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Comparison of unemployment rates of czech university graduates based on various factors
Ryba, Lukáš ; Brázdilová, Michaela (advisor) ; Vltavská, Kristýna (referee)
Observating unemployment of Czech university graduates while using different characteristics of them is a good foundation for evaluating their employability. Comparing unemployment rates between groups of students sorted for example by a study focus, type of a study program, or a gender can be valuable for evaluating actual work opportunities. Detailed analysis of the unemployment rates by different factors can also bring new knowledge regarding employment of the university graduates. Goal of this thesis is to compare the unemployment rates of the Czech university graduates by some of their key characteristics, and to evaluate the progression of aforementioned characteristics.
Characteristics of deprivation by ageing population in Czech Republic
Kobzová, Alexandra ; Malá, Ivana (advisor) ; Brázdilová, Michaela (referee)
This thesis aims to characteristics of deprivation by population aged over fifty years in Czech Republic. It contains basic descriptions of two surveys that dealing with deprivation and so SHARE and EU-SILC. Then follow the characteristics of indicators of material deprivation in SHARE and in EU-SILC and the characteristic of social deprivation indicator from SHARE. The aim of the thesis is to explore indicators of material and social deprivation in Czech Republic and find the position of Czech Republic in international comparison. In the thesis were analysed percentages of deprived people in every single variable of material or social deprivation, development of material deprivation and factors that affect both indicators. Part of the thesis is also comparison of indicator of material deprivation by EU-SILC and by SHARE. At the end is quantified the summarizing indicator that according to SHARE indicates the risk of social exclusion and it is also analysed.
Impacts of being titled European Capital of Culture 2015 on the city of Pilsen
Brázdilová, Michaela ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Koudelka, Jan (referee)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with the project Pilsen-European Capital of Culture 2015. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the success of the project and to map its impacts. The theoretical part of the thesis deals mainly with the marketing of towns and municipalities. In the practical part these findings are applied to the concrete case of Pilsen. The marketing and communication activities related to the European Capital of Culture project are described. The main chapter focuses on the impact of the project, whether it is attendance of events or economic impacts. The last chapter describes the project's sustainability. The basis for the theoretical part was the professional literature about urban marketing, while in the elaboration of a practical part, the main sources of information were the internal resources of Pilsen 2015 and the project´s evaluation.
Road to People - Use of Experiental Method for Integrated Group
Brázdilová, Michaela ; Ortová, Marie (advisor) ; Růžička, Vít (referee)
The aim of the work "road to people" is to characterize the use of experiential education for integrated groups. The theoretical part is dedicated to the phenomenon of integration and to experiential education as a pedagogical method. The practical part takes a closer look on the dramaturgical basis and the actual realization of the course "road to people" of the organization "Užitečný život" (Worthwhile Life). The theoretical knowledge and practical experience lead to the conclusion that experiential learning courses for an integrated group can be characterized in the following sentences: They represent a coadaptive form of integration. They create possibilities for the process of integration of both sides. They can have influence on the subjective determinants of disabled participants, whereas the non-disabled participants can gain a personal experience of integration. They destroy barriers and prejudice. Powered by TCPDF (
Problem solving strategies of school children
Brázdilová, Michaela ; Provazníková, Hana (advisor)
Using a questionaire, problem solving strategies of children aged 9-12 were studied. The hypothesis that communication in the family influences efectivity and strategy of problem solving was stated and studied. Data was collected on two primary schools in Prague. Out of all the usable questionaires, there were 58 boys and 68 girls. 89 children stated, they had gone through a crisis situation in the last half a year, most of the problems were with (in this order, beginning with the most often) school achievements, friends, classmates, parents. In choosing help, children most often turned to (again in this order) mother, friends, father, wider family. 54% stated, that the sought help did help them, whereas 17% stated it did not. Even after repeated seeking of help, 15.4% of the children said, they didn't manage to solve the problem. If they would experience a crisis now, they would turn to the following people: mother, father, friends. 5It wasn't proved, that communication in then family affects problem solving. The comparison of happy and unhappy children gives some indirect results. The unhappy children turn to themselves in their problems and don't seek help. This strategy of theirs doesn't help, it doesn't lead to succesful problem solving. This supports the notion, that proximity of a close, trusted...
Development of the unemployment and the employability of graduates of the czech public universities within the various study programmes
Jiruška, Tomáš ; Brázdilová, Michaela (advisor) ; Vltavská, Kristýna (referee)
Employability of graduates of public universities in the labour market plays an important role in assessment of individual public universities which is connected with financing of the public universities. Furthermore, in the future it is planned to even more emphasize on the evaluation of the universities in this perspective. This bachelor thesis aims to evaluate the unemployment of graduates of public universities within the various study programmes in the frame of the economic development of the Czech Republic. The first part deals with the basic segmentation of the labour market and shows particular approaches to measuring unemployment. The second part deals with the classification of study programmes. The third part briefly describes economic development of the Czech Republic in recent years and the last part relates to a specific analysis of unemployment with an emphasis on comment on the results in individual study programmes including an outline of possible causes.
Level of income inequality by social status of people in society
Brázdilová, Michaela ; Mazouch, Petr (advisor) ; Zelený, Martin (referee)
This master thesis aims to find out the socio-economic factors, which most affect the level of income inequality in society. The aim is to quantify the contribution of each social groups to the overall income defferentiation by decomposition of some income inequality indicators. The thesis is focused on a group of people based on their social status in society and their level of education, and so it is determined in relation the social background and income level. Income distribution strongly affects the value of risk-of poverty, and therefore this thesis put emphasis on the relationship between income inequality and poverty rate of each group. Development of various indicators measuring income inequality provides a comprehensive overview of the situation of income differentiation in the Czech Republic and also indicates the trend for income distribution in the last period.
Evaluation of quality of life in terms of poverty rates
Brázdilová, Michaela ; Malá, Ivana (advisor) ; Čabla, Adam (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of quality of life in terms of poverty rates. The aim is to define how social conditions of population affect subjective perceptions of quality of life. The paper provides an overview of the most important researches in this area, of which Survey on perception of quality of life in 75 European cities and survey Income and Living Conditions are analysed in detail. The dependence of a problem of poverty on other social indicators is investigated. The last chapter is devoted to calculations of poverty rates, especially at risk of poverty rate, but there are other indicators of poverty mentioned in terms of income inequality. In the summary, there is a poverty index presented as one possible indicator of social quality of life.

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