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Scandinavian elements in the language of Old East Slavic legal codes
Štěříková, Hana ; Lemeškin, Ilja (advisor) ; Blažek, Václav (referee) ; Starý, Jiří (referee)
The doctoral thesis Scandinavian elements in the language of Old East Slavic legal codes consists of three main parts. The first of them puts the topic in connection with previous research and assorts it both according to chronology and ideologic influences, that have had a grave impact on scientific publications concerning the disputes over Varangians and the beginning of East-Slavic history. The lack of scientific objectivity shows not only in historical studies, but also in philological works, since linguistics played only a helping role in order to deliver proofs in favour of preferred theories. The second part of the thesis researches historiographic works of Swedish diplomat Petrus Petreius (early 17th century) and thus contributes to the polemic about who was the first normanist. The analysis shows that Petreius was a skillful compiler, but is not to be considered the first normanist. His works don't include any ideological links between Swedish politics towards Russia and Gothicism either. The third part of the thesis examines history and semantics of three Old East Slavic terms ябедник (yabednik), тиун (tiun) аnd гридь (gridʼ) and their derivatives. The author describes their occurence in historical sources and development in both morphology and semantics up to the present day and makes...

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