Original title: Early Gravettian occupations at Dolní Věstonice – Pavlov. Comments on the Gravettian origin
Authors: Svoboda, Jiří ; Novák, Martin ; Sázelová, S.
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Mikulov Anthropology Meeting, Mikulov (CZ), 2014-08-27 / 2014-08-29
Year: 2014
Language: eng
Abstract: The paper presents the new excavation records from the Gravettian settlement area Dolní Věstonice – Pavlov, concerning the earliest Gravettian occupation from the two findspots at Dolní Věstonice II (Brickyard, site IIa) and Pavlov I (Southwest), dated 35-30 ky cal BP. As regards the uncovered industries from there, the first general characteristics are as follows: these are simple blade and bladelet industries, rarely retouched, with simple burins (mostly on breakage), and chisels as the most common tool types, baked clay pellets also occur in this context. In South Moravia, these industries clearly intervene as a new element in the preceding EUP/Aurignacian background. Their further development into the Evolved Pavlovian stage (after 30 ky cal BP) can be assumed and will be further investigated.
Keywords: Dolní Věstonice; Early Gravettian; microstratigraphy; Pavlov
Project no.: EE2.3.20.0181
Funding provider: GA MŠk
Host item entry: Mikulov Anthropology Meeting, ISBN 978-80-86023-46-5, ISSN 1801-7002

Institution: Institute of Archaeology, Brno AS ČR (web)
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