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The possibilities of use of a psychologist in prenatal psychoprophylactic care
Sýkora, Jan ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Matoušová, Milada (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the possibilities of a psychologist in the process of psychoprophylactic care of the mother, or both expectant parents. The theoretical part is trying to define the term psychoprophylactic antenatal care and map the situation in terms of the important personalities in the field of antenatal psychoprophylactic care and in terms of its historical context. Furthermore, it attempts to define the tasks of antenatal psychoprophylactic care, introduce the structure of courses, and map the current situation in this field in the Czech Republic. The research project conducted examines the importance of the psychologist's role during the pregnancy of an expectant mother and in the field of the antenatal care for the foetus in a qualitative manner. It investigates both the needs and attitudes of pregnant women, especially in the third trimester, and experienced psychologists, concerned in the area by the selected method of the semi-structured interview.
Precision-cut placental slices as a model to study inflammatory response
Bolboli, Bahareh ; Štaud, František (advisor) ; Carazo Fernández, Alejandro (referee)
Charles University Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology Student: Bahareh Bolboli Supervisor: Prof. PharmDr. František Štaud, Ph.D. Consultant: Kasin Yadunandam Anandam, Ph.D. Title of the diploma thesis: Precision-cut placental slices as a model to study inflammatory response. Maternal inflammation during pregnancy is a recognized factor linked to an array of complications and potential neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric risks for offspring. Placenta isthe crucial interface between maternal and fetal domains. This organ not only shapes fetal development but also possesses the ability to respond to inflammatory stimulations, potentially in a sex-specific manner. Nonetheless, the fundamental immunoregulatory mechanisms orchestrating such responses remain unclear. To bridge this knowledge gap, our study harnessed an innovative approach: the ex vivo precision-cut placental slice model using rat placentas. This experimental design was tailored to probe acute inflammatory responses. Precision-cut placental slices, precisely 200 µm thick, were meticulously generated from both male and female rat placentas. These slices were subjected to varying concentrations of Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or Polyinosinic: polycytidylic acid (Poly I:C) for discrete periods of 4...
Changes in sexual disgust sensitivity during women's reproductive period
Šeda, Jan ; Kaňková, Šárka (advisor) ; Landová, Eva (referee)
Disgust is one of the basic human emotions with an adaptive function, which is primarily to avoid potential transmission of pathogens. One of its components is also sexual disgust, which should serve as a protection against suboptimal sexual behaviour and help in choosing the right sexual partner. The female reproductive period is accompanied by many physiological and psychological changes, which may result in changes in the level of disgust sensitivity. The aim of this study was to track these changes in the still understudied domain of sexual disgust, particularly during pregnancy and postpartum period, but also in non-pregnant women in relation to changes during the menstrual cycle. In line with the proposed hypotheses, higher levels of sexual disgust were observed in women in the first trimester of pregnancy compared to non-pregnant, childless women, which may be related both to the protection of mother and child against possible harm, especially due to infections, or to protection against unpleasant experiences during sex, which may be caused by physical and psychological changes during pregnancy. No statistically significant differences were observed in the degree of sexual disgust in relation to the phases of the menstrual cycle. The results of the longitudinal study showed significant...
Women's reflections of the body during pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood
Pecháčková, Veronika ; Wolfová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Országhová, Kristína (referee)
This bachelor's thesis examines ways in which first-time mothers reflect their corporeality during pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood within one year of childbirth. Theoretical framework of the research is grounded in anthropology of the body from which it borrows key concepts: gender, body image, subjectivity and bodily capital. The thesis is based on the research that uses qualitative research strategy, the data was generated using a semi-structured interview method with 10 actors. The analytical procedure involved data transcription, segmentation, analysis and interpretation of the data in relation to the established theoretical concepts. From the analysis of the interviews, four themes emerged that play a key role in women's corporeality in the defined period. These are motherhood, femininity, physical capacities and partnership. Each of these themes has a different salience at different stages of the maternal experience and their prominence in corporeality generally overlaps. Within each theme, viewed as a level of subjectivity, women reflect social norms through body image, the experience of the body through embodiment, and the practice of body functioning through bodily capital. In particular, the dominant role in corporeality is given to the dimension of motherhood. The different...
Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy: An evolutionary perspective
Roberts, Kateřina ; Havlíček, Jan (advisor) ; Żelaźniewicz, Agnieszka (referee) ; Šebela, Antonín (referee)
The symptoms of nausea and vomiting are experienced by a majority of women during their pregnancy. Symptoms range from mild to severe, but even mild symptoms are connected with adverse effects on women's everyday life. Despite its significance, the aetiology of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is not fully understood. The first part of this thesis briefly summarises what is known about the predictors and mechanisms of NVP, including hormonal influences, pregnancy-related, demographic, lifestyle and psychosocial factors. Furthermore, this part focuses on NVP from an evolutionary perspective that, compared to the generally negative view, recognises that NVP has some positive effects on pregnancy outcomes. Different adaptive hypotheses of NVP are described, such as the maternal and embryo protection hypothesis and the compensatory growth hypothesis. The second part consists of five studies focusing on NVP and related topics. The first study focused on dietary and psychosocial correlates of NVP and found a relationship between the level of NVP symptoms and the consumption of milk products and alcohol and a relationship between NVP and stress, anxiety, fatigue and perceived partner support. The next three studies focused on various predictors of NVP and its relationship with disgust in pregnancy....
Physiotherapeutic procedures in the treatment of postpartum stress incontinence
This bachelor thesis focuses on physiotherapeutic procedures in the treatment of postpartum stress incontinence. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. One of the aims of my thesis is to describe the therapeutic approaches that can be used to treat postpartum stress incontinence. Then, in the theoretical part, I focus on describing the postural changes caused by pregnancy and the period during the postpartum period. The last aim is to describe the effect of the chosen therapy on the woman's posture and the impact on quality of her life. In the theoretical part, information on the current state of the problem is given, as well as the anatomy and physiology of the organs in the body. The following chapter deals with stress incontinence, specifically its classification, epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis and treatment. The next chapter deals with the changes on a woman's body during pregnancy, and last but not least, there is a chapter discussing pelvic floor problems and the possibilities of physiotherapeutic procedures to affect (not only) the pelvic floor muscles. The practical part describes the methodology of the work, the examination content and the results are noted in the form of case reports. In total, there are case reports of 2 probands, who were at different times after childbirth and suffered from different degrees of stress incontinence after childbirth. For 10 weeks the probands practiced the given exercises, a description of which can be found in one of the chapters. At the same time, their examples can be seen in the photographs in the booklet, which is included in the appendices. The work can be an inspiration for physiotherapists who work with the pelvic floor area or specifically with women after childbirth. It can also be useful to anyone dealing with a problem in the pelvic floor area. The booklet can be the first step in solving it, as it contains educational information as well as basic exercises for the pelvic floor muscles.
Dietary habits and their influence on compensation of pregnant women with type 1 diabetes
Mlejnková, Klára ; Krejčí, Hana (advisor) ; Anderlová, Kateřina (referee)
Introduction: This bachelor thesis deals with the dietary habits of pregnant women with type 1 diabetes before and during pregnancy with regard to the diabetes control. It then points the changes in these habits that occurred during pregnancy. Aims: The theoretical part briefly describes the characteristics of type 1 diabetes and its treatment. It then describes pregnancy in this disease and complications of diabetic pregnancy. More attention is paid to nutrition during preconception and pregnancy. It discusses in more detail the various macronutrients and micronutrients needed during these periods and highlights foods and beverages that are inappropriate. The main aim of the practical part was to determine the dietary habits of women with type 1 diabetes before and during pregnancy and then to compare whether these were modified to diabetes control. Methods: The data for the bachelor thesis were obtained by means of a questionnaire survey conducted from August 2022 to April 2023. Two questionnaires were created in the electronic interface of Google Forms and subsequently offered to patients with type 1 diabetes in the outpatient clinic of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Department of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University and the University Hospital. Data from the documentation of...

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