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An Evaluation of Water Supply Ownership in Europe
Klímová, Dana ; Vacek, Pavel (advisor) ; Kosturák, Matej (referee)
1 Abstract This thesis deals with the topic of effective ownership structures in the water supply industry in Europe. It gives background information on the types of ownership and the cooperation between public and private sector. Furthermore, it gives an overview of state regulation and the competetive nature of the water supply market and explains how the water is priced by the companies. The core of the thesis is the evaluation of performance and effectiveness of private and public entities in water supply. Past literature and research are discussed regarding the performance of each sector and the case of Italian water supply services is given leading to reasons for water privatization. This work further develops the effectiveness of public-private partnership with regards to water provision. Moreover the multiple regression analysis shows the dependence of water tariffs on privatization level, competition, the amount of the freshwater resources and volume of abstraction, and 'richness' of selected European regions. This gives a reasoning of water price setting and shows the influence of ownership on the level of the tariffs. This paper provides not only solid understanding of the effective water supply ownership issue, but also provides a base and suggestions for further research. Keywords water supply,...
Mortgage crisis in the US and its impact on residential markets: Czech republic vs. Hungary
Karafová, Katarína ; Streblov, Pavel (advisor) ; Kosturák, Matej (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of the real estate market in the Czech Republic and Hungary after the outbreak of the subprime crisis in the U.S. and residential and mortgage market comparison. The aim of this thesis is to point out the main differences of both residential markets in terms of the average transaction prices, housing intensity or housing stock. The residential markets comparison is accompanied by return on investment analysis of the rental property purchase in Prague and Budapest for 30 years.
The impact of tax-benefit system on the labour market
Žofák, Pavel ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Kosturák, Matej (referee)
This thesis assesses the impact of taxes and unemployment benefits on the unem- ployment rates. The aim of the thesis is to find determinants of tax-benefit system which influence the unemployment rate and how much they do so. This issue is studied both theoretically and empirically. The empirical part is built on the panel dataset of 28 OECD countries which covers the period between 2005 and 2012. The main influence on unemployment is ascribed to the labour taxes which drives the wedge between the labour costs and the net income of the worker. On the other hand, the consumption tax seems to be neutral in determining the unemployment rates and the impact of benefit levels crucially depends on the way they are taxed and on the eligibility criteria. Whole tax-benefit system impacts rather the long- term unemployment rates than the overall unemployment. JEL Classificiation E24, H20, J08, J30 Keywords labour market, tax-benefit system, benefits, taxes, unemployment Author's email Supervisor's email
The prediction of corporate bankruptcy and credit risk
Kosturák, Matej ; Gapko, Petr (advisor) ; Novák, Jiří (referee)
This thesis present concise but comprehensive overview of most important paper dedicated to prediction of corporate bankruptcy, as well as overview of the theory behind the employed models and crucial indicators for quality assessment and comparison of the estimations. Manually collected data includes financial statement, identification information and especially specifications of management and responsible persons. From this point of view, data collected are of high quality and in Czech Republic relatively unique. Noticeable is also multiple imputation method used, current "state-of-the-art" technique for missing data treatment. Practical part concentrates on models estimation for various data setting, when contrasting models on raw and truncated datasets. By smoothing data, significantly better model can be estimated with superior discriminating power on the same data points. Inclusion of macroeconomic variables as well as even more significant governance indicators according to current stage of research, improved estimated models.
Breaking-up activity of firm and the transaction cost
Kosturák, Matej ; Koubek, Ivo (advisor) ; Kocourek, David (referee)
In my work I focus on the essential components of the bankruptcy and insolvency problem. The basis for understanding of mentioned problem was study of capital structure and it's connection with world of insolvency. Secondly I focus on different aspects of qualitative analysis of bankruptcy, starting with definition of different terms, many times unprofessionally misused, followed by description of four main processes of bankruptcy. These processes connect fundamental causes of bankruptcy with financial and nonfinancial consequences. For an economic paper, it is quiet extensively concerned with insolvency law, concretely with new Czech norm, which is in force since 2008. From legal definition of default, through initiation of insolvency proceeding to the individual options of solution, the reader can clearly understand the core of this paper. As particular contribution I regard part of the paper, where I examine 160 cases of Czech companies and persons under liquidation process. Among the most significant conclusion I consider finding of quite significant differences in the court proceedings of Czech courts, the length of the insolvency proceedings and each of its phases and the ratio of satisfied claims of secured as well as unsecured creditors.

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