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The Evolution of Medieval Settlements in the Region of Český Brod to the Year 1437
Trojan, David ; Žemlička, Josef (advisor) ; Klápště, Jan (referee)
This thesis deals with the history of medieval settlement of the specific region of Českobrodsko which lies on the interface of several specific, mainly estate, sectors of interest which is one of the reasons for the choosing and demarcation of the area. In four main chapters the thesis outlines developmental trends and tendencies of the settlement, formed mostly by a very difficult to capture internal colonisation and the consecutive process of so-called medieval transformation and expansion during the 14th century, connected to the expansion of power in this region and into this region. Key words Middle Ages - Settlements - Colonisation - Emphyteusis - The region of Český Brod - Town Český Brod - Economic background of Medieval Prague - Prague (arch)bishopric's properties - Burghers of Prague
The old probostry at Prague Castle in the 14th-16th centuries
Žegklitzová, Lucie ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Boháčová, Ivana (referee)
The Old Probostry (No. 48) ranks among the most significant monuments of Prague Castle. Its origin was connected with the seat of prague bishop, which was situated in tigh contact with Saints Vitus Cathedral till the end od the 13th century. During the 80s it took place the archaeological excavations and simultaneously the constructional-historical research. The previous publications were concentrated on the issues of the House of Bishop of Prague. This work is concerned with the problems of the Old Probostry during the 14th-16th century. Keywords: Prague Castle, Bishop's residence, probostry, late Middle Ages, early modern age
Small ceramic figures from medieval Prague
Kabeláčová, Petra ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Cymbalak, Tomasz Marian (referee)
The thesis deals with basic issues of small medieval ceramic figures from the 13th to the 16th century. This includes, in addition to figures generally considered toys and devotionalia, also miniature containers, which are classified as toys. An important part of this work is also a catalogue which gathers Prague finds from the above mentioned categories. Another topic is the reflection of lower order pilgrimage sites, indicated by the ceramic figures of saints. In the final part, the thesis deals with the topic of the status of children in medieval society and the possibilities of contribution of archaeology to this issue. Key words Prague, middle ages, ceramic figures, children's toys, figures of the saints, small containers
The archaeology of the medieval town houses in Prague Old Town (Rybná 682/I.)
Taibl, Pavel ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Podliska, Jaroslav (referee)
Anotation The archeology of a town house in the Old Town of Prague is one of the most complex themes of medieval research. Rescue archaeological research of 1992, on the area of the parcel no. 690 in Rybná street revealed a large number of serious medieval finds and artifacts of material culture that indicate the change of the early medieval Prague settlement agglomeration of the 12th century in the legally constituted town of the Middle Ages. With the help of detailed analyzes of these archeological situations and artifacts, we are able to give insight into the everyday life of a medieval citizen in the outskirts of the city district, taking into account the previously unknown facts. Keywords Middle age - town - town house - construction relics - material culture - socio-topografic analysis.
Medieval settlement of the middle River Ohře region
Peksa, Vojtěch ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Velímský, Tomáš (referee)
The present work is focused on the medieval settlement in the river Oh e region (Czech Republic), with emphasis on the problem of development and the settlement process at the turn of the early and the high Middle Ages. The studied region, with the axis of the river Oh e, is occupied the area roughly from town Kada to Louny and it is corresponded to the parts of Chomutov and Louny districts. The definition includes geomorphologically different regional parts, providing diverse conditions for the development of settlement. At the same time, it is considered the cultural- historical and archaeological value of today's known archaeological sites. The basis of this thesis is the selection of several landscape probes with an area of several square kilometres, to which the detailed archaeological study is concentrated. These probes are defined in relation to the regional unit so that they can become representative samples that allow for the solution of major settlements of historical issues. The basis for defining probes is the characteristics of natural conditions, the list of settlement units and the catalogue of archaeological sites. The catalogue includes a brief record of all categories of medieval archaeological sites (rural settlements, noble settlements, sacral buildings, burial grounds). A...
Děčín and its Hinterland in the Middle Ages
Vodáková, Martina ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Velímský, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis examines Děčín with its surroundings in the Middle Ages. It explores primarily the medieval roads on the borderline of Bohemia and Saxony, more specifically the left side shoreline routes between Děčín and Pirna. The reconstruction of the road network is summarized in a register of routes and a map. The locations of the findings obtained from men with detectors strikingly coincide with the routes. These findings are summed up in an attached catalogue. This coincidence implies that the detected findings might have been directly related to the routes. Attention is given to the functioning of forest complexes taking as an example a probe into the landscape on the borderline of Bohemian Switzerland and The Lusatian Mountains. Furthermore, I complete and correct some older ideas about the nature and structure of a vanished town on Mariánská louka. I put forward relative and absolute chronology of ceramics based on archaeological research conducted between 2007 and 2008. It refers to the beginnings, development and decline of the town situated on Mariánská louka. Keywords: the Middle Ages, settlement, medieval town and its hinterland, Děčín, Bohemian Switzerland, communication systems, contact studies, non-agricultural landscape
The spatial development of the left side of Prague in the 12th-13th centuries.
Matiášek, Josef ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Tryml, Michal (referee)
This paper follows up archaeological finds from left bank of Prague, which are dated to Romanesque period. The main topic are situations documented in Malá Strana and Hradčany, which are completed with informations from an area of whole left bank of todays city. Paper tries to follow up a spatial development and interactions between smaller parts of the agglomeration. Finally local development is compared with urban tendencies in Europe.
Hunting in the early Middle Ages
Vaníčková Žemličková, Andrea ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Žemlička, Josef (referee)
(in English): The thesis is devoted to hunting in Early Middle Ages in Czech Republic. The work summarizes the current knowledge of written sources and iconography. This knowledge are compared with zooarchaeological dates from sites dating to the Early Middle Ages. The thesis deals with the hunting law, hunting reserves and the hunting organization. The major part of this work is focused on game and its use. A portion of game on several hill forts and rural sites was also studied because hunting was not available for all social classes.
Malé náměstí in Hradec Králové. To the Formation and Development of Public Spaces in the Medieval Town.
Záveská, Daniela ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Ježek, Martin (referee)
In 2006, the reconstruction of the canalization lane and paving at Malé náměstí of Hradec Králové induced a salvage excavation of such an extent that has not been surpassed so far. Trenches discovered evidence of the development and changes in the function of the explored space during the High Middle Ages. There were found several phases in the surface reinforcement of the main street that connects the town with the Slezské suburb. The oldest surface treatment of the street can be dated as far back as the 13th century. In the second half of the 13th century, a build-up area developed alongside the road and it ceased to exist during the first half of the following century, at the latest. The cleared-up area was later transformed into a public space. Its historical development is reflected in a series of layers of reinforced surfaces. The research results confirm and refine the previously stated hypothesis concerning the development of the eastern part of the town.
The Týřov castle. His former significance, material culture and building form.
Dvořáková, Michaela ; Klápště, Jan (advisor) ; Mazáčková, Jana (referee)
(in English): This thesis solves the fundamental questions in research on castles and factual example in the form of Týřov. It deals with the history and architectural development of the castle, including a discussion of the origin of architectural traditions, which in previous works considered for the import of French architecture. A substantial part is dealing with the castle in the landscape, where the emphasis is on natural conditions, which give structural form of the castle. Another aspect that has been solved in this work is to establish a castle on the local infrastructure and major traffic junctions, or obstacles (fords, etc.), Including a link to the village maids and raw materials. In the studio castles are often accentuated features of the castle. In addressing this issue we must address its structural form, infrastructure, facilities, raw material and inventory of the castle, which reports on the social status of its inhabitants. The last part is the processing of the selected file material. This process yielded pottery dating the 13th century, which still missing in the region. The processed material is also evidenced by the daily life of the inhabitants of the castle.

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