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Changes of aroma active compounds during production of model cheese
Školová, Dominika ; Pořízka, Jaromír (referee) ; Vítová, Eva (advisor)
The aim of the work was identification of aroma active compounds in Moravský bochník cheese type, than discuss their changes during ripening and consider influence of aplication different rates of microbial cultures on number of volatile compounds. SPME-GC-MS was used for identification of volatile compounds. In total, 148 of volatile compounds were identified and 82 of them are considered as aroma active compounds. Three microbial cultures (their combination with predominant thermophilic or mesophilic culture) were used for making samples. The influence of predominant thermophilic/mesophilic culture on number of volatile compounds was not proved. From the point of view of sensory quality, combinations with predominant mesophilic culture proved to be more successful. During ripening, the number of identified compounds was reduced in all the combinations of cultures studied. The optimal time for ripening seems to be three months.
The assessment of basic chemical parameters of natural cheese
Školová, Dominika ; Babák, Libor (referee) ; Vítová, Eva (advisor)
The aim of this work was to determine basic chemical parameters of natural cheese, namely Camembert type (white mold cheese) and Emmentaler type (cheese with high-heat curd). Model samples of cheese were produced in a pilot plant using unpasteurized milk in"organic" quality. Based on the literature search following parameters suitable for simple and fast characterization of cheese composition were selected: dry matter (drying to constant weight), fat in dry matter (calculated), total nitrogen (resp. determination of protein content) by the Kjeldahl method and fats, resp. total lipids (extraction with solvent). The results were finally compared with samples of the corresponding cheese type purchased on the market.

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