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Lettering and the ways of implementing it in practice
Engelová, Kateřina ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
The focus of this bachelor thesis is lettering as a very specific part of graphic design, which has been experiencing certain boom in the last couple of years thanks to its authenticity and generally thanks to the trend of returning to the values of hand made products as a contrast to mass production. First part of the thesis is focused on defining and clarifying some expressions related to lettering, such as hand-lettering, typography, calligraphy and modern calligraphy. It also describes different methods as well as the tools and media which can be used in lettering. At the same time, it approaches some of the basic rules and work processes, of which the process of transferring traditional hand-lettering into a digital form is mentioned in more detail. The practical part deals with a few primary areas in which lettering can be used, particularly selling designs through print-on-demand websites, databanks, intermediaries, custom work and finally, a self-owned online shop. Presenting practical examples, it tries to show advantages and disadvantages of these different areas. The main benefit of this thesis is in a united view on lettering as a stand-alone field and profession in which many designers have made their living.
The design process, digitization and promotion of font
Krčková, Anna ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Horný, Stanislav (referee)
This thesis focuses on the development, production and font digitization. It examines how far one must understand the matter and how important is it to know the historical backround of typography so he would be able to create high-quality font, both for personal or commercial use. It also defines what parameters determine high-quality font and how to recognize high-quality font. In the practical part there will be introduced principles and programs for creating fonts that are currently widely used and will be presented possibilities of promoting and selling fonts. The aim is to compare the pros and cons of self made font so whoever deals with this issue could evaluate whether it is worth investing time in creating font or not, and eventually was able to design basic alphabet.
Proces tvorby a distribuce portfolia grafického designéra
Denisova, Alexandra ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
The main purpose of this bachelor thesis is to show a complete process of creating a graphic design portfolio including a theoretical overview of design and graphic design itself, creativity and design processes. Furthermore implementing obtained knowledges in real life outputs. It also demonstrates the importance of portfolio as a critical element for every designer. The theoretical part is mainly focused on explaining the design process as the most important part of creating any kind of design materials and also general value of portfolio. The practical part is focused on the implementing knowledge of those stages and also trying out tools and techniques which are typically used in the creative process, covering the whole process of making a complete portfolio and its distribution as well.
Designing a packaging design for paper products of a stationery company
Hábová, Anna ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is about connecting packaging design with corporate identity. It describes the process of creating with an emphasis on connection between visual side and brand image. The theoretical part puts this theme into broader context, but simultaneously describes basic concepts related to corporate identity, packaging design and positioning. It tackles the general process of designing packaging for a brand on its brand positioning. In the practical part the options on how to design packaging connected with brand positioning are being discussed. There is also an example of the process of designing a packaging for a stationery company.
Vytvoření osobního vizualního stylu grafického designera-letteristy
Ulyanova, Elizaveta ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
In this bachelors thesis, I decided to focus on the topic of personal branding. The aim of this work is to propose a visual identity for me as for a lettering artist.(letterer) The magnitude of personal branding for freelance designers is thoroughly discussed in the introductory part. Corporate and personal branding and the differences between them are defined in the theoretical part. Knowledge gained early is subsequently applied to use in the next part. The practical part is split into different sections. Those sections describe creation process for logo design, personal website and its simpler version for mobile users, business cards and resume. I presented a way for designing your own personal branding that will prove beneficial for freelancers. The most important result of my thesis is a creation of personal branding that is essential for achieving better results in my field.
The production process of making books, from text to finished media
Frydecká, Markéta ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Horný, Stanislav (referee)
The theme of this work is book creation, editing, typesetting and printing. In the first part, thesis brings options for choosing binding, format, paper and font. It also provides a clear and comprehensive insight into the issue of typesetting and briefly describes what needs to be taken into account when considering the book and what is good to remember when exporting it. Thesis also briefly introduces printing techniques and offers an overview of finishng works. In the second part, there are findings from the first part taken and used to typeset a novella Návrat and next activities related to printing and finshing book are described. As well current book publishing practise is outlined in the second part.
The role of packaging design in the positioning of environmentally friendly brands
Svobodová, Markéta ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of packaging design and its relation to brand positioning and to the segment of environmentally friendly brands. The theoretical part puts these topics into a broader context, while also focusing on specific techniques and principles applied in these areas. The practical part presents a redesign of product packaging and uses it to demonstrate the possibilities of improving packaging both from marketing and environmental perspectives.
Multimedia in the Economic Practice course representation based on visualization technique - infographics
Kiptsevich, Anastasiya ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
Nowadays we can observe an information and data volume growth. It arises the question: how to represent a considerable amount of information to society? One of the most common methods is to vizualize it by puting into an infographics. This bachelor thesis contains research of the infographics developement and application, content analysis, description of various aspects related to the creation and determination of the basic moments of the process. The next target of the following work is to use the obtained experience in practical project: design the infographics for Multimedia in the Economic Practice course.
The use of audiovisual work for a promotion of fashion blogger and her brand on the Internet
Sedlářová, Lenka ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Truhlář, Filip (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with options of using audiovisual work for a promotion of fashion blogger and her brand. The first chapter of the theoretical part is summarizing important pieces of knowledge about blogging and social networks. The second chapter is dedicated to audiovisual work, its production chain and distribution of videos on the Internet. There is an analysis of Czech and world's fashion blogs in the beginning of the practical part to find out what are the actual trends in the fashion industry. The practical part describes the process of creating videos for the blog of a fashion designer. In the end it also evaluates the impact of videos on success of the fashion blog.
The blogging phenomenon in the Czech Republic by the example of creating and developing of hobby blog
Horáková, Anna ; Khabirova, Maja (advisor) ; Phung, Hyu Nghia (referee)
This thesis is focused on process of setting up and creating blog and introducing blogging as a phenomenon of contemporary internet world and its explanation. Theoretic part is introduced by history and trends in blogging in the Czech Republic and in the world. And also provides mainly specific processes when setting up and creating blog. The aim of practical part is to use and compare these theoretical steps with real blogging project.

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