)
Topic: The Factors Influencing Early Termination of Swimming Career in China Goals: We studied a number of young Chinese swimmers who experienced early retirement. Great attention is paid to the reasons why Chinese swimmers ended their careers at a relatively young age. The goal of this thesis is to find out reasons that make Chinese swimmers choose to end their career during their top-performance period and at a much younger age compared with their counterparts worldwide. Meanwhile, finding potential solutions to the situation is also considered as one of the goals of the thesis. Methods: On the basis of literature review, in this study, we collect the characteristics of Chinese swimmers who have experienced early intensive specialized training by conducting observation, interviews, and questionnaires. Results: The number of Chinese swimmers who took early retirement increased incredibly during past twenty years. According to the interviews and the results of the questionnaires, the reasons why Chinese swimmers tend to finish their career at a relatively young age can be classified as follows: 1. Despite the professional training, they lack the spirit while they are training. 2. There are few materials guarantees after they finish their career. 3. Not all swimmers are given what they deserve due...
The effect of water-based exercise program on health related physical fitness and quality of life in elderly women
Kramperová, Veronika ; Heller, Jan (advisor) ; Holmerová, Iva (referee) ; Labudová, Jana (referee)
Title: Effects of water-based aerobic programme on health-related physical fitness and health-related quality of life level in elderly females Objectives: The aim of this study was to asses the effect of shallow water aerobic programme on changes of health-related physical fitness and health- related quality of life level in elderly females. Methods: 33 women (mean age 67 ± 5,2 years) were eligible for participation for the study. Participants were divided into experimental and control group. The experimental group (n = 17) participated in a 6month shallow water aerobic programme once a week 60 minutes. The control group did not participate in the physical program. Body composition, low-back and hamstring flexibility, hand grip strength, upper body and lower body strength, aerobic capacity, dynamic postural stability and health-related quality of life were determined before and after completion. Results: This study has shown that the training programme caused a significant increase in aerobic capacity (p = 0,01; r = 0,62) and in general health perception (p = 0,04; r = 0,36). Keywords: physical fitness, water exercise programme, ageing, quality of life
The General Development of Strength in Swimming
Tsangarou, Christodoulos ; Jurák, Daniel (advisor) ; Kramperová, Veronika (referee)
Topic: The general development of strength in swimming Goals: The aim of this work is to realize a simplified overview of general development of muscle strength in swimming. Methods: We will use literature research to implement the work. Results: The results that have emerged show that the general development of muscle strength is most effective to implement on the dry land. Choosing the most appropriate techniques and methods for resistance training depends on the level of the athlete, the training cycle and the goals the swimmer wants to achieve. Keywords: muscle strength, specific exercise, non-specific exercise
Motivating factors of water-based physical activities engagement during pregnancy
Kratochvílová Huclová, Petra ; Kramperová, Veronika (advisor) ; Peslová, Eva (referee)
Title: Motivation of pregnant women to physical activities in the aquatic environment Subtitle: Physical acivity in pregnancy Goals: The purpose of this thesis is to examine motivational aspects of physical activities in aquatic environment regarding pregnant women - the reasons why they opt to try aqua fitness, their expectations, the influence of exercise on their health, their physical fitness and mental well-being. Methods: Practical part of the thesis was conducted by quantitative survey. Method of standardized questionnaire was used to obtain data. The questionnaire contained 18 questions - the answering was completely anonymous. The survey reached 43 pregnant women: it took place at swimming centres in Prague and Beroun. Data obtained from the survey was recorded in the tables and shown in the charts. The resulting data from the questionnaire was processed by SPSS 21 and MS Excel using the Pearson correlation coefficient. Results: The main reason for pregnant women to do aqua fitness is to maintain a general physical fitness. Pregnant women do not state health reasons as an incentive to start exercising in aquatic environment. Swimming and aqua fitness is also chosen with a respect to positive development of the child fetus and keeping mental well-being. Key words: Pregnancy, motivation,...
Effects of Swimming Programme on Musculoskeletal System of an Elderly Man: A Case Report
Husáková, Monika ; Kramperová, Veronika (advisor) ; Chrzanowská, Babeta (referee)
Title: The influence of a swimming program on functional status of the senior's musculoskeletal system: A Case Report Objectives: The goal of this study is to investigate the current knowledge about the influence of swimming on an senior's body. These findings are further validated by empirical studies on particular individual. It consists of individual swimming program design and series of measurements before the intervention and at the end (in the period of about five months). The results are statistically analyzed. Methods: The work proceeds by literature analysis. Further it proposes a methodology of examining the individual's anamnesis and it uses diagnostic tools to analyze body composition, muscle strength, joint flexibility and range of vital capacity. It makes kinesiology analysis and spirometry. For statistical analysis we used an arithmetic mean and percentage difference of values, which is distinguished mainly by their proportional rise and fall. Results: The results show an improvement in many areas. Hand grip strength tends to align the force of dominant and non-dominant arm. 30 Second Chair Stand Test results are improved. It also recorded an increase in the mobility of the hip joint and a significant improvement in spirometric values, especially peak expiratory flow. Keywords:...
Integration of children with special needs into the swimming lessons in the district of Louny
Seifertová, Klára ; Peslová, Eva (advisor) ; Kramperová, Veronika (referee)
Title: Integration of children with special needs into the swimming lessons in the district of Louny Objectives: The thesis analyses the current state of integration of children with special needs into the swimming lessons in swimming schools in the district of Louny. Methods: In the theoretical part of thesis was used research of literature in the field of people with special needs, integration and swimming lessons. The research was conducted by interviewing, the form of survey. Analysis method was used for sorting the information which were obtained, synthesis method was used in their summary. Results: Integration of children with special needs into the swimming lessons in the district of Louny is possible. Children with mental and physical disabilities are included into swimming lessons. These children have the opportunity to use hours of swimming lessons created specifically for them. This, however, offers only one of the three swimming schools. Keywords: People with special needs, integration, swimming lesson
The Spectrum of Teaching Styles in preschool swimming lessons
Fischl - Prosslinerová, Caroline ; Čechovská, Irena (advisor) ; Kramperová, Veronika (referee)
Title: The Spectrum of Teaching Styles in preschool swimming lessons Objectives: The aim of the study is to compare the command didactic style that is traditionally used in swimming lessons for preschool children with reciprocal didactic style and inclusion style. Bachelor thesis verifies the possibility of using selected teaching styles in preparatory swimming lessons. It also evaluates the effectiveness of these selected teaching styles. Methods: In my thesis I used the method of observation. Observations of reactions of children to reciprocal didactic style and inclusion style were registered after each examined lesson to logs that were then analysed. To assess the effectiveness of the selected teaching styles were used the level of swimming test, which was conducted for each of the subjects at the beginning and end of the research. Results: The results show that children accepted the reciprocal didactic style and didactic inclusion style. It took some time before they got used to the reciprocal didactic style while the inclusion didactic style was accepted immediately. These two teaching styles were popular for children. The lessons were more interesting because of use of these didactic styles. Even the teachers were enriched by the new ways of leadership in lessons. For testing the level of...
Swimming performance of modern pentathlonists in U15 category in the years 2010 - 2015
Szmek, Marek ; Chrzanowská, Babeta (advisor) ; Kramperová, Veronika (referee)
Title: Swimming performance of modern pentathlonists in U15 category in the years 2010 - 2015. Objective: The aim is to determine whether after 2010, when it was started the cooperation of the Czech Union of Modern Pentathlon with swimming sections, there was a positive change in the level of swimming performances of youth category U15 in the years 2010 - 2015. At the same time determine, whether was lifted memberships of modern pentathlonists (the number of clubs, the number of competitors). Methods: Comparison method for comparing performance results, the method of mathematical and statistical for processing of obtained data. Results: We found, that the swimming performance in modern pentathlon, due to this cooperation, in the surveyed category U15, has not improved. Furthermore, we found, that the influence of this cooperation between the Czech Union of Modern Pentathlon and chosen Swimming clubs, has lifted the number of competitors, who actively participates in the modern pentathlon competitions. Keywords: Swimming, crawl, stages of training, modern pentathlon disciplines, performances.
The effect of water-based exercise program on the functional physical fitness in elderly
Strakoš, Filip ; Kramperová, Veronika (advisor) ; Chrzanowská, Babeta (referee)
Title: The effect of water-based exercise program on the functional physical fitness in elderly Objectives: The purpose of this study was to verify the effect of water-based exercise program on functional performance in elderly. Methods: Seven elderly subjects (two men; mean age 70.5 ± 3.5 years and five women; mean age 68.6 ± 8.6 years) volunteered to participate in the study. The subjects participated in a twelve-week supervised exercise program in shallow water once a week (60 min/session). Selected parameters of body composition (body weight, TPH,% TT, TBW, ICW, ECW, ECM / BCM) were determined by multi- frequency bioimpedance electrode (device B.I.A. 2000). The level of hand grip strength was measured by hand-grip dynamometer. The level of lower extremity muscle strength was measured by the 30-Second Chair Stand Test. In order to measure the flexibility of lower back, the standardized motor test Sit and Reach Test was chosen. Results: Intervention program did not induce significant changes in the monitored parameters of body composition. The quality of muscle was unchanged, parameter ECM / BCM remains unchanged. Values of water (ICW and ECW) remained without significant changes and show some stability. A surprising finding is that after the intervention the body fat percentage increased by 7.1%...
The use of the new technology when creating didactic aids for blinds and purblinds.
Hájíček, Marek ; Kovařovic, Karel (advisor) ; Kramperová, Veronika (referee)
Title: The use of the new technology when creating didactic aids for blinds and purblinds Compiled by: Marek Hájíček Supervisor: PaedDr. Karel Kovařovic Objectives: The aim of the study is to verify perceptibility of tactile 3D model by visually impaired and verify usefulness in swimming lessons for visually impaired Methods: Perceptibility assessment of 3D models based on the personal hisotory and test of basic knowledge of human anatomical topography and gymnastic terminology using special 3D models and painterly human model for the visually impaired probands. Results: Based on the test results and comparison of results between the different categories, I found that the selected size and parameters of special 3D models is sufficient, and that visually impaired people to these haptic devices respond very well. According to the results I can say that skills required for the needs of further research are sufficient. Keywords: Swimming lessons, visually impaired, swimming equipment, 3D printer, 3D model

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