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Financial management of Týnec nad Sázavou Primary School
Novák, Filip ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Jaegerová, Václava (referee)
This work deals with the financial analysis of the Týnec nad Sázavou Elementary School in order to find possible savings and new sources of financing. The thesis defines education in the Czech Republic. The education system and the main subjects of education are defined, especially the financing of basic education, followed by a concrete example of such funding, financing of the elementary school Týnec nad Sázavou. The thesis analyzes the financial management of this school, which seeks savings and new sources of financing.
Business Plan: Private school with a focus on e-sports
Lipták, Martin ; Krbová, Jana (advisor) ; Jaegerová, Václava (referee)
This dissertation thesis write up the bussines model to create private high school focus on e-sport. Theoretical part is focus on introduce basic information about e-sport and importance of this plan. Practical part include business plan, marketing mix, market analysis by Porters model, factors analysis by SLEPT, financial analysis with risk analysis and business model support by creative economy and knowledge management.
Requirements and Needs of Professional Practice for the Language Knowledge and Skills of Graduates of the Faculty of Management, University of Economics in Prague
Doláková, Veronika ; Jaegerová, Václava (advisor) ; Starka, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the language knowledge and skills of graduates of the Faculty of Management, University of Economics in Prague. The main aim is to prove the importance of language skill for a successful managerial career and to valorise the readiness of the graduates for the profession.
Analysis of Development and Main Structural Changes in Foreign Trade in the Czech Republic
Horáčková, Jitka ; Jaegerová, Václava (advisor) ; Starka, Jan (referee)
This bachelor work gives a basic overview of trends in foreign trade of the Czech Republic since independence in 1993 until the present. The chapters about the territorial and commodity structure are devoted to deeper analysis of the Czech foreign trade. This work also evaluates the importance of the participation of the Czech Republic into the European Union.
The analyses of the reasons of students´ current low activity in the area of their interest in foreign stays - Faculty of Management VSE
Lásková, Šárka ; Hiršová, Miloslava (advisor) ; Jaegerová, Václava (referee)
In the theoretical part i first summarised information in the area of psychology, explained e.g. expressions like motivation, motivating or needs. I explained some of the frequent theories of motivation. The follow-up part was eimed to the identification of reasons of the low ineterst of students in foreign stays and a follow-up survey was curried out among the students of Faculty of Management. It revealed some areas which should be given a long-term special attention.
Analysis of Airport Praha Ruzyně development with focus on air passenger service
Formánek, Aleš ; Jaegerová, Václava (advisor) ; Starka, Jan (referee)
This thesis describes a history of an air passenger service at the Prague Airport Ruzyně. It focuses on the Czech civil aviation service in three important periods - an "old" airport development in 1933-1937, the northern terminal construction in 1957-1972 and the present expansion started in 1995. It presents reasons, methods and results of those expansions. It refers about impacts of an increasing airport capacity on its immediate environment and on public relationship. It tries last to predict future trends in the airport and traffic extension.
The Passenger Air-transportation in the Czech Republic
Havlíčková, Klára ; Jaegerová, Václava (advisor)
Práce se zabývá problematikou letecké dopravy osob v ČR. V teoretické části je popsán dosavadní vývoj letecké dopravy a její budoucí trendy se zaměřením na nízkonákladové aerolinky. Praktická část je zaměřena na vybranou leteckou společnost a analýzu jejího konkurenčního prostředí.

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