Original title: Czech scholars in exile, 1948-1989
Authors: Kostlán, Antonín
Document type: Papers
Conference/Event: Scholars in Exile and Dictatorships of the 20th Century, Prague (CZ), 2011-05-24 / 2011-05-26
Year: 2011
Language: eng
Abstract: Czechoslovakia in the years 1948-1989, represented one of the countries of the Soviet power bloc where the development of research was in many ways supported by the country's government, but at the same time subjected to various restrictions and strong political pressure. The paper focuses on the main characteristic features of the emigration of scientists and intellectuals in the period of the communist regime and presents the results of an analysis of departure of the workers of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences to exile. It tries to estimate the overall extent of this emigration, deliberates about the further careers of exile scholars and introduces an attempt of exile typology.
Keywords: exile; scholars; totalitarianism; totality; exil; totalita
Project no.: IAAX00630801 (CEP), CEZ:AV0Z80630520 (CEP)
Host item entry: Scholars in Exile and Dictatorships of the 20th Century, ISBN 978-80-7285-146-1

Institution: Institute of Contemporary History AS ČR (web)
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