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Presenting (not only) grey literature search result: „topic pages“
Kocourek, Pavel
The presentation will introduce dynamic display of information from predefined subject topics and options for displaying and arrangement of the results, using data from the National Repository of Grey Literature. It will be explained and demonstrated on the practical example.
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Providing access to research data, publications and current research information at DANS
Dijk, Elly ; Doorn, Peter
Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) promotes sustained access to digital research data in the Netherlands. Researchers can deposit their data through the online archiving system EASY. Via the portal NARCIS the research data are shown in context, namely in relation with e-publications, and other research information. Both EASY and NARCIS contain grey literature like archaeological reports, data documentation, doctoral thesis, conference papers, patents, and technical documentation of universities and other research institutes.
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The GreyGuide Repository and Web-Access Portal: GreyNet’s Response to the Pisa Declaration
Farace, Dominic
In December 2013, the GreyGuide was launched and in early 2014 GreyNet welcomed far reaching developments in its resource management. These developments are in line with the “Pisa Declaration on Policy Development for Grey Literature Resources (May 16, 2014)”. In compliance with this 15-point roadmap, a selection of GreyNet’s web-based content will now migrate to the GreyGuide allowing for seamless browse, search, and retrieval across its collections.
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Enhanced publications in V4 countries
Görögh, Edith ; Kędzierska, Edyta ; Kavalchuk, Natalia ; Stepniak, Jolanta ; Dzivak, Jozef ; Kožuch, Andrej ; Pejšová, Petra ; Vyčítalová, Hana
The paper describes the project Enhancing scholarly communication: National initiatives to manage research data in V4 countries. The main goal of the project is a survey about state of research data management, repository contents, services and archiving policies in colleges, universities and research institutions on national levels. The results of the survey will be presented by representatives from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland.
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Creative Commons 4.0
Myška, Matěj
The paper will focus on the new Creative Commons 4.0 licences and the possibilities and limits of their use in making gray literature available in the context of the recodification of private law in the Czech Republic.
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Privacy and anonymization in repositories of grey literature
Koščík, Michal
Current trends in the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union suggest that the person who systematically processes documents in a repository can be a qualified as a processor of personal data. The operator of the repository can therefore face requests for anonymisation, or removal of information contained in his metadata in order to protect ones personal data . This paper aims to describe real life scenarion that can occur and provide instructions on how to proceed in similar cases.
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Access to all information sources including grey literature in Surveyor library
Drozda, Jiří ; Synková, Veronika
The present version of Invenio system is used not only for our digital repository, but as a solution of the single information access in Surveying Library too. The searching and access to the library catalogue, article bibliography, Kramerius digital library, electronic information resources, grey literature, and internal documents is provided using Invenio system, it means that Invenio serves as a full library system. The introduction of the BibCirculation module, which provides various library services, will be a part of our presentation. Surveying Library is the first institution which uses this module of Invenio in the Czech Republic.
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Using public licenses for publishing a database of metadata
Reinöhl, Michal
The paper will focus its attention on the legal and practical possibilities in utilizing public licenses as a tool in making metadata available to the broad public in such a form that is as open as possible, as well as on the obstacles that need to be overcome in doing so, in particular in regard to the rights of third persons. The paper will draw from experience in publishing the database of NRGL metadata, and will work out generally applicable conclusions based on that.
Fulltext: idr-803_4 - Download fulltextPDF
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