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Nové anorganické materiály stínící ionizující záření
Černý, Zbyněk
Laboratorní a pilotní technologie nových anorganických nehořlavých a bezpečných materiálů s vysokými obsahy absorbátorů a moderátorů neutronů pro stínění ionizujícího záření.

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New inorganic matrices for pultrusion technology II
Černý, Zbyněk
Development of inorganic matrix enabling rapid continuous preparation of thermally and chemically stable and fire resistant materials with controlled properties for nuclear industry.

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12th International Conference Solid State Chemistry 2016 : Book of Abstracts
Lančok, Adriana
This book contains the programme and the abstracts of the conference. The conference programme covers presentations from scientists and users of scientific information working in similar areas, to estabilish platforms for collaborative reseach project initiatives.

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Generation of NPS for Exposure Experiments from Copper Acetylacetone.
Moravec, P. ; Schwarz, J. ; Vodička, P. ; Kupčík, Jaroslav ; Švehla, J.
Particles containing copper are emitted from smelters, iron foundries, power stations, and municipal incinerators (WHO, 1998) and also from brake linings during breaking, Kukutschová et al. (2011). Nanoparticles (NPs) of copper are ingredients in polymers, inks, and bioactive coatings inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, Cioffi at al. (2005), and CuO NPs has been used in antimicrobial textiles, Gabbay and Borkow (2006), therefore they can be easily inhaled. Even though CuO NPs were found highly toxic, Karlsson et al. (2008), in vivo studies of their toxicity are still rather rare. In this work we tested a method of long lasting nanoparticle generation from copper acetylacetonate (CuAA) for use in follow up exposure experiments with laboratory animals. The exposure chamber for inhalation experiments was constructed in the Institute of Analytical Chemistry AS CR (Večeřa et al., 2011) and some methods of NPs generation for these experiments were already tested in our laboratory (Moravec et al., 2015, Moravec et al., 2016).

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Antimicrobial activity of cobalt bis(dicarbollide) aminoderivatives
Kvasničková, E. ; Masák, J. ; Šícha, Václav
We carried out experiments focused on the determination of the antimicrobial acitivity of selected representatives of cobalt bis{dicarbollide) aminoderivates. lt was proved, that studied yeast strain C. parapsilosis DBM 2165 is not sensitive to the cobalt bis{dicarbollide) or its aminoderivatives. Gram-negative bacteria P. aeruginosa B-59188 is weakly susceptive to cobalt bis(dicarbollide), but no significant inhibition of growth by cobalt bis(dicarbollide) aminoderivatives was observed. The highest effect on inhibition of microbial growth was confirmed in the case of gram-positive bacteria 5. aureus. This observation demonstrates the real possibility of using these substances in the treatment of infection caused by gram-positive bacterial strains.

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Sorption properties of graphen oxide and styrene composites for SR-85 and CS-137
Brynych, V. ; Kolářová, M. ; Pospěchová, J. ; Tolasz, Jakub ; Štengl, Václav
In the presented work, new composite nanomaterials, based on graphene oxide and styrene, have been developed for the retention purpose. Sr-85 and Cs-137 represent two of the main fission products being present in radioactive wastes from nuclear power cycle. The graphene oxide samples were prepared from natural graphite using high intensity cavitation field in a pressurized (6 bar) batch-ultrasonic reactor. Graphene oxide polystyrene composite was synthesized using direct emulsion polymerization of styrene in the presence of graphene oxide at 90 degrees C. The basic method used for the evaluation of nanomaterial retention properties was batch sorption methodology, based on a contact of solid material with a tracer solution under defined boundary conditions (solid/solution ratio, time, solution composition as pH and ionic strength).

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New inorganic matrices for pultrusion technology I
Černý, Zbyněk
Development of inorganic matrix enabling rapid continuous preparation of thermally and chemically stable fire resistant technological profiles and components with controlled properties for nuclear industry.

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Ecological Applications in Modern Chemistry 2015 : Book of abstracts
Plocek, Jiří
Ecological Applications in Modern Chemistry 2015 is 2nd year of the EAMCH conference. The scope of this conference is focused on all renewable energy sources and environmental aspects of modern chemistry and technologies. Typically it includes: materials for hydrogen fuel cells, ionic conductors, piezoelectric and magnetic materials, materials for solar cells. The lectures deals with practical applications of these technologies, especially with relation with environment (water, atmosphere, etc.) are welcomed too.

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Tuning the Photophysical Properties of Anti-B18H22 [1]
Braborec, Jakub ; Černá, H. ; Benkocká, M. ; Kolská, Z. ; Londesborough, Michael Geoffrey Stephen
The tuning of the photophysical properties of the highly fluorescent boron hydride cluster anti-B18H22 (1), by straight-forward chemical substitution to produce 4,4'-(HS)(2)-anti-B18H20 (2), facilitates intersystem crossing from excited singlet states to a triplet manifold.[1] This subsequently enhances O-2((1)Delta(g)) singlet oxygen production from a quantum yield of Phi(Delta) similar to 0.008 in 1 to 0.59 in 2. This contribution describes the synthesis and full structural characterization of the new compound 4,4'-(HS) 2-anti-B18H20 (2) and uses UV-vis spectroscopy coupled with DFT and ab initio computational studies to delineate and explain its photophysical properties. Additionally, we will report on new fluorescent derivatives of anti-B18H22 and their immobilisation on solid nanostructured substrates.

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New inorganic matrices for pultrusion technology
Černý, Zbyněk
Development of new inorganic matrix enabling rapid continuous preparation of thermally and chemically stable fire resistant technological profiles and components with controlled properties.

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