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Volunteer Program in University Hospital Pilsen
The aim of the thesis is to describe the basic principles of volunteering and the specific character of the volunteer program in the University Hospital in Pilsen. Regarding volunteering as a phenomenon, I will focus on its present and historical context. The practical part of the thesis will be realized using qualitative type of research. The aim of the research will be to find out what motivates people to volunteer in the challenging environment of the University Hospital in Pilsen. Recommendations will be made from the interviews. These can help improve volunteer activity in the healthcare facility.
Standing of Women on the Labour Market in the Czech Republic
Řezáčová, Jana ; Kaczor, Pavel (advisor) ; Vybíralová, Ilona (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the position of women on the labor market, while the largest attention is focused on women-mothers. The main goal is to find out the specifics of women on the Czech labor market in the context of their employment and employability on the basis of relevant data analysis. Within this goal is to describe the legislation, which eliminates possible disadvantages of women on the labor market. The partial goal is to compare employment of women in the Czech Republic with selected EU countries. The practical part of the thesis is focused on another partial goal, namely to find out how women-mothers perceive their position on the labor market which means what experience they have with returning back to the labor market after the end of parental leave, how they manage to combine work with the family and whether they sometimes feel like they are discriminated because of their maternal role. A qualitative method was used for the research, while data collection took the form of individual semi-structured one-to-one interviews with ten respondents. At the end of the thesis there are formulated some own proposals and recommendations based on the facts that could improve the position of women on the labor market at least partially.
Environmental Aspect of the Life Quality
Řezáčová, Jana ; Leontovyčová, Jana (advisor) ; Nádvorníková, Hana (referee)
For my graduation theses I have chosen the topic "Environmental Aspect of the Life Quality" A great inspiration for my work was the Association for Ecological Education called Tereza, where I have been working since 2003 as an external instructor for educational programs and free-time activities. The Graduation theses deal with environmental education, ecological educational programs, ecological school projects as well as give summary of ecological educational centres and target the environmental education at schools. The goal of my graduation theses is not just to map environmental thoughts in families, free-time centres and schools, but especially to enhance quality of ecological educational programs, which where offered by Tereza Association.
The impact of ambient ozone on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases of people living in Prague, 2002-2006
Řezáčová, Jana ; Bartoňová, Alena (referee) ; Hůnová, Iva (advisor)
Ambient ozone (O3) is one of significant components of atmospheric photochemical pollution. As a consequence of increasing emissions of its precursors and favourable meteorological conditions it is one of the most spread and most monitored atmosphere pollutants. O3 is a toxic gas unfavourably affecting human health. The study evaluates ambient ozone (O3) influence on the health of the people living in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, during the period 2002-2006. Its specific theme is to investigate correlation between ambient ozone (O3) concentrations and daily mortality from all causes, daily mortality from cardiovascular diseases (diagnose I00-I99, ICD-10), daily mortality from respiratory diseases (diagnose J00-J99, ICD-10), daily hospitalizations from cardiovascular diseases (dg. I00-I99, ICD-10) and daily hospitalizations from respiratory diseases (dg. J00-J99, ICD-10). The correlations was evaluated via Poisson regression modelling, using generalized linear model procedure (GLM) in Stata program, allowing for overdispersion. Resulting correlations were adjusted to influence of climatic factors (temperature, humidity) and so-called calendar effects (long time trends, weekly runing days, holidays). Data analysis proved a statistically significant correlation between daily mortality from...
Podnikové strategie vybraných podnikatelských subjektů v Jihomoravském kraji
Řezáčová, Jana
The thesis is being dedicated to the corporate strategies of the selected spa subjects in the area of Jihomoravský kraj. The management of the company is being analyzed. Based on this analysis the strategies and recommendations for the company are being specified. These strategies could be helpful to the organizations in their future growth and development. The theoretical part describes the terms from the area of interest. This part is being further extended by the practical results in congregational part of the thesis. The PESTEL analysis, the Porter's model of the competitive forces and the EFE matrix has been applied on the external environment. In the internal environment the business subject as well as human resources area is being analyzed. The financial analysis and the IFE matrix are being performed for the internal environment. The complex analysis is being performed with the IE matrix and the SWOT analysis.

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