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The Specific Role of Quebec within Canadian Fiscal Federalism
Bandžak, Richard ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Kozák, Kryštof (referee)
Canadian fiscal federalism is a set of complex relations on both federal and interprovincial levels. As each province faces different geographic, economic or demographic situation, federal government runs equalization program that aims to diminish potential economic gaps. Despite vaguely defined purpose, the transfers are unconditional - provinces could use them for any purpose they find appropriate. That could possibly cause distorted incentives such as flypaper effect in which politicians tend to adjust spending behavior according to source of income. Equalization payments are distributed based on potential capacity of each province to raise revenue. As Quebec has been the largest recipient of equalization grants with slow, if existent, convergence to the rest of provinces, it is subject of the analysis in the period from the year 1981, which marks breaking points in both Quebec and equalization system history, to 2016. Quebec tends to be blamed for taking advantage of the system by deliberately undervaluing its fiscal capacity through subsidized prices of electricity and by boosting its social expenditures. By incorporating descriptive statistics and discussion, this thesis concludes that Quebec's policymakers likely deliberately implement fiscal policies that in turn undervalue its fiscal...
Richard Nixon and His Attitude towards Communism between 1950 and 1960
Bandžak, Richard ; Bečka, Jan (advisor) ; Sehnálková, Jana (referee)
The main objective of this paper is to confirm, or reject the thesis stating that Richard Nixon had exploited the issue of Communism to favor his political goals. And that he had adjusted his views on Communism according to the contemporary political and social situation. Richard Nixon was a significant Republican politician who had become well known warrior against Communism after the World War II. He, for example, had built his senatorial campaign of 1950 on anti-communist rhetoric attacking his opponent. Strong anti-communist rhetoric was together with his loud criticism of Truman administration a typical characteristic of Nixon. During his vice-presidential office he began to abandon his aggressive tactic. If one considers his later presidential initiative supporting the Sino-American rapprochement, it is worth analyzing whether his anti-communist statements were used in pursuit of his own political goals, or based on an ideology.
Výhody a nevýhody snižování nákladů na financování skrze společenskou odpovědnost
Bandžak, Richard ; Klosová, Anna (advisor) ; Tong Clark, Junie (referee)
The dissertation thesis investigates the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and financial performance (FP) on the sample of 51 Eurozone banks over the period from 2008 to 2014. The investigation is based on a panel data regression analysing the financial data from Bankscope and the social performance data from CSRHub. Return on assets and the ratio of non-performing loans to total loans represent the measures of financial performance and are used as dependent variables. The results of this model have shown a positive and statistically significant CSR-FP relationship. It is argued that even though the results show statistical significance, they do not necessarily include such a strong informational value. This is caused by methodological limitations, such as potentially biased data on CSR, as well as by the theoretical ones. The main theoretical concern, detected in the dissertation thesis, is a need for redefinition of the banks' driving motives of engaging in CSR activities. Banks engaging in CSR activities for merely strategic reasons should be analysed separately on a firm-level as they may otherwise bias the empirical results. Another important aspect of the work was an argument that banks benefit from CSR mainly through the product differentiation. This could not have been tested empirically, but it is assumed that the product differentiation, for example through reputation enhancement, may play a significant role in boosting bank's profits.
Role of the insolvency administrator in solving issues of bankruptcy through debt relief
Bandžak, Richard ; Moravec, Tomáš (advisor) ; Valenta, Petr (referee)
The work examines the role of the insolvency administrator in solving bankruptcy. The main objective of debt relief is to help over-indebted non-entrepreneurs to break out of their impasse resulting from too high a debt which they are unable to repay. This partly differs from other ways of addressing bankruptcy while emphasizing the needs of the borrower. The insolvency administrator is in charge of satisfying the needs of creditors. The work addresses whether a different principle of debt relief affects the role of the insolvency administrator.

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