Original title: The Czech Digital Library - aggregation and dissemination of digital content from the Czech libraries
Authors: Lhoták, Martin
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Libraries V4 in the Decoy of Digital Age, Brno (CZ), 20160531
Year: 2016
Language: eng
Abstract: The goal of the Czech Digital Library is to aggregate content of digital libraries in the Czech Republic. It serves both as a common interface for end users and as a primary national data provider for other national and international projects, especially for Europeana and for the Central portal of the Czech libraries - KNIHOVNY.CZ. Tools to support complex digitization processes which include production, workflow monitoring, dissemination and archiving are developed as an open source in the frame of the project. The software solution for digital library - Kramerius system - is used in more than 30 libraries in the Czech Republic and provides access to tens of millions digital objects. ProArc - system compatible with national and international standards is used in several libraries for digital document production. With regard to the archival part of the solution, standards for long term archiving, such as the OAIS model, are implemented in cooperation with Archivematica system.
Keywords: aggregation; digital libraries; digitization
Host item entry: Libraries V4 in the Decoy of Digital Age : Proceedings of the 6th Colloquium of Library and Information Experts of the V4+ Countries, ISBN 978-80-7051-216-6

Institution: Library of the ASCR (web)
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