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The study of fluids and secretions from reproductive tracts of pig (Sus scrofa f. domestica) and cattle (Bos primigenius f. taurus)
Dráb, Tomáš ; Liberda, Jiří (advisor) ; Jonáková, Věra (referee) ; Ulčová-Gallová, Zdeňka (referee)
Interactions between proteins and saccharide moieties play an indispensable role in mammalian reproduction as they stand behind of such processes as maturation and mutual recognition of gametes and sperm oviductal reservoir formation. In my dissertation thesis I focused on activities of glycosidases from bovine and porcine follicular fluids and their changes connected with follicle development. Activities of five glycosidases were detected in tertiary and preovulatory follicles in both species. The most active enzymes were α-L-fucosidase in cow and α-D-mannosidase in sow and both enzymes also demonstrated the most pronounced increase in their activities during follicle maturation. Interestingly, both α-L-fucose in cow and α-D-mannose in sow were described as saccharides responsible for the formation of the sperm oviductal reservoir and we offered a hypothetical mechanism of synchronisation between sperm release from their reservoir with the time of ovulation based on a surge of activities of corresponding follicular glycosidases through the oviduct. Subsequently, it was demonstrated that β-D-galactosidase and α-D-mannosidase affect sperm-zona pellucida binding in pig, as they both decrease interaction between sperm receptors for zona pellucida and zona pellucida. This may explain the observation...
Methods of detection of viruses from cereals and grasses using SYBR Green I RT-qPCR
Jarošová, Jana ; Dráb, Tomáš ; Beoni, Eva ; Kumar, Jiban
The family Poaceae is one of the most important groups of plants in the terms of agricultural production. The family Poaceae also hosts many pathogens including >100 known virus species. The distribution of the viruses varies according to hosts, geographical and other conditions. In this methodology we provide assays for detection of nine cereal and grass viruses (Brome mosaic virus-BMV, Barley yellow dwarf virus-BYDV, Lolium latent virus-LoLV, Oat necrotic mottle virus-ONMV, Ryegrass mosaic virus-Rg- MV, Soil-borne cereal mosaic virus-SBCMV, Spartina mottle virus-SpMV, Wheat dwarf virus-WDV a Wheat streak mosaic virus-WSMV) by SYBR Green I RT-qPCR.
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Wetting Balance Method Modification for SMD Wettability Measuring
Drab, Tomáš ; Kahle, Petr (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (advisor)
Project presents main influence on wettability of SMD and PCB using solder SAC 305 and testing possibilities. We have designed modificaton of wettability balance method leading to the solder globule method. We were testing thermal profile difference and then we determined thermal difference compensation. We were testing few types of SMD packages terminations and PCB´s surface protections, with two solders and two fluxes. We were comparing their wetting forces, wetting speed, and wetting stability. We have proposed other possibilities to optimisation of the method and testing.
Machanical testing of solder joints
Drab, Tomáš ; Šandera, Josef (referee) ; Szendiuch, Ivan (advisor)
The project contains theoretical research of electrotechnical manufacture for lead-free reflow soldering. It contains characterization of soldering processes. Includes variations of solder paste printing, principles of part placing and also reflow soldering process. The project appoints possibilities of testing solder joints strength, mainly focused on mechanical vibrations. It describes a design and preparation of solder joint strength test methods by mechanical vibrations. It compares influence of vibrations on part types and solder alloys.

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