Original title: The measurement of the velocity of abrasive particles at the suction part of the cutting head
Authors: Foldyna, Josef ; Zeleňák, Michal ; Klich, Jiří ; Hlaváček, Petr ; Sitek, Libor
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Vodní paprsek 2013 - výzkum, vývoj, aplikace, Soláň, Karolinka (CZ), 2013-10-22 / 2013-10-24
Year: 2013
Language: eng
Abstract: To be able to optimize the design of the abrasive cutting head using numerical simulation, it is necessary to gather as much information about processes occurring in the cutting head as possible. The development of the numerical model of processes occurring in the abrasive water jet cutting head during the process of creation and forming of abrasive water jet is currently in progress at the Institute of Geonics in Ostrava. The verification of the model requires, among others, to determine the behaviour of abrasive particles at the input of the cutting head. Therefore, the visualisation of abrasive particles at the input using various parameters of abrasive jet and its subsequent analysis was performed using shadowgraphy (backlighting) technique and the results are presented in the paper.
Keywords: abrasive water jet; shadowgraphy; velocity of abrasive particles
Project no.: ED2.1.00/03.0082
Host item entry: Vodní paprsek 2013 - výzkum, vývoj, aplikace. Sborník přednášek konference o technologii vodního paprsku, ISBN 978-80-86407-43-2
Rights: This work is protected under the Copyright Act No. 121/2000 Coll.

Institution: Institute of Geonics AS ČR (web)
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Permalink: http://www.nusl.cz/ntk/nusl-161486

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