Authors: Bulín, Tomáš ; Švábenská, Eva ; Hapla, Miroslav ; Ondrůšek, Č. ; Schneeweiss, Oldřich
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: METAL 2016 - Anniversary International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials /25./, Brno (CZ), 20160525
Year: 2016
Language: eng
Abstract: Electrical steel M470-50A belongs to the most often used materials in electrical machines. Due to this fact, it is desirable to know the magnetic parameters after processing raw sheets into the required shape. Basic parameters of mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties of the sheets are usually obtained from the producer but the magnetic properties are changing in dependence on additional machining processes. The aim of this study is to describe changes in parameters of magnetic behavior after punching, laser and spark cutting of the original sheets. The basic information of structure was obtained by optical and scanning electron microscopy. The magnetic parameters were acquired from the measuring of magnetic hysteresis loops in dependence on saturation fields and frequencies. The results are discussed from the point of view of applied\ncutting technology with the aim to obtain the best magnetic parameters and consequently a higher efficiency of the final product. Results can be used as input parameters in simulation of the electrical machine.
Keywords: laser cutting; M470-50A steel; magnetic properties; punching; spark cutting
Host item entry: METAL 2016: 25th International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, ISBN 978-80-87294-67-3

Institution: Institute of Physics of Materials AS ČR (web)
Document availability information: Fulltext is available at the institute of the Academy of Sciences.
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