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How to effectively utilize internally generated sources of funding through innovation
Jirků, Kateřina ; Stejskalová, Irena (advisor) ; Sláma, Jiří (referee)
The aim of the Masters thesis is to determine specific innovation which will be funding from own sources of the company. To determine innovation is analyzed the assets and liabilities of the company for a specific period of 6 years. The analysis is performed in the years 2011 to 2016 by using horizonatal and vertical analysis. Beside property and finance is performed analysis of the companys resources by VRIO analysis. VRIO analysis evaluate resources and determine an area in which should occur improvements. There is also mentioned already implemented innovation process in the company and its financing. Comparison with the competiton is perform too. In the last way is created structured interview which is realized with management of the company. Interview suggest innovation options which could be financing by own sources of the company and specific innovation is choosen. There is mentioned the way of implementation innovationt into the company too.
Diversity of Blastocystis (Stramenopiles) in reptiles and arthropods
Lorencová, Markéta ; Čepička, Ivan (advisor) ; Jirků, Kateřina (referee)
The genus Blastocystis has recently attracted the attention of scientists, especially parasitologists. Similarly to the related opalines and proteromonads, Blastocystis is anaerobic and lives endobiotically in the intestine of various animals. This organism is also often found in humans, where it is associated with irritable bowel syndrome, though its pathogenic potential remains uncertain. The genus Blastocystis is remarkable for its rich genetic diversity. The taxonomy of Blastocystis is inconsistent and problematic. The strains isolated from homoiothermic vertebrates are divided into 17 subtypes, while strains from poikilotherms are either classified as separate species or are not considered in taxonomic studies at all. The aim of the study was to further examine the genetic diversity of the genus Blastocystis. We determined SSU rDNA sequences of 38 strains isolated from poikilothermic vertebrates and arthropods. The results of our phylogenetic analysis showed that Blastocystis is considerably diverse in these hosts, and we defined 21 new subtypes. The total number of known subtypes of Blastocystis has thus increased to 38. We also examined light-microscopical morphology of some strains. Most of the newly defined subtypes show identical morphology, ST20 (Blastocystis geocheloni) is an exception,...
Sand flies as hosts of monoxenous and dixenous trypanosomatids
Vondráček, Oldřich ; Votýpka, Jan (advisor) ; Jirků, Kateřina (referee)
Phlebotomine sandflies are blood sucking Dipteran and important vectors of various patogens, especially leishmania parasites (Trypanosomatida, Leishmaniinae). Apart from the genus Leishmania they also transmit variety of other parasites and they are considered to be vectors of trypanosomes (genus Trypanosoma) and hosts of some monoxenous trypanosomatids. This Master thesis is focused on the occurrence and development of mono- and dixenous trypanosomatids (other than the genus Leishmania) in sandflies. We studied experimental infections of various species of sandflies and mosquitoes by two species of trypanosomes and one species of monoxenous parasite (Strigomonas galati). All three studied trypanosomatid species were isolated from sandflies. Further concern of the thesis is the transmission of both species of trypanosomes from sandflies to vertebrate hosts and the transmission of monoxenous parasite between insect hosts and also morphological changes of parasite cells during the development in a culture and in the insect and vertebrate hosts.
Financial Analysis of ZP Hospříz Company
Jirků, Kateřina ; Hajdíková, Taťána (advisor) ; Matějková, Lenka (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyse and evaluate the financial situation of the company by means of horizontal and vertical analysis of accounting statements and by financial ratios for the period 2011 -- 2013. The results gained will be compared with measured values in the industry. Another task will be to ascertain shortages and make recommendations for the company.

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