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Education Quality in Care of Newborn at Neonatology Department.
Saxlová, Jaroslava ; Holmerová, Iva (advisor) ; Šulcová, Eva (referee)
The subject of the graduation thesis is a quality education of the newborns in the Neonatology departure .The thesis composites two parts. Theoretical part describes and explain terms - education, procedure of education, quality of care, nursing position in the system of quality of the care, problems of prematurity, mother's problems after delivery, family of the sick baby, parent's supporting. Practical part of the thesis describe realization of the research plane. There are used the quality method and semi- structures interview during the conversation with four mothers, which took a part in the research. Practical part described step by step arrangement, methods and procedures of interview. Last but not least there are research worker questions and mother's answers. Results were evaluated and solution of solving a problem was suggested. The main problem dealing with organization - technical concern and insufficient communication among nurses and foreign mothers.
Role of a writer in selected metafictional novels
Šulcová, Eva ; Peterka, Josef (advisor) ; Kubíček, Tomáš (referee)
The role of a writer in selected metafictional novels Bc. Eva Šulcová Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the genre of metafictional novel. The aim of the diploma thesis is to identify various internal motivations for the usage of metafiction technique in literature and to describe the role of a writer. The first part summarizes the theoretical background of the genre and formulates some characteristic features of metafictional novel (emphasized vicariousness of the narrative, reflection of the creative act, personality of the writer, or the problematized relationship between reality and fiction), which were all illustrated by the analysis of André Gide's novel The Counterfeiters. The second part consists of interpretations of three metafictional novels. The interpretations aim at a complex analysis of the author and at a description of various functions of the metafiction technique as a constituent of the work's meaning. Gide uses metafiction to display the discrepancy between reality and illusion, thus uncovering hypocrisies of society and passing judgement on it. To Čapek, metafiction is a tool for applying multiperspectivity to his storyline, thus creating a metaphor of varying epistemic principles. Metafictional genre was further utilized by Řezáč in his novel Rozhraní to illustrate the polarity...
Proposal of Internal Measures in a Bank to Prevent Legalization of Illegal Activity
Šulcová, Eva ; JUDr. Ing. Michal Radvan, Ph.D (referee) ; Zeman, Václav (advisor)
The bachelor`s thesis concerns the issue of legalization of proceeds of illegal activity and terrorist financing in relation to banking services provided within the Czech Republic jurisdiction. From statutory duties of a bank the thesis focuses on the question of risky clients and question of politically exposed persons and specific way of the approach towards such clients.

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2 Šulcová, Eva, psychologie
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